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    A World In My Head!!

    (30 Day Challenge) Night 13-Frozen

    by , 08-26-2013 at 05:34 AM (326 Views)
    August 25, 2013


    Every group had their own area in this apartment building. I was with the artsy group. We were all getting ready for something when suddenly snow covers everything. And its not just snow outside, its everywhere, inside the apartments. The freak weather has everyone flipping out! We had no choice but to leave.

    I quickly pack what I can and head outside to dump my bags in the car. But I'm only wearing socks and the snow is so cold. Where are my shoes, and what about my furniture? Isn't the snow ruining it?

    I see my dad outside laughing with some random dude. I get frustrated and yell "my things are inside!". Dad gets the message and heads inside to help with the heavy furniture.

    I was still dumping stuff in my car when suddenly this giant ice slab just falls right on top of the apartment building, large enough to cover the entire apartment roof. I held my breath. How can the roof support something so massive?

    Moments later the roof collapses, the ice slab crushes everything and breaks apart. They're all dead, my friends, dad! I'm gripped with absolute horror. All I could do was fall down to the snow and scream frantically.

    My dream re-winds.

    The ice slab part happened. Instead I'm frantically trying to pack my things, find my shoes, and make sure I'm not missing anything. This time it was mom who was helping me. I woke up shortly after.

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