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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. Ocean! Tornado! Dragon! My Bow n Arrow - DControl

      by , 01-18-2017 at 07:31 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      Jan 18, 2017

      Notes: Fell asleep late, after 3am. Most of the night was heavy abstract dreaming. Fell back asleep around 8am! Finally had a good dream, with an ocean, friends, a storm, flooding, false awakening, a tornado, a dragon, and serious dream skills with a magical bow n arrow.

      In a grassy backyard with friends and family. While climbing on top of a kids playset im also thinking about who I'm going to hire to help me publish my comic. A man magically appears. I don't remember the convo, I just wrote down that he was "sassy"

      Fragment 2
      Me and sis are in an apt parking lot and I need to drive us somewhere and pick things up from another vehicle. My car was a huge SUV even though I can't drive large cars to save my life. I'm anxious in the drivers seat but I logically conclude this must be my car

      Ocean! Tornado! Dragon! My Bow n Arrow
      Im visiting my friend Dyson, but at his childhood home. His hometown magically has an ocean. Were swimming in the water with dozens of other tourists. It seemed like I was swimming in that water for a really long time. Suddenly, the waves get stronger and the wind picks up. A storm is coming in.

      I tell Dyson we should leave, and also, I needed to get ready soon to go back home. Were instantly back at Dyson's place. Except it feels more like a three story apartment building (where he lives now?). And the city around us definately feels more like a New England place than Bedford. I go to the guest room and change, because its almost time for me to go home.

      I get sleepy and take a quick nap. The sounds of a storm wakes me up. Its a very strange feeling to wake up inside a dream. In waking reality, there were storms but they were much earlier in the night and not right now. I sat up on the guest bed trying to make sense of my surroundings. It seemed real and not all at the same time. I go to the window and stare out the storm.

      Its flooding fast outside! The streets are like a river now! I can't go home now. I watch huge logs get carried by the flood water. A huge red wood log was also carried by the storm waters. Its massive size being carried by the force of water was terrifying to watch!

      I look up at the clouds. Orange, green and pink? These alien colors make me think of one thing - tornado.

      I run back to my friends, everyone was watching in the porch. Dyson was his usual casual self and didn't seem scared at all. Me? I was panicking. A huge tornado forms from those swirling colorful clouds. Before I have time to panic the tornado bursts into a dragon!

      It was massive! The most massive dragon I've seen in a dream! Maybe something like Shenron, or larger. You could tell the massive dragon was roaring, but it was indistinguishable from the rest of the storms sounds.

      "Dragon!?!" I point bewildered at the dragon. Dyson just stands up, still with his laptop in hand. He magically pulls out some video game weapon. "You know what to do" At first I wanted to run away like a sensible person would.

      But then my dream ego starts to wake up. I magically manifest a golden bow and arrow. My outfit changed too. I aim my golden bow at the raging storm dragon! I fire and my arrow aims true. The dragon explodes into smaller units of fire, that scattered across the city. I figured it wasn't the end of the dragon.

      The storm finally quieted down. Some random boys who were also with us go down to where the flooding was, to make sure no one was caught in it. Dyson goes back online and collects some points. Some real-life quest game. How could this game have known about this dragon? I ask if I could collect points too and Dyson sets up an account for me.

      We head out, the dragons not completely gone yet. We still need to deal with its smaller units. Which had manifested as monsters all throughout the city. With my bow and arrow I was unstoppable. My aim never missed my target, I could precisely decide the right or left eye. It felt awesome!

      I felt like I was remembering something about my dream self I had forgotten. In fact, this dream in the span of minutes smushed so many strong dream elements for me. An ocean. A storm. A dragon. A false awakening. A window. Trees. Friendship. And magic!
      false awakening , memorable
    2. Meeting Dexter -Lucid Dream

      by , 01-09-2017 at 06:12 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      Notes: dream starts off non lucid with parasitic monsters, afterwards I meet Dexter. Later, school nightmare

      Dexter: young skinny black male, with a giant fro, dressed like a nerd

      Parasitic Monsters
      Im inside a large building with multiple floors. On the first floor, there was a slaughter taking place. There were these parasitic alien monster creatures. I don't remember what they look like, only that once they take a host body the host only has moments before they horrifically die. Soldiers were trying to contain the situation, but all I remember were panicked shouts and gunfire.

      Me and a few others try to escape the battlefield by going to one of the upper floors. We were in the upper floors for awhile when we noticed it was quiet again outside. Is the battle over? We go back to the first floor. There was only one parasite left. Right before our eyes, it takes the form of a young blonde woman.

      She acts like she has no idea that she's actually a parasite alien in human form. She tries to talk friendly with us and just wants to know where she is. We sorta run from her! Not understanding, she runs with us. We try to act coy around her, see if we can get away without her realizing what were doing.

