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    A World In My Head!!

    Double-Jump or Die!

    by , 01-20-2014 at 08:03 PM (490 Views)
    January 20, 2014

    Adventure, nightmare, an apocalyptic future where formless creatures threaten mankind at every turn. We jump from pillar to pillar to stay safe. Hindu demi-gods and demons.

    Double-Jump or Die
    I don't know anything about this apocalyptic future, it's like I just woke up and I'm trying to understand whats going on. My dad (a random DC and not my real dad) is going out to collect supplies. I insist on going with him and learning about surviving in this future.

    The buildings are empty and very quiet. As I learn more about this dangerous place, there doesn't seem to be anywhere safe. Outside is dangerous because a monstrous titan roams the streets. So we only go outside to run from building to building.

    Naturally, the shadows are dangerous. But the biggest and most surprising rule is, stay away from windows.

    There's something really weird about that rule, because a window is a long time dream sign for me.

    We find a staircase leading to a cellar. It must have food and supplies! But its completely dark down there. We take one step in, when the device I'm holding in my hand goes off. This device has a screen and its measuring the monsters. The screen has hundreds of dots approaching us fast!

    We run back up into the light but we aren't safe yet. From the corner of my eye I see that the monster is a fuzzy formless orb. That was my only brief glimpse of one of these monsters. For the most part, they remain unseen in the shadows.

    We climb up on a pillar. I can sense the monsters are below us. As long as we stay up here were fine. Luckily the pillar as a narrow ledge that leads straight back to our hideout.

    Mom *not my real mom* opens the door and lets us in. Our hideout is our home and its a real hole in the wall. There are no windows. And the only light source was a single candle. It was dark and kinda eerie in here, but the monsters can't reach us and that's what matters.

    I curl up and take a short nap and mom begs me to stay inside, safe and away from the monsters. But I can't stay in this box. I have to go back outside.

    I leave the hideout with the my sisters and they want to show me something special. How to jump.

    We climb up a pillar. It's a bit like a zelda video game in that there's lots of pillars for me to jump on. But there pillars are all different heights and very far apart. There's a pattern you have to follow or you'll fall down and you'll have to start over again.

    My sisters explain to me "out there, if you fall down, that's it!"

    Sis hands me a pen and makes me draw an imaginary line in the air, connecting my pillar to the next. She tells me when I reach the half-way point of my imaginary line, to jump again.

    The instructions leave me confused, and although I'm jumping, I keep falling short of that next pillar! Finally I understand, they're trying to teach me a double-jump. Just like in video games, double-jump for a longer distance!

    I climb back up the pillar and perform a flawless double-jump! This is a lot of fun! By jumping again in mid-air I can jump longer and higher. I jump all the pillars, climbing higher and higher.

    My dream gets fuzzy at this point.

    At some point, I went on a venture with my sister, mom, and grandma, but we got too close to a window. Hordes of formless monsters pour through the window!

    We quickly run away and make it back to an area with pillars. But something is wrong with mom and grandma. They're non-responsive, like zombies. The formless monsters must have attacked them, consuming their minds in an instant.

    Sis helps them across the pillars anyways and leads us to a door. This door isn't our hideout! What is this door?

    Sis says "I'm in charge now! This is the door I've chosen! I'll go inside first and check it out."

    We open the door and there is nothing on the other side but a chute (or a hole), going down and down and down into blackness. Were both hesitant to even poke our heads inside. What's down there? Sis thinks this door leads to the source of our problems and answers.

    I consider turning back, but my monster device starts to blip again! There are swarms of formless monsters coming at us from all directions!

    "We have no choice! Its jump or die!"

    I jump through the door and down the hole, but sis doesn't follow. I slide past through formless monsters and land in a pit below.

    I'm face to face with a giant head buried in the earth.

    My dream is playing music, an indian chanting I've heard before, its about Ayurveda. Beautiful music but it made this scene seriously creepy.

    The head is slowly emerging from the earth. I'm trying to move my character but nothing is happening. Like a zelda game, this is a boss fight cut-scene and I have to wait for the cut-scene to be over to move.

    The giant emerges from the earth, dressed in indian garb. I prepare to fight the giant but he disappears in the shadows.

    Instead, he summons hundreds of hindu demi-gods and demons from the earth. Oh shit. The chanting is getting louder and louder. Their demi-god and demon eyes turn to me. Is this what the formless monsters really look like?

    I try as fast as I can to run through that demi-god and demon crowd! Their hands reach out for me! This is impossible! Its like trying to run in rock fest!

    I see a pillar up ahead. If I can just reach it and start jumping - I'm kicked down by a giant. The demons run at me like ravenous wolves. There's too many of them! I'm not fast enough! The chanting won't stop.

    I somehow manage to climb that pillar, I just need to jump. I try to jump but the demons grabbed my ankle, they bite down and pull me down. Thats it, its over. I can't bear this madness any longer. I close my eyes and wish myself awake.

    It's a FA. A friend hands me a video game, the apocalyptic future I was just in! I look at the games ratings. There are different boss levels. Some are labeled easy, difficult or advanced. But mine was simply labeled "MAD".

    I woke up shortly after and I could still hear that chanting.
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