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    A World In My Head!!

    Exterminated by Aliens

    by , 01-26-2011 at 07:08 AM (563 Views)
    January 25, 2011

    Synopsis: In the space traveling future, refugees escape from hostile aliens. But the hostile aliens find us. I dreamed the same dream again with different details

    Note: I haven't been consistent with my challenge, moving out has me up and down. But last night I did remember to think how awesome dreams are, and told myself how much fun tonights dream is going to be

    Exterminated by Aliens
    For this dream, I'm mostly an observer. Every now and then I play out the main character. Other times I only watch her.

    We were refugees on a great space ship, like in Star Trek. It felt like weeks passed by as we flew towards our destination. The rooms are filled with fear, anger, and hopelessness. I some how get mixed up with a small battalion, led by a crazy blonde. She is something fierce. The entire trip, she sat in a dim room making battle strategies.

    It was time. The space ship hovers over the planet. My character isn't sure why she's here, or why she's going with the battalion, when she's only a civilian. But they insist that she had to go with them. So she descends onto the planet below. It's mostly a barren land, with fields of dry grass.

    We came here becuase of the base, our last strong hold in this sector. My civlian character says or does something to upset the blonde leader. As some sort of punishment, or maybe as a way to prove something, she orders my character to fly back up to the mother ship and deliver a message.

    So I hop into a little space shuttle and fly up towards the mother ship. She was beautiful. Resting between giant clouds the size of mountains, with the whole of the Universe just above. You can almost see the curvature of the planet from up here.

    Suddenly, the hostile aliens attack! Their ships were dark and menacing. The mother ship fires back, but they have her completely surrounded. One alien ship fires at me. What am I supposed to do? I'm not a military personal! I don't even know how to fire even if I wanted to! So my character ejects from her shuttle, in a little round pod, quickly descending to safety.

    When she lands on the planet surface she quickly tells the blonde leader that the mother ship is under attack! The blonde leader sees that my character has no battle wounds and scolds her for leaving the fight. Coward! She then commands everyone who can to get their asses up there and fight!

    My character pleads to them to stop, its already too late for the mother ship, who was carrying thousands of civilians. But the entire base empties, and my character is all alone on the surface of the alien's planet.

    By the time the battalion reaches the mother ship, the mother ship is utterly destroyed. Bits and pices floating. The hostile aliens make quick work of the human warriors. None survive. Say for my character.

    She walks alone in the base. No where to go. She wonders if she's destined to live decades alone here, if the aliens are right behind her. It made no difference to her whether she lived or died. She was alone.

    Story Time
    I wake up, but actually its a FA. I quickly scribble down my dream. Moments later I'm on DA telling other members about my dream. To my surprise, other members this very night had the same dream. They also tell me that our dreams parallel a story. Interested, I try to find out more about this story

    I wake up again, and quickly fall asleep. Not realizing I'm asleep again, I still try to write down my dream. Instead, as I think about it it forms again.

    Exterminated by Aliens 2
    This version was darker. Much darker. The first dream took place in day. But there was no sun or star to comfort us this time around.

    The base looked primeval, considering this is the space age. It looked like a boot camp. A shed here and there. But this was all we had left. Our last base, our last hold out against an aggressive species.

    I leave the main hall, we civilians and military, don't get along so well. So me and my friends try to find a quieter place. All there was left was a house on the edge of the base. The house was eerie, it looked..normal. Like who ever lived here didn't realize the human race was a dying species. There were pictures of children.

    One of the pictures looked a lot like my characters daughter. I don't remember when my character had a daughter. But she does now.

    My character and her friends enter the living room and to their horror an alien was there. Disfigured, and standing in a fetal position. They scream like bloody murder. But the disfigured alien doesn't move.

    "Is it, is it dead?"

    There was something, human about the figure. Almost as if a human was transforming into an alien. The male friend pokes the mutant thing. Its swollen closed eyes twitch.


    They all try to desparetely run out the door, but its looked from the outside. Its like a bad horror movie. The door won't budge! They bang, they scream, inches away from the half human-alien.

