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    A World In My Head!!

    Deeper than Undergound-My Friend Nyu

    by , 09-15-2013 at 06:50 PM (796 Views)
    September 15, 2013

    notes: a rather long dream, hard to remember all the details, lucid towards the end, attempted a dream share

    Deeper than Underground
    There are bad guys beneath this office building, the corporate kind you know about but you can't do anything about it. We just go about our office life pretending the bad guys aren't down there.

    But a couple of my friends want to find out the truth of what's happening down there. In the basement of the office building is a giant door leading to the underground. We can hear noises, footsteps, voices. My friend, whose gone down there, tells me about what he's seen. Its a huge labyrinth down there, possibly for the military industrial complex. The scientists down there are conducting experiments. Either way, its too dangerous to go down there unless you have a death wish.

    The dangerous scientists are climbing up the stairs. They see us and we run before they can catch us. We run outside but were afraid to be seen outside as well. There guards are everywhere. There's even people who look like ordinary civilians on the other side of the street who work for this "underground".

    We climb the chain link fence into this tiny square of a patch of grass. There's a cross and roses, someone died here. But still, it felt like the safest place to be. Me and my friends stay in this little grassy square for a while before deciding we have no choice but to face the underground agents head on.

    Walking back we joke about how were gonna beat the shit out of those agents. "we'll go wild on them!". My friend howls like a wolf. "You're doing it all wrong!" I said, so I out howl him. But my other friend shakes his head "This is how you howl" and he out howls all of us.

    Were back to that room that leads to the underground, but the agents surround us and in moments my friends were taken away. Dragged underground to who knows what. At that point I meet the leader of this underground - its my uncle???

    Traitor! How could he! (attack on titan ref?)

    His army has surrounded the office building. The employees pretend they don't see the war happening outside and continue to stay glued to their computer screens.

    I scarcely recognize my uncle with that sinister smug. He tells me that his current mission is to capture me. He tells me there's no point in running because his agents are literally everywhere. So his mission is to capture me? For what? What does he plan to do to me?

    His thugs chase me but I evade them each time. So my uncle throws a curve ball, he tells me "You can go back inside the office building, if you do so you'll be safe. We won't chase or use you anymore. But know if you make this decision I'll use children in your place"

    What's he going on about? I go back inside the office building and for a few moments I consider that I should stay here because its safe. The employees are mindlessly away ticking at work. I look outside and I can see the thugs dragging away two young black children that they picked up from the street. The little girl was crying as they were pulling her by the hair.

    I look behind me and think, did everyone in this "safe" building make this blind sacrifice? I can't stand the sight anymore! I jump outside and try to attack my uncle, but all of my attacks are useless.

    I don't see the kids anywhere "Where are the kids! Where did you take them!"

    My uncle blabs on making sarcastic remarks, but I'm too pissed at this point to pay attention. The thugs surround me again, they really do mean to capture me. I can see behind them that the two children were released. My uncle goes up to them and hugs them as if he actually cares for their safety. It disgusts me!

    I clench my fist waiting for the thugs to make their move - when - I see an Asian girl on the other side of the street motion for me to come towards her. She's hiding in the buildings shadow. A rebel?

    I rush through the mob of thugs and join my new friend on the other side. "Hurry its not safe here!" She guides me safely out of these dangerous streets filled with agents of the underground.

    "Who are you?"

    "We - are Deeper than Underground. The only way to survive is to know your friends."

    I understand what she means. The underground has infiltrated even the common work place, then they are everywhere and can be anyone.

    As I ran next to her I felt I could trust her with my life. I also felt she was extremely alert, aware, alive and someone I've always known. "Wait, what's your name? I don't want to forget it!"



    "No, Nyu"

    I'm not sure I'm pronouncing or spelling it right.

    "Over there is a safe house, keep your head low!" I ran all over the city, but the "safe house" was overlooking the office building I just left. Now I get it, the bad guys aren't expecting this safe house to be right in plain sight. We couldn't exactly run to the house. We had to crouch and keep low and make sure the thugs still standing in the office parking lot don't see us.

    "A kitty cat!" There was a fat lazy cat outside. The grass was super green. And this house, in the middle of a desolate city, was so damn cute. "In here" We go inside the house and its pure magic for me. I'm just in awe of every little detail. The dishes. The chair. The cabinetry. Who ever lived here must have been a happy person.

    "There is your house right?"

    Nyu doesn't answer. She just warns me "Don't stand by the window or they'll see you"

    But the dining room window caught me off guard. It was directly facing where my uncle is. Why, why is he doing this? Suddenly my dream goes through a weird shift, like slow motion.

    I can see a blonde girl lived here with her little brother. They were happy. "I" was standing in the dining room watching them play outside in their yard. My "friends". Suddenly the agents of the underground slaughter them. The window glass shatters! They're coming for me! And ----

    I wake up startled and disoriented in the back seat of a car. Nyu looks just as taken back. "What was that, it was like a memory. Nyu it was your memory wasn't it!"

    Nyu was the one who was standing in the dining room watching the agents slaughter he friends. "---gasp---You saw my memory! I saw your memories too!" But Nyu doesn't tell me what memory of mine she saw.

    The woman driving us also looks asian, she must be Nyu's mother. "That house isn't safe anymore. You two are lucky"

    I don't remember what happened, but something went wrong. Me and Nyu are once again on our feet on the run. Its night time now and nearly pitch black. The thugs are right behind us and in front of us, tall ass chain link fences. I go right through the fences as though I'm water, again and again and again. I look behind me, Nyu is having a harder time. The thugs are right behind her. "Hurry!"

    I realized we have to run in a zig-zag pattern to lose them. I quickly change direction and run up the emergency fire-escape. Its so dark in front of me. But I can still sense a shadow in front of me. The thug didn't think I'd see him coming, so when I guarded myself I threw him off guard and falls off the fire-escape. Me and Nyu make it through the night.

    "This way!" We run down a city street. "This entire street is deeper than underground. Were safe here." She kicks open a door to a basement apartment - headquarters. "You're okay!"

    For the first time I got to meet the rest of the Deep. Just a random mish-mashed group of civilians, whose eyes have seen war. The HQ was fast away tracking down the movements of the undeground's activities. They hid nothing from me, showing me their plans and everything.

    "But one thing I don't understand is how did you escape. Nyu told me you evaded an agent who attacked from the shadows?"

    "You see, they were chasing us from behind. He didn't expect us to see him attacking from the shadows in front of us. It was easy to throw him off guard."

    The Deeper than Underground seemed impressed with my first victory. They talk to Nyu, assigning her a new mission. "Were going to meet up with a new team. But be on your guard, we don't know whose side these guys are really on"

    Its daytime now and me and Nyu head to our mission's destination. As always, we keep our heads low and out of sight of strangers. Hiding behind some bushes we meet up with our team leader "You see those guys down there? They're a notorious gang. But we need to know if they are agents, or if they'll help us" Nyu jumps to the task without fear. I had my hesitations to jump in the mix of a gang of boys.

    But around this time I had something else to worry about. I'm dreaming. And I have a lucid goal that I need to perform. I wont be able to help Nyu fight the Underground anymore. I fly down to her side "I have to go. But before I do, please tell me your whole name so I don't forget"

    Nyu smiles, she tells me her whole name. But, I've forgotten her last name. All I remember is Nyu.

    I close my eyes and start my lucid task - dream sharing. It didn't work and a few minutes later I woke up.

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