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    A World In My Head!!

    Dream Journaling about IOSDP - Martian Redblood

    by , 01-22-2017 at 06:41 PM (433 Views)
    Jan 22, 2017

    Notes: Dreamed I was deam journaling about IOSDP members, dreamed of Mars
    Total sleep: 8-9 hours
    Techniques: meditation, focus on ardem glade as I fell asleep
    Fell Asleep: 2 am ish (late!)

    Dream Journaling IOSDP
    I get up from bed excited to dream journal about my experience. Apparently I had just dreamed with Windy and she was giving me dream lessons. Now, I don't actually remember that experience, just that I'm happy to dream journal about it. But as I open my dream journal, I notice that Windy wasn't the only member I just met. Apparently I had an entry that was about meeting Katsuno and Sensei they were also giving me dream related lessons. There were also other members in this dreamtime class, but I cant remember specifically who. I just kept rereading the dream journal entry to see if it would jog my memory.

    Afterwards I got up and ate breakfast, peanut butter puff cereal that turned invisible when I poured my almond milk on them.

    Vividness: (scale of 1-15, 10 is waking life vividness) 7?
    Awareness: non lucid
    Length: 25 minutes
    Emotions: Excitement, curiousity, hunger
    Dream Signs: IOSDP, dream journal
    Awake: 8 am-ish and into the next dream

    Martian Redblood
    I'm one of the last remaining martians. Were indigenous to this planet, we look human enough, and most martians have left this dead world to live on earth instead. I'm of the Red Blood family line. Most of the Blue Bloods have interbred with humans. I'm walking around a ruined building remniscing younger times, when this community was more lively. And apparently I'm a warrior son....

    I'm by a building that from a distance you would think its just a rocky hill. The top is flat and for ceremonial purposes. But there's so staircase or anything to get up there. Then I remembered what my father taught me, its a test of athleticism to get up there. Its "staircase" is actually this strange material that's spiraling around the building going to the top. If you stand to long on it it'll fall down, so you have to run and jump your way up there. At first I thought, this makes no sense. But then I remembered mars has a different gravity, and that it is possible to perfectly balance on this weird thin material.

    I get to the top! Nothing happened. I dunno what I was expecting. A sign? I'm as lost as I was before. I think i was hoping my father would appear if I did this, but he abondoned mars a long time ago.

    Im hungry, so I go back to the village ruins. I find my little brother and snap at him to give me food. He tosses a pill packet. I recognize these pills as food my father prepared years ago. The pill is a dried mud with a preserved insect inside. I take a bite, the muddy texture isn't pleasant. The insect was still so warm and gooey, its so fresh I think that maybe its still alive. I double check to make sure, as this insect has a stinger. Its still dead. I eat the insect without the muddy casing. Warm, gooey, crunch, with a strange raspberry after flavor. It wasn't bad, can't believe I just ate that.

    On the horizon I notice a beautiful white building that looks brand new - its a spaceship! I go see our visitors. They're blue bloods and they've brought a lot of supplies with them. I remember we were talking about something, probably whether or not red bloods should abondon mars too

    Vividness: 7
    Awareness: non lucid, dream ego
    length: 30 mins
    emotions: loss, searching, hunger, irrate
    dream signs: alien planet?
    awake: 8:50 ish

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