    Finally I get fed up and jump out the window. The glass shatters everywhere. The others quickly follow. Fresh air was nice, even if it was nearly pitch black outside. What's that?

    I notice something in the distance, over there in the fields. What is that? It's moving! It was black as night! It was moving fast!

    "ALIEN! RUN!"

    I quickly run for the rest of the base, my friends stagger behind. That thing was running on all fours, like some alien hound. It was fast, wicked fast. Its nearly on top of me, but I'm in reach of the main hall now.

    Lucky for me a group of the battalion boys were outside smoking, and they had dogs with them. Wolf mutts. The wolf mutts quickly charge at the grotesque black thing behind me. And with a single gun shot, they make quick work of the alien hound.

    Dead now. But this isn't good. The hounds come before they do. And they're out there. They could be anywhere, but its so bloody dark and we humans have crappy night vision.

    I don't remember when, but sometime during the dream my character and her daughter was attacked by one of the aliens. Who were just as black as the hounds, all you could see were their gleaming teeth. But the alien didn't kill her. Which is unusual, because they want to exterminate humanity.

    The blonde leader pulls my character aside as her daughter plays. "We have reason to believe your daughter has been infected"


    "Its why the alien didn't kill you. Even now, the change is happening on subtle levels. Soon she won't be human."

    The leader walked away. The warning was clear. My character becomes emotional. Love for her daughter, and sadness of the shortness of time, till the time when the blonde herself will take care of her.

    Finally the sun rises. Our little camp survived the night, thanks to the boys who didn't sleep. But I know whats going to happen. Because I know the story, and I know its repeating.

    Once again, the blonde finds some excuse to send me to the mothership. I oblige, following the inevitable story. I admire the sight of our mothership one last time. The clouds around her were majestic, even more so this time. She had a halo about her shiny metallic exterior. From here in my shuttle I imagined all the crew and civilians going about their business, just another day.

    The aliens come. Only this time they were different from the black greasy aliens that attacked me earlier. These aliens had larger eyes that glowed both red and green. I quickly fly back down when things get ugly.

    Once again I deliver the bad news. Now there is a twist. "It was another alien species! One I've never seen before!"

    "What does that mean?" says a soldier

    "Koji told us we only have one enemy. . . it seems he was wrong. We are being exterminated!" says the blond leader

    The base quickly prepares for the battle. My friends and even my family excitedly choose their own shuttle to attack from. It was sunny and beautiful out now. All the soldiers were way too happy. If only they knew. But its like I'm reading a story. I couldn't change the events.

    My friends, with a grin, wave goodbye before flying off. I watch and memorize their every movement because I know its the last I will ever see them. But I dont have the heart to tell them. I let them all go.

    The base is empty.

    The aliens up above were waiting for the battalion. They were on a suicide mission, and the blast was more than atomic. And just like that. There were none survivors. The sun quickly sets.

    I'm all alone now, except for my daughter, who only smiles. Quickly, we have to go! Quick! Were not safe here! They'll come back! They'll scan the planet! We have to go somewhere they don't like. I reasoned they didn't like the sun. Well moons reflect the suns light too. So I quickly ran to an open field, basking in the moonlight. But its not enough light.

    I stood there in the field wondering if I was the last human, I also knew I was moments away from the aliens. I drift away from my character. Watching her hopelessly hug her daughter in the empty field, surrounded by black forests. She knew this was the end.

    I woke up. I stumble out of the living room confused. When two people I didn't expect to see run down the hallway to greet me. My characters daughter and another boy, supposidly my sisters son.

    They try to hug me

    "Get away from me! You're not human! You're not mine!"

    I hear my sister call for me from the bedroom. I'm so happy to hear a familiar voice. I quickly go to her. She tells me she has exciting news. I think "you got a new job?"

    "No better. I've been given a chance to ride in a real space ship! Its a mothership. So I get to do a space-cruise too, just like you."

    My mother pops in "She leaves tonight! Isn't it exciting!"

    No. You can't. Don't go. Don't go. I shake my head but I can't utter the words.

    Finally, I wake for real. I think.

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