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    A World In My Head!!

    DMT Teaching

    by , 09-30-2010 at 05:33 AM (611 Views)
    September 29

    Synopsis: I teach about DMT, I have no idea why! Later, I dream of artists who must create art, or die

    DMT Teaching
    I'm in a strange school created and consisted of only students. That's right, there are no teachers. Were just a bunch of weird adults who got together and set this building aside for classes. Then we just collectively decide what we want to learn about, and someone within the group magically volounteers to teach it.

    Well, we set up a DMT class, complete with scientific diagrams. It was time for class to start! The room gets quiet. . . . Still quiet. Very quiet, it's awkward now. We stare at each other waiting for someone to say or do something. Okay, enough of this, I'll teach this class since everyone else is too afraid to do so! I take the students and lead them through the diagrams. There were lots of questions and concerns about DMT.

    I tried to answer these concerns explaining that DMT is natural and released by the body. But then I doubted myself and thought.....why am I teaching this class!! I don't even do drugs!! I woke up after flipping out.

    Zombie Artists

    I watched a film about these artists. Except, I was really watching myself interact with the artists in the film, transforming the film into a first perspective dream. One female artist looked like a goth, dark, tattered clothing. Thick black make up, spiky hair. Suddenly she turns around and I think she's about to throw up, because I see something oozing out of her face.

    But when she turns back to face me, black oil was pouring out of her cheeks and her eyes. She explains, she has to continue making the art she makes, or else - she'll become so ill with oil she won't even be human anymore.

    After watching the movie me and my friend sit on the couch talking about, how weird and deep it was.

    I woke up after that

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