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    A World In My Head!!

    Cult's Hideout

    by , 02-17-2012 at 06:37 AM (388 Views)
    February 16, 2012

    Synopsis: dream of work, everyone left for the day - I should just go home. Second dream, me and sis go to an old abandoned apartment building, but its cult inhabitants are still there

    Leave Work!
    I walk into the office and realize no ones here! The CEO, my manager, everyone is gone and only half the lights were on. Well, I'm still scheduled to work so I sit at my desk. This is weird.

    I head over to the back, production side, and scope it out. It's a ghost town to. One shipping guy, one painter, and the production manager. I guess that makes the production manager the highest ranking employee, so we all gather around him.

    And I pop the question "No ones here, can we go home?"

    He seems to be thinking about this, all work and no play.

    "We can leave at 3 or 3:30?"

    He seemed okay with that compromise, and then I woke up.

    Cult's Hideout
    A few friends gave me and my sister the idea that we should hang out at this abandoned apartment building. Some how this building felt ancient, it had history. Kids would hang out here for its eerie feeling, tell stories, and get inspiration for movies.

    So I brought my sketchbook and other art stuff with me. Me and sis squat down in the fancy hallway in front of a door. I wonder whats inside, maybe antiques? I try to open the door but its locked. That's strange, no one lives here so why is the door locked?

    I peek through the door's crack into the room. A chair, a table. Suddenly a flash of blue brushes past my peeping gaze. There is someone in there! They push against the door as if trying to listen to me.

    I scream-whisper "holy crap there is someone in there! Weve got to gooooooo!" I shoo sis and we try to sneak away as quietly as possible. But then they stepped out of their rooms and walked towards us aggressively.

    We dash into the elevator and desperately try to close the door, but were so scared were smashing the wrong buttons. "Press this one!" Finally the elevator door closes and we head down one level.

    Im too scared to see who's waiting for us in the next floor. I don't know who those people are, but their demeanor was enough to make me want to scream.

    The door opens but we don't want to step off. The elevator had a giant window facing outdoors. A man climbs down a fire-escape right next to the elevator. At first he startled me and I thought he was one of them.

    But using the fire-escape seemed like a good idea, so me and sis follow him. There was a beautiful roof garden on this level with round plushy bushes and a hot spring. Lots of people were here, all speaking in whispers.

    Like me, they had come for the buildings history. But unlike me, they actually knew what that history was. I overhear to older men talk about the cult and its tragic demise. And they continue to explain how this dangerous cult carried on in secret.

    I don't remember what happened, but me and sis go back inside. I think because it was a roof garden we had no choice. Sis leads the way, but she is totally flipping out, running around in a panic.

    "Slow down! Where are we! Were gonna get lost!"

    Somehow magically sis leads us right back to where we started. And theres my backpack right where I left it. But our friends are no where to be seen.

    We hear voices further down the hall, our friends, and trailing behind them, the cult members who like insane enough to eat your flesh. This is ridiculous. I lead sis to a large pane glass window. I shift through the window and look back at sis who doesn't know how to do that. So I grab her hand and shift her through the window. And we fly away.

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