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    Lucid-Pocket God moment and the elevator of death

    by , 07-26-2012 at 06:10 AM (516 Views)
    The dream started with me in a business office building and I got on an elevator. the elevator was surrounded by glass and moved fast. Suddenly, it started spinning sideways around me and two other people out of control. We were still in place some how as if we were floating, but the elevator car wasn't rectangle shaped it was an oddly shaped polygon and would hit us over and over again even if we tried to avoid it.

    When we got to the first floor and other people started to watch in fear, I took my chances and dove off the elevator car and was hit many times on the way out. I lay out in the open and look back at the other two that didn't jump and the elevator was still spinning in place even though it wasn't plummeting down. The people looked up at me with fear in their eyes as the elevator car hit them over and over again and I could see them losing their strength. Then, some workers tried to run up and turn it off and two guys dressed like construction workers jumped in to save the two people and the people jumped out, but then right as the construction workers were about to jump out, this giant arc of electricity shot out and a boom went off. The elevator picked up speed and the workers started floating toward the top of the elevator car.

    Then more lightning and electricity and the people were being fried by it and I just stared in horror. Right when it didn't seem it could get any worse, flames burst out in every direction and the elevator car caught on fire and in this moment, the scene of all this chaos made me realize this had to be a dream.


    So I turned and looked at a clock twice and at a closer examination it did change (unlike most dreams where that reality check doesn't work), and my hands weren't misshaped. So I figured I'll just fly then. I jumped up and failed the first time, got mad, and then jumped with more grunting and frustration and I launched.

    I flew high above the building and outside was a magnificent view of a sunset with reds and oranges blended in and a 360 degree view of it with cities off in the distance. I notice the sunset is about to go away and I point at it like I would in Pocket God, and I lower my finger and make it dark and the moon comes up. Then I grab the moon and lower it until the sun comes up and I raise the sun much higher until the scene looks good.

    I then make it dark and make some lightning strikes and laugh while enjoying myself. I then think that I should try out a dream goal and I fly to a city in the distance and start to realize the dream is almost over when I get there so I just observe some of the city for a minute and my alarm goes off.

    Great dream, haven't been lucid in a long time so this was a great feeling.

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