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    (30 Day Challenge) Night 15-Dust Storm and Short Lucid

    by , 08-29-2013 at 04:33 PM (333 Views)
    August 27, 2013

    Dust Storm

    I'm sitting by the window ledge and see a storm coming. It's a massive opaque brown cloud covering the entire sky with it. It's quickly sweeping towards us. I warn mom and quickly shut the windows. (this house looks like the one in NY)

    The brown dust still seeps in through the cracks. "Don't breathe it!" As quickly as it came it was gone. I'm walking outside, it looks like I'm near the coast. The brown dust storm left brown poisonous sludge everywhere. Everyone who didn't close their windows was sick, which was most of the neighborhood.

    Weird Lucid

    At some point I became lucid. Maybe it was because I flying over a weird abstracted landscape and oddly placed crowds of people. I remembered my dream goal, 'to bring the objects closest towards me into full clarity'. Still in the air, I decide to land over there by that brick building.

    I started with the bricks and like magic they looked more like a mosaic. Next I found a tray of tiny toys. I remember trying to say colors and I kept getting them wrong, I'd say "green" when pointing to a yellow object and so on. And then there were these tropical banana leaf plants, made from purple and blue plastic.

    After that I wondered around in this strange open aired building. No doors, just entryways. The building had smooth curves, like adobe or cob, but made from something more modern.

    I ran into a lanky tall black man and told him "Hey did you know this is a dream!" and he goes "Yes!......No, wait, what?" He told me his name but even in the dream it didn't make sense to me, and its hard to remember what doesn't make sense. It was something like Agnosio.

    Peering out a window I could see the deep blue ocean below me. Hallelujah! I jumped straight into it. I sink to the ocean floor and for the first time in a dream I could actually see the floor. Its usually just murky and dark in dreams but this time I could see colorful pebbles beneath my feet.

    There were tiny sting rays and other fish. Then I saw a table, underwater, with random objects. I tried telekinesis on them but that totally didn't work. That's when I see a kitchen to my right with little old ladies. I thought I was underwater? My dream fades into nonsense after.

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