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    A World In My Head!!

    From Aliens to Art

    by , 04-04-2011 at 05:53 AM (396 Views)
    April 3, 2010

    Dream Dump: Aliens abduct my friend. I sell my artwork. My subconscious has no idea. I return to SA.

    Alien Abduction
    Im on vacation with my friend. Like little kids, we sneak away from the other adults and find a strange lady in the parking lot. She tells us that if we take a ride in her car, she'll summon aliens for a personal first contact. It seemed so wrong, getting into a strangers car and tempting aliens at this hour. So me and my friend did. Not that either of us really believed this lady.

    We sit in the back seat and giggle like were about to fall off a rollercoaster. The lady flashes her car lights. And the UFOs came. I can't see them, but I can sense them. They're right on top of us! I get scared. So I affirm in semi-lucidity "Aliens are not allowed to abduct me!"

    Closer and closer. Again I say "Aliens are not allowed to abduct me!"

    The aliens disappear. I stumble out of the car and only then do I realize that my friend has disappeared.

    Later Im trapped in a bedroom, and I try to escape by peeling away the layers of the wall.

    My Art Sells!
    I'm not in a gallery, I'm not anywhere special. I'm just here in my bedroom and a wealthy lady wants to buy my painting! She wants to see the rest of my artwork. I feel embarassed, I don't have anything ready or hung up on the wall. I dig through my closet, behind the door and pull out one dusty painting after another. What to show her? No, these paintings are too old and ugly.

    But the women keeps surprising me. She loves my older artwork. She wants to buy three paintings now. She asks me for the price of this old and crappy painting. I dunno, $50? She shakes her head "Don't sell yourself short, its a lovely painting. How about $300?"

    Wow. Okay. Deal. She wants to buy another painting for $1200.

    Finally she gets her hands on a sketch of mine. Its not even finished. Its her favorite and she insists on buying it. I look at it and think "But im not done with it, and I need the sketch to complete my painting." So I put the sketch away.

    It was an awesome sketch. Except it doesn't exist. I've never drawn this. But maybe I should.

    I wake up feeling great! That dream lady loving my artwork really made my day.

    My internet is sucking right now

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