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    A World In My Head!!

    Faithful Friends of a Dragon

    by , 07-20-2010 at 04:01 AM (436 Views)
    July 17, 2010

    Synopsis: I'm roleplaying as a male dragon. Bad guys have locked up my friends! But the same bad guys are treating me as a king. Are they trying to pit my friends against me?

    Night Time Note: I'm excited about seeing Inception the next day. So I fall asleep really wanting a fun dream. I also try to keep my thoughts as light and airy as possible as I fall asleep.

    Faithful Friends of a Dragon
    Bad guys are after us, I transform into dragon - though I probably looked more like a gargoyle. I try to fly away (I'm not the violent type, what can I say? ) But my friends can't fly at all!

    Instead we find some pillars. We climb on top the pillars and to our happy surprise the bad guys are dumb. One, they don't know how to climb the pillars, two, even though they could still attack us with their spears they don't! So I dangle my clawed toes over their head mockingly.

    But then my dream completely morphs around me. I'm a much larger dragon now.
    My friends are locked in a prison that faces my pillar. And everyone is referring to me as a guy. The bad guys treat me as some sort of god, but really I'm just as much their prisoner as my friends.

    They try to please me by bringing me an innocent women and forcing her to become my wife. She bows down before me with fear, arms and legs bounded. She asks with a meek voice how she can please me, but I want nothing from her. I don't dismiss her though because I'm worried if I do the bad guys will abuse her. So I keep her near me and try to treat her as a friend.

    I don't know if these people are just confused with reptilian bodies, because I don't remember turning into a guy or wanting a woman

    They keep trying to please me with gifts, food, or whatever. All the while my friends get nothing. With their prisons facing me, watching me get the royal treatment. They're trying to make my friends envy me! Pit them against me!

    I don't do what the bad guys ask of me. Instead I stubbornly perch myself on the pillar and do nothing. Frustrated with me, the bad guys leave me alone for some fresh air. Now was the right time for our escape!

    My 'wife' quickly unlocks my friends from their prison. And to my happy surprise no one is angry at me. Instead they help my dragon butt escape out of the castle. I'm back down to a regular gargoyle size, and I feel myself again. The fastest way out is to fly. I carry my 'wife' and tell the rest of my friends that I'll be back for them.

    We fly away without any of the guards noticing us. Now I just need to find some place to hide my 'wife'. I find a hobbit sized hole in the valley. When I place her down I apologize and hope she doesn't hate me. I also tell her that technically were not married anyways since neither one of us said 'yes' . Now that my 'wife' is just my friend I fly back to the castle.

    But the rest of my friends were way ahead of me and meet me half away! Bad guys chasing them down the valley!

    We've captured the king of the bad guys. He was represented by a mechanical toy. I rip him apart! And spread and bury his pieces all throughout this medieval land, making it near impossible to put him back together again.

    His devoted minions find me and attack me. They too were mechanical, but android sized monsters. I rip them apart easily! But their magnetized spine would 'gather' the other pieces to reconstruct themselves. I rip their metal spine into even smaller pieces, scatter them miles away, and bury them deep.

    Satisfied that the mechanical bad guys could never reconstruct themselves, I wake up!

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