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    A World In My Head!!

    Death Battle Royale! And Ruby Again

    by , 01-19-2017 at 06:57 PM (468 Views)
    Jan 19, 2017

    Notes: Non-Lucid. Dreamed of familiar neighborhood and ruby. Dreamed of a battle royale with devious characters and bloody items!

    Total sleep: 8 to 9 hrs
    Techniques: dream journaled
    Fell Asleep: 2 am-ish

    Familiar Dream Neighborhood and Ruby
    Me and Ruby are going for a walk in the neighborhood. This feels like a neighborhood I've visited a 1000 times before, but only in dreams. I know these streets, their twists and turns, the houses with their tall trees and overgrown yards. It feels a lot more like a suburb from NY than it does TX.

    Ruby has this crazy plan that we should walk to the post office, then stop at this other place, then walk back home. Miles! She runs off ahead. I agree to meet her at the post office but for some reason I go somewhere else first. My suburb transforms to the inside of a building. I'm trying to get back to Ruby but there's all these old people in the middle of the hallway blocking me.

    Awake: 7:00 am
    Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 7
    Awareness: non-lucid
    Length: 45 mins
    Emotions: nostalgia, friendship, frustration
    Dream Signs: friend, dream neighborhood

    Death Battle Royale
    I walk into the basement of a large mall like building, with only one entrance and exit and no windows. I feel like there's a lot of people, or rather, just their presence, with all their eyes at the center of this basement. At the center is a weird abstract structure. It reminds me of what you'd find when you fight a boss in zelda. It's a raised battle platform.

    There's a man in a black suit at the entrance, he makes a proposition for me. I don't understand what he's offering. He explains again. There's a bad guy here that I need to defeat! But I can't defeat this bad guy without the right weapon. And he happens to be selling it. I take the weapon from him and fight this bad guy.

    After fighting the bad guy, I thought I was free to go. But the game master, the man in the black suit, explains I can't leave unless I defeat them all! Each bad guy was tougher than the last, and each weapon, that he added to my arsenal was more vicious. I don't remember the order of fights anymore. Some bad guys were more like assassins, others were brutes. Some of my weapons included a bow n arrow, sharp daggers on a chain, a sword at one point I think.

    It was the final battle. And I have two opponents!? One of them is Ryoga from Ranma 1/2. But Ryoga is my friend, I can't kill him. The other opponent was a beast of woman. I began to feel lied to. This whole time the game master was telling me that I was defeating "bad guys". I finally realized I was just up against other combatants who were tricked to come down here. I try to fight the beast of the woman while avoiding Ryoga, but the idiot is content to come at me with all of his fists and kicks.

    The beastly woman is coming at me with everything too! I use a tablet device to select my weapon. First I try the bow and arrow. I goes right into her throat. But she's still standing. Next I try that weird dagger weapon. But it doesn't even penetrate her thick skin. I try another weird weapon I got from the last battle. Its like an orb with a spinning blade attached to a chain. It was wicked and difficult to control! I hurl it at her, but its not working too. This woman doesn't die and Ryoga is still an idiot!

    I escape from the battle I run to the entrance. The game master isn't there. I run further into the hallway "Where are you game master? You lied to me!" I find him trying to be sly behind a booth. I tell him that he broke his promise, he promised to help me win so I can go home. And also promised me a new weapon every battle, wheres my new weapon? I can't defeat this beast of a woman without it.

    He just laughs and says something un-helpful. "You're not going home until you defeat all of your opponents" Frustrated, I go back to the battle stage. I quickly scroll through all my weapons, desperately trying to find the one I need. I try them all!

    I was thinking so hard on how to win this battle, without killing ryoga, how to defeat the game master and win my freedom home - that I woke up with a headache.

    Awake: 8:30 am
    Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 7
    Awareness: non-lucid
    Length: 45 mins
    Emotions: frustration, anger, violence
    Dream Signs: basement, mall building, strange DC

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