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    A World In My Head!!

    Dragon Pieces: Two Paths

    by , 04-22-2013 at 05:09 AM (295 Views)
    April 21, 2013

    A fun but strange dream in which I have to collect pieces of dragons for some magical task. Only problem is I have two employers both asking for the dragon pieces but I can only return to one. The dream starts with a curse by Poseidon.

    Dragon Pieces: Two Paths
    The land is frozen and a blizzard blows unceasingly. But its summer! I'm a fawn like creature with fae wings. I buzz over the snowy landscape but all I can find are monsters!

    I don't see any people or the rest of my magical fawn creatures. I fly up a mountain side towards where the city should be. The monsters here were even taller. I desperately try to fly even higher to get over their heads.

    But one monster was as tall as city skyscraper! I'm too slow and I can't fly over him. He's no monster, he's a god, Poseidon. Poseidon snatches me like a fly.

    Inside Poseidon's dark castle I find another fawn creature. I remember admiring his fuzzy ears. My friend explains to me that its Poseidon who's cursed the land with winter. I remember seeing a text of some sort explaining to me which deity goes to which month - clearly Poseidon doesn't belong to this month.

    The old god Poseidon has asked something of me, I don't remember what. But I remember bargaining with him. I wanted him to end winter so my fawn friends can play in summer again. The price for my request was to make love to him. Well it worked I guess.

    Winter melts away and Poseidon and his monsters disappear.

    I fly all over the human city but I don't see any of my fawn friends! I fly into an old castle atop the mountain. The castle is very steam-punk. There's a giant hanger and some sort of workshop with weird devices. It's not so much of a castle anymore than it is someone's private business place.

    The old man running shop realizes I'm looking for something. I tell him about my problem, that I can't find any of the fawns. He tells me he can help me out, but requires making a magical device using pieces of dragons.

    "Pieces of dragons?" sounds easy! I flew away and started my task. The human mountain city was huge. There was another, more fancier, castle on the other end of the mountain.

    In my desperate search I fly into that castle looking for dragon pieces. The royalty there realize I'm looking for something. When I explain the situation they show me some sort of fancy telescope thing. But in order to operate their telescope to find my friends, I have to bring them dragon pieces.

    I buzz all over the city and make my way towards the gates. There I find two dragon heads dismembered from their bodies. I pick up one of the dragon heads - it's still alive!

    "You want my scales don't you?..Sigh..That's alright. Not much else I can do now."


    I nibble off his scales and carry them in my mouth like a chipmunk. But I didn't know who I would bring back the dragon pieces to! The steam-punk run down castle with the family run business, or the royalty run castle with a fancy telescope?

    I'm lost in the city. I'm not even sure which way was back to either castle. I finally find a castle atop the mountain. I swoop in and spit out the dragon pieces in this weird device.

    "She came back!" A male clerk operating a computer seemed really surprised. "We thought she had taken her business else where"

    I just realize that I'm in the steampunk castle. Wait! I don't want this castle, I want the other one. I pick up the dragon pieces again and fly off. As soon as I leave the steampunk castle launches their weird machine. They promised to use it only when I had returned with the dragon pieces. For me it was like saying they didn't want my business anyways.

    I'm heading towards the other castle with my dragon pieces. And thats when I wake up.

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