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    French Tunnels - non LD

    by , 05-10-2012 at 12:00 PM (458 Views)
    For one or other reason, I'm dreaming a lot that I'm in France. Most of the time there's nothing even there to state that it's France, I just seem to "know" it -is- France.
    During my 1.5h nap from 15min ago, I dreamed some shit about doing some stuff with my classmates, but I can't remember any detail.

    Then I suddenly stood in a system of tunnels, the walls are orange to reddish. I went to the toilet and took a piss.
    Back in another hall, there was a table with a big metal pot of soup, with some bowls and a ladle.
    A bunch of kids came into the hall and I let them take a portion first. They're followed by two adults: one man and one woman.
    I let them too serve themselves first. The woman makes a comment about my combat boots in French.

    I reply her, in French, that they come in handy, even undergrounds, for safety, meaning that they can be used for protection.
    She nods.
    I also tell her they're from 1984.
    She says something I can't really remember. I wake up.

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