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    A World In My Head!!

    Archive: The Dragon that gives Lucidity

    by , 05-11-2013 at 05:09 AM (364 Views)
    2008 Dream Archive

    I was looking for a new lucid dream task. I decided to visit a dragon kingdom! Lots of dreamers have done it. It looks fun. My plan was simple, I summon the dragon king, ride on his back, and I'll have an adventure in dragon kingdom la-la land.

    I was just looking forward to a fanciful lucid dream.

    What I got was something really unexpected.


    For most of the dream, I wasn't lucid. I was hiding and running away from typical dream bad guys. I tried to escape them by running out the back door.

    When I came to the back porch it was such a beautiful sunny scene. It 'snapped' me right out of my zombie-ness, and I realized I was dreaming.

    Thrilled, I shout out into the blue sky "Can I see the dragon king please!"

    I look up anxiously at the sky, hoping my dream meets my demands. At first nothing happens. Then I see it! A small purple eastern dragon descends from the sky. He wasn't very ornate. Very simple, very plain looking. Just a purple serpentine dragon.

    He lands on the grass about 30 ft away from me. The sun shines on him like a spotlight. He looks my way and waits for me. Excited, I fly over to him. For a brief moment an image of a purplish female flashes before my eyes. She had strong Indian features. This didn't make any sense to me. The image super-imposes over the purple dragon, and slowly dissolves so that only the purple dragon remained. I do remember that the purple female said something to me, but it didn't make sense to me. My mind sorta blurted it out.

    What comes next is probably the weirdest dream experience for me. Now that I was at the presence of the dragon, I was compelled to love him, respect him and honor him. I kneeled before him on the soft plush grass. I looked up at him expectantly like a small child.

    Now I've had dream characters tell me they were angels. I've had dream characters tell me they were God!! But I greeted them with doubt, fear, or just curiosity. I never felt compelled love or bow before any of them. So my purple dragon was a first (and an only for that matter)

    Face to face with the purple dragon, I felt safe and warm. His wrinkled dragon face was kind, loving, understanding. He felt wise. For a moment I just admire his face in awe. There was nothing abstract or surreal about this scene. His face was perfectly three dimensional and real.

    He speaks to me, and his voice rings in my head. "The Fire is in your eyes!!". But his poetic and triumphant words were totally lost on me. Sure, I've breathed fire as a dragon in previous dreams before. But what kind of fire is in your eyes? I repeat it in my head trying to get it..the fire ..is in..my eyes? What? Understanding that I didn't get it, the dragon explains

    "You only need to imagine and it will happen!"

    It was like being slapped with lucidity a thousand fold. If I thought I was lucid before, hah, that was just day-dreaming! This was lucidity. This is what lucidity is all about! I really finally understood that I am creating this dream. That every ounce, ever grain of sand, every moment was created in my minds eye. I am the God of this dream.

    That's when I remembered how shitty my dream world has been. With murderes killing beloved and terrorizing my entire dream world. The dragon says no more. I thank him respectfully, and fly off to shape my dream world to my liking.


    only problem was, the moment I left the dragons side my god-like lucidity dropped instantly. I was back to normal lucidity. And with every step further and further away from the dragon - I was less and less lucid. And in a few moments, I was back to hiding from the dream bad guys.


    I woke up feeling I really let the dragon down. But at the same time in awe that a 'dream character' could have that kind of effect on my awareness.

    Why didn't the dream follow expectation? Why didn't I get a KING who took me to his kingdom? Why did I get a lesson on awareness? And who was that purple female that flashed before my eyes?

    I had to know So I thought....why don't I try again right?

    I got my opportunity two weeks later. Again I wasn't lucid at first. The dream was long and vivid and super fun. With zombies fighting a war with rebel mutants. I'm looking for a way out of this zombie hell house. And I'm facing this long hallway. It's white, and sunshine is flooding it from the bedrooms.

    This stopped me in my tracks and made me realize I was dreaming. Maybe it was the sunshine? The zombie fested dream world had no sun. It was always night.

    I fly out the window and the first thing I do is fix my dream. In an instant the zombies were gone. The rebel mutants danced and celebrated in the streets, now bright and sunny!

    Remembering my dream task I call out in my dream "Can I see the Dragon King again...........please?"

    The sky instantly EXPLODES with the crackling of thunder!! Two meteorites crash land on both sides of me. They're crackling, smoking, smoltering, and still actively exploding with what looked like fireworks. The suddeness of the meteorites really caught me off guard, I was on the ground like a scared cat.

    Something begins to levitate me towards the sky. I'm facing the bright sun, and it feels like a WILD. Or if you believe in astral projection, I was caught in this projection. My heartbeat raises, I'm really anxious. My thoughts race. What's going to happen? Where am I being taken? Not that I felt something bad was going to happen. On the contrary, it felt like something amazing would have happened had the projection completed!!! Too amazing maybe!! Apparently I was too scared.

