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    (30 Day Challenge) Night 17-Lucid Dream Snippets

    by , 08-29-2013 at 04:57 PM (312 Views)
    August 29, 2013

    : the only thing I tried to do last night was fall asleep happy. Several dreams, but I only remember bits and pieces of each. Two lucids, only remember one.

    Drawing Time
    I brought all my drawing supplies with me, all I need now is the perfect spot. This building was big, open and also really lonely and kinda creepy. But I'm here so whatever. To make it less creepy I look for a sunny spot, which was right dab in the middle of two staircases.

    I sit down, unload my backpack and I was just about to doodle when - the bell rings and all the classrooms let out all their students. Little elementary kids running around everywhere. Some teachers find me and yell at me. They accuse me of being a teenage vandal.


    We're running down a long grassy hallway, flanked by apartment buildings. The stray cats were everywhere and they all had their own little turfs and gangs. Some of them harass but, they're still just fluffy household cats.

    The seminar was being given by some older blonde lady. Her talk was really fascinating but of course I don't remember squat. Afterwords she was having a book signing and taking comments. The comment I wrote for her went something like this "thanks for selling cupcakes so that you can raise money so that you can raise awareness of lucid dreaming!"

    So I guess it was a dream seminar

    Militant Leader-Lucid

    Maybe its not ironic that after the dream seminar we all ran into this guy. Some crazy nazi war general. He had us oppressed with all of his militant rules. I finally rebel against him by showing him something that I can do that he can't - fly.

    I fly around his head and out the building - lucid. I remembered my dream goal, to bring the objects closest to me in full clarity. I land by a bush by a brick wall. I start with the leaves, bringing them into clarity. At first they were just dream leaves. But then they became life like. The leaves had fuzzy hairs that I could see and feel. Some were realistically torn, or dried up, or eaten by bugs.

    I was about to move onto the next object when I woke up suddenly.

    I dreamed of giant robots attacking the school ground. But as long as you remained out of their sight, their laser beam can't blast you. The school itself was safe. So we just hanged out casually in one of the classrooms.

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