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    Because I'm Batman. 8-5-2012

    by , 09-22-2012 at 07:20 AM (490 Views)
    *I haven't been typing my dreams online lately but I have written them down. So I am about to go on a typing spree to catch up on posting them.*

    It started with me in a theater and a new batman movie was coming out. We got the tickets and went into the theater and after the movie started I don't remember what happened but it transitioned to me in the bat-cave as batman.

    I rush to a scene and scale a huge skyscraper, and there were cops at the top. Cat women I noticed, was also climbing the building and when I got to the top I fought some bad guys and then the cops started coming for me. They pointed their guns at me and I jumped behind an air-conditioning unit and searched around the roof for an exit. I jumped off the ac unit, ran toward cover, and jumped off the roof.

    I don't quite remember the transition to the bat cave, but when I got there, I undressed from the Bat-suit and I was in my underwear! I thought I would have some pants on under this suit. As I walked toward my room to get some clothes, I heard cat woman walk into the cave. I hurried back to get dressed and then walked back out in a suit, looking like Bruce Wayne. The next thing we did, was go invade the villains base. We had to invade a base in an extremely tall tree with a dome-like building near the top of it. We fought some bad guys, saved the world, and then said some corny one-liners before the scene changed to me in the theater watching the ending credits!

    Another scene of my head movie that night involved me fighting some 7' tall mafia dude for sport. I won and he complimented me over my skill and strength.

    Pretty fun dream.

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