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    30 Day Challenge: Night One-Its not Time for Work!

    by , 08-12-2013 at 05:14 PM (449 Views)
    August 12, 2013

    Notes: 30 day lucid challenge - set intention for the night - dream goal is to apply the lessons of my dream dragon. Actually, I asked my dream dragon to help me realize that I am dreaming. Usually when I ask this I dream of one of two things - work or a nasty toilet.

    Its Not Time for Work!
    Dragon's Lessons Applied
    I get to work, unlock the door and my boss was already waiting inside. We haven't even turned on the lights yet when a herd of customers barge in. That's when I realize the timing is all wrong - its like 6am! I'm not supposed to be at work and were not even supposed to be open.

    I start to explain to the customers that 'were not open' and 'please come back when we are' as nicely as possible. But then, boss is like 'well I guess we can make an exception!'

    Oh hell no! Its hours before I have to go to work, I'm not gonna be here all day..! I run out before my boss orders me around.

    Its still very dark outside. As I walk back to my car I notice a group of guys behind me. Some of them were the customers who were just in our store. But I noticed they had a weird device in their hands and they were looking at the parked cars suspiciously.

    'No, not that one' one of them says

    Just as I pull out the keys to my car and beep the alarm - the boys had surrounded my car. Oh no. They are car thieves. But worse yet, I'm catching them in the act. The bigger guy looks at me, as Im holding my keys, like I'm fresh meat for him to pound.

    One of the guys leaps out in front of me protectively as if to say 'dont bother her!'

    The big guy gripes back "Why are you protecting her? Get the job done!"

    I didn't know what to do. There's five of them and one of me. Or worse, what are they going to do to me? I started to think that maybe it was better if I just offered them sex if they promised to leave my car alone so I can at least provide an income. But they were probably going to gang rape me anyways and not care to keep any promise. It was too much for me to handle so I just closed my eyes....and wished this scene away.

    I wake up back on my bed, and look at the time, its time to get ready for work. I'm walking to work (lol what car?) when I notice walking besides me - was a herd of teachers.

    Each teacher had a shopping cart filled with random supplies. I first I don't mind them, until we all stop at the same place - my work. Damn, they're customers!

    I look at the time again, wait a minute its not time for work! I explain to the ladies 'we wont be open for another hour or so'. They ask me if they can at least leave their shopping carts inside, 'you see' they explain 'these are the school kits and we need to go over some items with your boss'

    'Alright' I was just about to unlock the door and let their shopping carts in, when I can hear my boss' loud voice all the way from the back of the store. And I could already hear it in the back of my mind 'Ring them up!'

    Forget that! I ditch the teachers and their shopping carts and just run in the opposite direction! Some where along the way I passed by my sister, who is also a teacher.

    I hid inside a private office building thats only open to us employees. Its still so early so theres no one here, but thank God customers don't bother us in this building. I walk around the office building for a while, wondering what's behind every door, privy only to managers and ceo's. I climb the staircase and look down.

    I get this funny dreamy feeling. I jump and start to float! I am dreaming! And then I slowly rationalized "well...if im dreaming..then...I dont have to go back to work!" Freedom! I dump my purse, I take off my jacket and kick off my shoes and fly out the building.

    I proceed with my dream goal, following the lessons of my dream dragon. I start with the objects closest to me. Bricks, rocks, flowers, a rose bud. At first it was hard to see because I have glasses on. When I tried to take them off it made my vision even worse. But then I rationalized "I dont even own a pair of glasses so why do I need them in the dream?". I take off the glasses again and now I can see clearly.

    I was bored with my dream goal so I start to fly around instead. The place was beautiful, it looks like the riverwalk without all the annoying tourism. I fly into a diner but then my dream becomes unstable and I wake up.

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