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    A World In My Head!!

    Escape Russia

    by , 09-12-2013 at 05:34 AM (435 Views)
    September 11, 2013

    dreamed I had to escape the Russian army (gee I wonder why), long and fairly stable dream. remember the third tower

    Escape Russia

    The rest of my team had already tried to escape. They leaped off the roof top hoping it would be enough to escape the Russian Army below. Instead, they just leaped to their deaths instead. The army catches them in mid air.

    Just behind the army was a wall dividing them from a river. I knew if I could make it there I would be safe. I jump off the roof top and before the Russian army can do anything about it I safely fly over their heads, cursing at the general as I go. I climb over the wall and jump into the river.

    I felt I only had moments to get a head start before the Russian army catches up. Apparently I have sensitive information that they don't want to leave the country.

    Suddenly I can't fly and running along the river was hard. So many twigs. I magically find the airport.

    It's a total mess in here! They are cancelling flights left and right and vacating the place. Its as if they're afraid of some sort of aerial attack. I tell the lady at the register that I need a flight out. But she gives me some weak excuse why she can't do that.

    I lose control and scream "I'm a fugitive and the russian army is gonna kill me unless you give me a flight out, right now!"

    The whole place went dead silent. The lady agrees to help. She ushers me to a back room and tells me about the last flight out of Russia. But its going to cost a lot. I pull out my credit card and remember how damn broke I am. I can't believe money is deciding my fate!

    Suddenly mom and sis shows up. I beg them to help! But they don't have the funds for this last flight out either. Mom comes up with one of her crazy schemes - drive us out of Russia and act like everything is okay?

    Mom is driving us through an old city. Wait, I remember this place. This is where my team escaped from earlier. For what ever reason it was a middle eastern city. Or maybe thats not ironic. I gripe at mom "What are you doing! You're taking me right to my enemies!"

    We couldn't drive any further because of road blocks so we walk through the square, still acting like everything is fine. But a soldier recognizes my face. I make mom and sis drop their bags, and we run like hell.

    We've made it past the border of Russia. The countryside is gorgeous, with giant green mountains. Were standing by the mountain highway trying to hitch a ride to the airport. In my mind its a european country. But when a car pulls over clearly its a chinese family.

    Language barriers. They don't understand what we want. So they shrug and drive off.

    Another car with english speaking europeans pulls over. Apparently they know us. The blonde chick, who was high, tells us she knows another way out.

    She takes us to her rundown apartment and shows us a device that creates portals. It seems simple enough. You first place a picture of your destination. Then you pour a mixture of different liquids, press random buttons, and voila, a magical portal.

    The portal she activated was the wilderness of Texas. Gorgeous! So close to home! But mom and sis just frown. The blonde chick says she has to go on a date now and leaves us with this machine.

    Since my folk don't like any of the preset pictures, I quickly try to doodle my destination. It feels like its taking forever. At one point I realize its a dream and ask myself "is my family really still behind me?". Usually in long drawn out moments like this dream characters who are standing behind me - disappear.

    I look behind me and mom and sis are still waiting for me to finish with my drawing. I doodled an alien for my imaginary planet. I pop in the picture, hope for the best and wake up.

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