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    Crowd shy

    by , 01-11-2017 at 05:39 PM (98 Views)
    My brother got a ferrari. Red 308 fully restored. And he was so dumb that he managed to put the winter tarping for it underneath the roof and windshield joint so it was stuck on. But it doesn't end here.

    After berating him for a while I headed to the roundhouse. The company was having some massive orientation bash for hundreds of new staff. I was talking to a group of new staff about it, and we started walking toward the area where everyone was. There was a decently cute girl with us who quietly says to me "We could go there, or we could go to 237... my room". She points up ahead at a door in the roundhouse. I slowly slink in there and look around. The decor is so nice I'm just admiring the place for a good minute. I realize she never came in here and I'm already in my boxers. For some reason I go outside first, then put my clothes on on the sidewalk. She comes out of the door next door and laughs then motions me in. I go in, and it's a massive empty room. Her friend is in here. They're both in a t shirt and thongs. I start walking with them deeper in the room and they get all suggestive with me, but I'm nervous. 2 girls? How can I satisfy them both?

    I look down the room and realize there are old trains in here just floating. The room is 0 g. I immediately start flying around the room just inches above the ground, weaving around trains. The friend loses interest and ditches, and eventually the girl does too, seeing I'm way too into this flying shit to take care of them. I wake up.


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