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    A World In My Head!!

    (30 Day Challenge) Night 12 -Cavern Lake and Werewolf Anime

    by , 08-26-2013 at 05:08 AM (728 Views)
    August 24

    Notes: I had wrote down notes for a dream around 3am, but by the morning I didn't remember the dream. The only thing I remembered was that I was trying to order queso flamenco.

    Cavern Lake

    I dont remember how my family got here. But we were swimming in a lake deep in a cavern. There were penguins living in the cavern and I used one of them to help me propel through the water. After our adventure mom says "That was so refreshing! I don't even need to shower!"

    And I remark "If only that were true. Since were dreaming we'll still need to shower when we wake". But the lucidity went over my head.

    This entire cavern is full of challenges for me and my family to overcome. A lady opens a door within the cavern and shows us the next challenge, a kitchen. She tells us its a cooking challenge. I tell her "i dont cook!" and I'm convinced she's the devil.

    I storm out of the room and tell my family they can do that challenge without me! My dream fades out. I fall back asleep and re-enter the dream. My family tells me the challenge is over and we can proceed to the next step. Or we can just skip everything and go outside! I opt to go outside.

    Again I wake up and fall asleep

    Werewolf and Gang Anime
    I'm watching an anime with a guy I don't even know. I am glued to the television! The first scene was action packed. These different beings were each taking their turn invading an ancient temple and making their way to the bottom level.

    There was a family of werewolves, goblins, zombies and robotic people? The werewolves easily fought their way through to the bottom level. The goblins were hilariously clumsy and simply fell through a hole. When the goblins got up their fur had accidentally fallen off, and they didn't know whose fur-suit belonged to whom.

    The next challenge was to be done alone. The first one to step up was a brave little werewolf girl of about 10 years of age. She enters the room by herself.

    A totem on the wall explains the scenario "I am darkness. I will swallow you whole if you are unable to defeat me. This light" a light appeared in a closet "is all you have left". The light begins to flicker.

    The little furry girl gets all pumped up "I'm not scared of you! My claws will slice right through you! You just wait! I'm ready! Lets get this started!" She didn't realize the challenge already started. As she was talking big the flickering light suddenly goes dark.

    "Times up!" The totem becomes a shadow and swallows the girl.

    Her brothers howl furiously! "Its not her fault she didn't understand the rules!" But next up for the challenge was the old goblin.

    He walks and talks like an old black man from the heart of Louisiana. He takes his sweet time walking up to the challenge door, jabbering away with the other goblins, and swinging a large fish in his hand.

    When he gets into the challenge room the totem again explains the rules, but his fish is suddenly gone. The old goblin protests! "Now wait a minute! I had a fish in ma hand!"

    "A fish is not a weapon"

    "Ohhh yes it is! You give me back ma fish!" The fish appears back in the old goblin's hand. "And take that! And take that!" He slaps that totem hard with a smelly fish! The light gets so bright it explodes and the totem is destroyed!

    The fish slapping goblin was too damn funny, I woke up laughing. Good anime.

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    1. Keitorin's Avatar
      I cracked up (both at the devil woman and the goblin). Good anime indeed. =P
    2. Iokheira's Avatar
      Awesome dreams The second was pretty funny!
    3. juroara's Avatar
      teehe, thanks for reading