    The projection stops, and I'm gently put back on the ground. Damn! I'm instantly disappointed in my self for being so nervous. I thought that would be the end of my 'summoning'.

    But then a soft voice speaks to me..."Go on..he's waiting!"

    The meteor marked my way. It landed at the base of a building. I look up the building. And staring down at me was a sphynx statue. It was a deep blue color. Is this who I am supposed to see? A statue? Where is my purple dragon?

    I fly up to the top of the roof. As if I had taken soo long to get my ass up there, the statue hand changed forms. It was now in a laying position, like that of the sleeping buddha......Except.....reversed? Rather than resting on his right arm, he was resting on his left. *I've been told the reversed position is for females!*

    The sculpture smiles and comes to life when I finally land on the roof. And transforms into the same purple woman I had seen before!! I recognized that this women is my 'purple dragon'!

    There's this sort of fuzzy feeling all around me, I dunno, what do I call it? Cloud 9?

    I willing kneel by her feet. My legs are firmly tucked beneath me. I look up expectedly again like a child. Waiting for my teacher to teach me. Feed me or give me a cup to drink from. My lesson seems to pick up right where I had left off. Lucid dream lessons.

    "First, start off the objects nearest you until they come into full clarity"

    Since I am kneeling, I start with some strange objects by the beings feet. Everything was very surreal at first and hard to focus on. But then slowly the ground came into pristine clarity. Solid and life like. But although the ground had come into full clarity, I was still really puzzled by what I saw. There's something big and metal between me and the purple being. Are those...chains?

    I pick up the ugly thing "it's rusty!"

    She laughs as if a child had said something obvious and silly. I felt really foolish, especially since I am sitting down here while the being gets to stand tall. I didn't want to be the 'child'. I wanted to be the adult like her.

    She didn't give me any more instructions, but I took some initiative. Now I wanted to see her in full clarity. The dragon was easy for mind to digest. But there is something about this purple woman, I couldn't put my finger on. It's like I can never stare at her directly.

    I start slowly. First with her feet. I slowly lift my gaze, bringing everything into full clarity. Her body becomes solid. Her clothes dazzling and ornate. The environment also becomes completely solid. Slowly, still lifting my gaze I bring the entire scene into full clarity.

    All that's left.......is her face.

    It's the one thing I wanted to see! The dragons face brought me such peace. But the moment I tried to bring her face into full clarity, it ripples like water. For a brief moment the entire dream around me was in full clarity, except for this face. It made me uneasy!!

    My mind starts screaming "what's going on! why can't I see your face!"

    The more I tried, the more it rippled like water. Like a vortex. Eventually the entire dream was swallowed by the rippling water, now glowing white. I tried to hold on, and just before my dream dissolves completely in this void of white watery light......I understood.

    I couldn't see her, because what stood before me was just an illusion of what really is. A mask. That the purple woman, isn't a 'purple woman'! But I was still really unsure about what I just saw.


    Waking up, I'm left with more questions than answers. When I could see the 'illusion' of the purple woman, I noted something very weird about her. She had no breasts!! There was something masculine and feminine about her all at once. After all, who did I summon? A KING right? Not a queen?

    I then began to consider...what if it wasn't a purple woman? What if it was a man? That's when I realized who 'she' looked like.


    Why would summoning a 'male' dragon deliver me, a purplish androngynous being? And why was this feminine being so concerned about increasing my awareness? What's the connection between a dragon, the feminine, and higher awareness?

    And what kind of experience did I miss out on with a failed projection?

    I had some help from the Astral Dynamics website. The answer given to me I think is the best. That my dream might have been a kundalini experience. Even if its just a little one. Being completely IGNORANT about the kundalini, I had to do some research.

    It turns out the dragon is a very symbolic image, which does in fact represent the Kundalini. The Kundalini as most of you know, has been considered apart of the Divine Feminine aspect in us all. The coiled sleeping serpent. And also

    "The dragon is often synonymous with the dual aspect of the serpent, which as the caduceus represents, is both conscious/unconscious."

    "The dragon is the "mercurial serpent" and is also synonymous with the divine water and egg, and it's symbolism goes back as far as Lilith, or Melusina, who lives in the philosophical tree. Later, Christ appears as the archetype of consciousness and Mercurius as the archetype of unconsciousness. Thereby, the dragon is related closely to the creative godhead in symbolism, and also represents the union of opposites."

    After considering that my experinece was more than just a mere dream character, I was honestly too afraid to ever repeat it again! I dunno, I felt like I was only summoning the 'Dragon King' out of naivity. After all, the second time around, I saw no dragon. And 'Dragon King' no longer seems like an accurate name to give to whoever, whatever it was I met.

    Just goes to show, dreams can defy expectation!
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