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    A World In My Head!!

    Desert Run and Brief Lucid

    by , 01-17-2014 at 07:27 AM (365 Views)
    January, 2014

    review: run across an ugly river, run through a desert. FA and brief lucid, where I try to dream share with LM. astronaut dream

    Desert Run
    I don't remember my dream to this point. But there are 100's of people outside, enjoying the weather and the green grass. The boundary of this place is an ugly river/storm drainage. I play in the storm drainage for a bit.

    But then I decide I want to go to the other side. I climb up that hill, by contrast to the green landscape I just came from, the other side is a dry sandy desert. I got the impression its a foreign country too.

    I see some people in the desert and a few scattered buildings. But mostly I got the impression I wasn't allowed to be here because its a foreign country. Oh well! I run around in the sand on all fours as some weird desert creature and just had lots of fun.

    Green Window-Lucid
    I wake up and get ready for work. But when I walk past my bedroom window something catches my eye. Its green! The greenest greenest green!

    A wild green landscape is growing outside my window, underneath starlight. I jump out my window exhilarated that I'm dreaming. At first I try to dream share with LM but I figured by now he's already awake.

    I'm flying over the green landscape fast but I have no control over it. Its more like I'm a magnet being pulled. I try to slow down but I can't. Instead I give in and shout "okay dream, take me to where you want to take me. Fast! Faster!"

    The dream pulls me and I'm flying faster and higher until all is a white haze.

    I wake up back in my bed but I'm rudely interrupted by astronauts. Our probe has landed on the alien planet and it has something to show us! I quickly jump out of my bed, assuming I'm an astronaut too, and join the others in the console, still in my pjs. I wake up for real shortly after.

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