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    A World In My Head!!

    (30 Day Challenge) Night 7-Witches on Broomsticks

    by , 08-19-2013 at 04:42 PM (358 Views)
    August 19, 2013

    notes: i didn't do any incubations because I went to sleep so late! I dreamed of witches who chased me down

    Witches on Broomsticks
    The giant ogre has me and mom running back into my bedroom. I lock the door, knowing that can't hold an ogre out but maybe it'll buy us some time. I open the window and tell mom "jump out!". But she insists she can't. Instead she hops on the bed and hides under the sheets.

    I keep yelling at her "jump out the window now!". But she keeps insisting that I go on without her. The door opens, I'm out of time. I jump out the window (its night time) and fly away. A gang of witches on broomsticks chase after me.

    I don't remember much of this chase scene anymore. But at some point I hid behind a gas station and befriended a talking monkey. I let the monkey sit on my shoulders - his hands were free to help me. The witches find us again and we fly away again.

    Its day time now and I see a school up ahead. I fly into the elementary, past the hallway with kids and quickly hide from the windows view. From my point of view I can see that the witches were hoovering outside the windows, looking for me.

    I open the janitorial closet door which leads to another door, to another door which leads to the emergency exit. That led to a staircase. My monkey friend promptly reminds me "don't go down, go up!". Going down in an industrial staircase like this always leads to something nightmarish.

    I go up the steps but there's no door for the next level! So I go back the way I came and try to find some other place to hide.

    Eventually I walked into a room that was completely empty, except for one large oval table. It looked futuristic, like it was a giant oval computer. I walk up to the table, in the very center was a face. I couldn't tell if the face was robotic or wearing an ancient mask. Who ever he is, he's asleep in this table. I wanted to know more about this sleeping face.

    Leaving the room, I run into a little black girl with braided pig-tails. She tells me this man had to be put to sleep, but one day soon he's going to wake up. Anyways, I look out the window and I don't see the witches. I fly right out, but it's a trap. The gang of witches were still there. I try to fight them but nothing I do works. So I just fly right back in the building.

    This time the witches followed inside. They were thoroughly checking all the rooms so I kept switching my hiding places. For a while I hung out with the little girl and her classroom. Eventually I ran back into the room with the face - around this time I also noticed my monkey friend was non-existent.

    The face was waking up, and he sounds real pissed! I shouldn't be here! Instead, I get the idea to hide under another table. I waited for the witches to follow me into the 'faces' room. I don't remember what happened next, but I finally got away, because the witches were busy battling the face.

    I travel through weird landscape after weird landscape. Most of them were desert, rocky and epic feeling like from some sci-fi movie. That's when I get blasted with this nostalgic feeling "I remember this dream! I remember what happens next! I become lucid!". I was sure of it, in the next scene of the dream I'm supposed to become lucid....lol.....sigh.....

    I pull out my dream journal and look for an entry that resembles this dream. I get frustrated because the events that lead to the next scene haven't happened yet. I feel as though I'm waking up.

    Video Games with Funky
    Instead my dream just morphs into something else. I'm playing fantasy role-playing video games with my friend Funky and others online. The video game starts out in those same epic landscapes I just flew through. There were dinosaurs, mindlessly eating and eating each other. Dragons and other fantastical creatures.

    Our characters were leveling fast. I guess the boys got jealous and didn't like how fast me and funky's characters were leveling. They tell each other "don't let them play the next game!" and boot us out. My screen goes black! How rude! I turn to funky, she's fallen fast asleep still holding the remote control. I remember how strange it was to look at her asleep. I realize its because her breathing matched mine, it was more like staring at my body that was asleep on the bed.

    I woke up after

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