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    Achtung, granate!

    by , 04-15-2012 at 04:07 PM (550 Views)
    Non-lucid short dream (between two alarm intervals of 10 minutes)

    I'm walking between a few old buildings, painted white. They're part of a farm or an old village, I suppose. I'm pretty sure I'm at the back of the building, there are some Opel Blitz's parked at the door. I see some Americans running, assuming I am German, I follow them. They run into the building. I also see some men in Russian uniforms.. I have no clue what's going on..

    I run into the building, turn right, move to the next room, turn left, next room, turn left, and enter the last room. It's full of civilians. I don't know what to do but I'm sure they are enemies. I take a granade from my belt (I don't know what type though, it looked like a Polish B1 grenade) pull the pin out and throw it on the ground. I start running back to the previous room. There's a woman standing, looking at me, in fear.

    I start to feel guilty, I yell "ACHTUNG GRANATE!", everybody starts running towards me, to the exit. I don't know why but I resume my sadist carnage and throw a 'nade in each room I cross whilst running to the exit.

    I wake up, alarm clock.

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