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    A World In My Head!!

    Dream Signs Update

    by , 01-03-2012 at 07:52 PM (389 Views)
    January 3, 2012

    Dream Signs Update

    Based on the past few nights and many random dreams I was too lazy to write, my dream signs deal mostly with FORM and CONTEXT involving the home.

    1. The apartment is an older apartment I haven't lived in for years: context

    2. My bedroom is the wrong bedroom I haven't had for years: context

    3. I'm living with the whole family, when I'm not: context

    4. Theres a hill where there shouldn't be a hill: context

    5. Driving to dallas only took an instant, wow!: context

    6. I don't remember ever parking my car, where did it go?: context

    7. I'm in a class I shouldn't be in: context

    8. The highway never makes any sense : setting form

    9. Im upset my sisters are deciding the arrangement of my room: emotions

    10. bathrooms are as weird and as scary as ever: setting form

    So, lots of context dream signs! Not easy! But most of it has to do with the home. So that's what I'll focus on the most for the next week or so.

    Reality Check Everytime:

    1. I come into contact with family: Are they supposed to be living here? Am I supposed to be sharing a room with them?

    2. Everytime I'm in my room: Is this my room? Is my bed where its supposed to be? How many beds are here?

    3. Everytime I'm in the living room: Is this my living room? Is the front door where it should be, by the kitchen? Is the porch where it should be? Does the porch have a screen door or a regular door?

    4. Everytime I'm in the kitchen: Is the kitchen where its supposed to be? Does it have one entrance or two? Whos in the kitchen and why?

    5. Everytime I'm going somewhere: Do I even know where I'm going? Why am I going there? Does the going there make sense?

    6. Everytime Im in the bathroom: Do the bathroom appliances make sense? Is the toilet scary?

    and something like that

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