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    A World In My Head!!

    Black Void Box

    by , 10-04-2013 at 11:35 PM (288 Views)
    September ?, 2013

    notes: its been a couple of days, its hard to recall this dream

    Black Void Box
    The evil bad guy has everyone trapped in a room. But because of my special powers he considers me a threat.

    To display his mighty power, he gathers everyone to witness my demise. In front of all my loved ones, family, friends, mom, he traps me inside a black box. Its a void. No time no space. I was in that darkness for an indefinite time. I wondered if years were passing by and I have no way to know. I wondered if I would stay inside this empty lonely darkness forever.

    My eyes adjust to the light. My friends had gotten me out of the box as soon as the evil bad guy retired to his bedroom. Its in these simple moments that we enjoy our lives and freedom. And also when we plan how to defeat this bastard.

    A new girl in town tries to socialize with us. My dream transforms into a high school cafeteria. But her behavior is odd. It wasn't long before its revealed that she's actually our enemy - in legion with her evil overlord.

    Actually at some point her overlord was defeated, how I dont remember. So now its just us against her. Some are worried that she's actually possessed by his evil spirit. I didn't care. I decided to kill her before she kills us.

    I'm about to fight her, unequipped, when my friends jump in the middle. "We'll hold her back and buy you some time!" "Hurry!" They're referring to a needed special weapon. It's back at the overlords base.


    I search the place up and down for the right weapon. This gun doesn't feel right for the job. The knife is too flimsy. Time is running out and I'm not sure what I'm looking for. I woke up shortly after

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