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    A World In My Head!!

    Construction Zone, Ryoga Moment and Tornado Attack with Dad

    by , 07-04-2013 at 07:35 AM (235 Views)
    July 2nd, 2013

    note: three morning dreams, sleeping in is awesome

    Construction Zone

    I can feel my heavy eyelids and how firmly closed they were. But despite that, I can still see! Faces and other weird things in my bedroom. I realize the reason why I can still see is because I'm dreaming. I jump out the window and run around aimlessly. I decide the best thing to do lucid is to attack a candy store and eat snacks. But everything was tasteless so that didn't last long.

    I wake up and roll back into bed. Again I can see with my eyelids closed. I jump out the window and fly through a construction zone. They were constructing in an outdoor corridor. After flying past them the dream becomes foggy.

    Im back in my bedroom again and again I fly past the construction zone.

    The dream gets weird and for a third time I'm in my room. This time one of the construction people pops in and leads me back to my window. I giggle when I see the construction zone again right outside. This time it looks almost complete, with potted plants and all.

    The construction people were real nice and want to show me something else. They take me to a cob house and show me another window. Right outside that window was the rainforest. The scene brought me to tears and I woke up.

    Ryoga Moment

    I think my ryoga moment happened sometime in the construction zone dream. Lucid, I decide the funnest thing to do is to be like ryoga from ranma 1/2. I was gonna charge head-first in one direction and stick to that one direction!! I hold out my arm "im gonna run non-stop in this direction!"

    I race away, sliding down a hill and into a flood-catch. The rocks hurt my feet but I didn't care. My running direction takes me straight inside the wall of the bridge. That doesn't seem so possible......to go through....I stand on a rock inside the flood-catch and decide I have no choice but to break my vow and start running in a different direction.

    I was about to run over the water when I noticed a huge sewer drainage up ahead. EWW. This is poopy water! I'm not touching that!!! I break my vow again and fly away.

    Tornado Attack with Dad

    In real life mom and sis were arguing about something whilst I was in bed. In my dream the argument was about Dad. Dad was heading out to get something for sis. I was heading out too for a different reason, but i guess me and dad are heading in the same direction.

    We swim across the flood catch. The current is strong so dad lends me a hand getting out. The next building over has the goods that dad needs to buy, but thats when I notice something sinister.

    "Whats that? Is that, rain?"

    There was a dark cloud that looked like it was continuously crashing into the ground. I thought maybe the weird phenomenon was massive rain just beating itself into the ground. But I saw cloud , not rain. Oh no, is that?

    "Is that a tornado???"

    Dad just squints his eyes. I grab his wrist and drag him into the building we were conveniently standing by. It was a museum and the museum already knew about the tornado. Sirens start glaring. The museum people usher everyone into this one room.

    A room with a huge bay window! Everyone including dad, sits by the bay window so they can stare at the tornado. "Are you crazy! Dad, get away from the window!"

    "Look, there it is!"

    But no one was listening to me. I take cover on the lower level of the room, far away from the windows. The whole building starts to shake, when, a loud noise in the kitchen wakes me up.

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