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    A World In My Head!!

    Apartment Sunken like a Ship

    by , 08-11-2013 at 07:41 PM (254 Views)
    August 11, 2013

    Review: non lucid morning dream, wrote down notes as soon as I woke up and drifted off to sleep again

    Apartment Sunken like a Ship
    I was talking to Hans. If I'm talking to him its gotta be something political and social economical, world falling apart sort of deal. After that, I head back home and hang out with my family for a bit.

    But my dream keeps shifting on me. My family disappears and the apartment is under water, as if it was a sunken ship. I'm with a 'dream' friend and some cute little mouse like creature. Together we explored our sunken apartment and found some interesting items. Stuffed in a desk were these clay-like objects. I realized if you put them together they become explosive bombs.

    So my logic was to lump the explosive clay parts together and watch them blow up from a safe distance. My new friend and the mouse creature seemed upset that I did that. I remember picking up the poor little frightened thing and hiding her in my friends pocket. I guess its time we find a way out of this sunken apartment. Maybe if we can create some sort of breathing apparitus while we float back up the top.

    I looked around for whatever I could use. The place had of old plastic water bottles lying around. In real life I hate touching other peoples water bottles, it grosses me out. In the dream I imagined these bottles belonged to my sister and her husband, which also grossed me out. But I reasoned 'its not like im going to drink it'. I'm just going to hold the bottles upside down, let them bubble up the air inside and then use a straw as my scuba gear. It really sounded like it could work!

    But then we hear someone outside the sunken apartment. It sounds like a really nasty gang. They're trying to break in! 'Quick, hide!'. My friend and the little creature in her pocket quickly run to other bedroom. The gang busts in, and seeing only me, they chase me out the sunken apartment. As I float up the water I can see the apartment really does look like a sunken liner in the bottom of the sea.

    I fly out of the water to the pier but the gang is still chasing me. The pier was crowded and public and there were police about, I guess that mellowed out the gang. Instead they stood on the other side of the boardwalk and just name-called me.

    Behind me I realize the crowded public wasn't any ordinary crowd. It was the largest protest I've ever seen. Consisting of thousands of angry occupiers. I started to read their signs. This must have been what Hans was telling me about earlier in the dream. I wanted to join them! It looks like they need help with all the police pressuring them to leave.

    But my friend is still stuck on that sunken ship! I dive back down into the sea. The fire department was all over the place. I guess they were here because of those clay bombs I exploded earlier. They were trying to quarantine the place, either way they wouldn't let me through to the other side of the apartment. Behind me I hear a small squeaking noise. My friend and the small creature were hiding behind a box. Reunited, we dive back out and wake up.

    After that I had a strange serious of false awakenings because I was so sleepy I couldn't really wake up.

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