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    A World In My Head!!

    Closet Clinic

    by , 11-22-2011 at 04:37 AM (420 Views)
    November 21, 2011

    Synopsis: A hospital clinic is just behind my closet door, and its headed by pure evil

    Note: Im sure the dream is a metaphor I can't figure out!

    Closet Clinic
    Dad wants me to take him to small hospital clinic. For some reason I know this clinic because I'm there everyday - even though I'm neither a patient or a doctor. I drive him over and take him to the back entrance, I've spent hours roaming the hospital so I knew where all the doctor rooms were.

    "You can just go in that room and a doctor will eventually show up"

    But he thought it was weird to just sneak into a hospital like that. So we walked all through the hospital just to make it to the front lobby where he can wait his turn properly. Now I know my relationship to the hospital. I tell dad, "I'll be nearby. My bed is just over there."

    The hospital clinic is just right through my closet door!

    I left dad alone and relaxed in my room. Laying down on my bed, I stared at the eerie glow emanating from the closet door. Now and then I'd open the door to check on dad. The door was like a portal and opened up to any part of the clinic I wanted to see.

    But apparently I was seeing too much. I started to get a sense that someone didn't like how easily I can spy and intrude on the hospital clinic. A male presence. Angry.

    I asked a few of the nurses if they had felt this presence. They come in my bedroom to talk in secret and they tell me about the head of the hospital, an evil man. Some even went as far as to say he was the devil.

    I hoped that dad was okay and that some twisted experiment wasn't being performed on him!

    Suddenly my closet door swings open on its own. Its facing down a long hallway, at the end of the hallway was a room - black and red. I can see the tall lean figure sitting on the other end.

    If it wasn't for the dream being a bit foggy, this scene would have been totally ape shit freaky. Thankfully, thanks to foggy-dream-ness, it was just weird.

    The nurses warn me! "He's coming for you!"

    Shit! I gotta get out of here! I slam the closet door. What to do? What to do? I jump out my window and try to fly away. He chases after me and uses dark magical attacks. I dispel each one with my left hand. "You can't hurt me!"

    But I was completely stuck. The dream environment was a square. The landscape had walls. The sky had a ceiling. I retreated back to my bedroom as his prisoner. He told me I could never leave, and then went back to his duties at the hospital.

    Well, I just can't stay here.

    I try again. I fly out my window and this time I really focus on exiting this landscape. There's a posted sign, its not really sign. I don't remember words or pictures or anything. But there was a sign, and somehow the sign let me know that just past it was a peaceful heavenly realm free of evil. Great! I look for a small entrance and squeeze my way through.

    When they said heavenly I was expecting something a little more - I dunno - colorful?

    The heavenly realm was bleak. Imagine cardboard boxes stacked to look like buildings. Still the people were nice and warmly greeted me. They told me more about this place

    "Here, all your thoughts manifest. Go ahead and try it"

    There was this weird device in front of me, so I tried rearranging its configuration. I imagined the buttons would follow where ever my fingers moved. The buttons moved so fluidly it was awesome. I started playing with my environment more.

    A girl was using her imagination to color the cardboard buildings, now covered in linen.

    "Whats with these ugly buildings anyways?"

    "Well they used to be oh so colorful, but then we got tired of all the colors so we toned the place down a bit. But I think we can try introducing color again slowly"


    Something is trying to break through the barrier of the heavenly realm. "Its him! He's come for me!"


    "Seal it up!"

    Already two magic doors appeared - and they were unlocked. Everyone races to the doors and seal it with prayers written on paper, like in anime. We sealed the doors but he still broke in. I was ready to stand up to him, and so were my new friends. But I woke up at that point.

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