      We all sneak into an elevator and watch the doors close with her on the otherside. She quickly wedges her hands between the door and enters the elevator. Her expression is cross! Some of us step outside the elevator, still trying to act coy. But then they decide thats too obvious and step back in. The scene was dumb and just seems to go back and forth.

      First we go up to the top most floor, but realizing we can't do anything up here we quickly change plans and go back down to the first floor. The parasite girl is still with us and I feel she's starting to figure it out.

      As soon as the elevator doors open on the first floor I bolt! Im racing towards the windows. The building was wierd here! The wall was glass, so I can see the happy green courtyard on the other side. Beneath the glass was a strip of stone wall, it had cut out shapes that acted like windows. I jump through the cut out shape into the courtyard. I drop my heavy backpack on the ground and run past some soldiers standing guard. I decide I'm thirsty, so I go back to my backpack for a quick sip of water.

      The parasite girl is exiting the building with everyone else! I run past the guards and start to fly away, flying over the stone walls and a canopy.

      Once I flew above the canopy, the dream scene changed. As I was flying low to the ground, I noticed a young man also flying. He turns to face me and I somehow recognize him. He's a young black man, skinny with a huge fro. He seems to recognize me too. Seeing him makes me lucid.

      I have a false memory of meeting him with a group of other dreamers, he introduced himself as "Dexter!"

      "That's right, I told everyone my name but no one told me theirs"

      "I'm Cindy"

      I'm convinced Dexter is another dreamer, so I follow him around and harass him. "What's your last name?"

      But he says something paranoid about giving out personal information. So instead of his last name, he gives me a bunch of numbers. We walk into a closet? He gets out a piece of paper and writes out the numbers. His facebook account number? And a password? I was able to remember the numbers.......for a moment.

      When we walk out the closet were in some place that looks like an antique shop, but then I realize its all nerd merchandise. Dexter himself looks like the biggest nerd of all. He asks me if I like one of my pokemons. I tell him I barely play the game!

      I think about inviting him to my local anime chapter, but then I get the impression that he lives in some other state.

      Dexter seemed busy, that or he was trying to ignore me by looking at all the items. He walks out into a garden and pays attention to all of its details. But I'm still harassing him. "I can't remember those numbers. It doesn't even make sense to give me numbers, you should know most people can't remember numbers like that."

      He turns around and smiles and says "Water boy. Dexter Water Boy" I assumed that was a nick name having something to do with avatar. He laughs and begins to tell me a story "About numbers, there was this one time I was trying to acquire information in a dream, like espionage........"

      But I drifted awake right then. I woke up just a few minutes before my intended alarm for WBTB. I was awake for a good while after, probably too long. Id given up on doing a WILD and just passed out instead.

      School Nightmare X1000
      I wake up into a false awakening, where I get up and get ready. I'm late for my college classes! Except, I can't remember what classes I'm taking, what's the class room, or what time! How many weeks has school been in session? How many weeks have I missed? Am I failing? I don't remember doing my homework or projects.

      Mom asks me if I'm almost ready to go, "another minute!" I'm trying to figure out how the hell I can log into the school website and figure out what I'm supposed to do. But I dont remember my password!

      Should I just go to school and see if I can just figure it out?

      Then a thought forms in my head and slowly surfaces "The reason I can't remember my classes is.......I'm not enrolled this semester. I don't have classes. Of course I don't have classes, I'm a graduate!"

      then I wake up for real this time
    3. Desert Run and Brief Lucid

      by , 01-17-2014 at 07:27 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January, 2014

      review: run across an ugly river, run through a desert. FA and brief lucid, where I try to dream share with LM. astronaut dream

      Desert Run
      I don't remember my dream to this point. But there are 100's of people outside, enjoying the weather and the green grass. The boundary of this place is an ugly river/storm drainage. I play in the storm drainage for a bit.

      But then I decide I want to go to the other side. I climb up that hill, by contrast to the green landscape I just came from, the other side is a dry sandy desert. I got the impression its a foreign country too.

      I see some people in the desert and a few scattered buildings. But mostly I got the impression I wasn't allowed to be here because its a foreign country. Oh well! I run around in the sand on all fours as some weird desert creature and just had lots of fun.

      Green Window-Lucid
      I wake up and get ready for work. But when I walk past my bedroom window something catches my eye. Its green! The greenest greenest green!

      A wild green landscape is growing outside my window, underneath starlight. I jump out my window exhilarated that I'm dreaming. At first I try to dream share with LM but I figured by now he's already awake.

      I'm flying over the green landscape fast but I have no control over it. Its more like I'm a magnet being pulled. I try to slow down but I can't. Instead I give in and shout "okay dream, take me to where you want to take me. Fast! Faster!"

      The dream pulls me and I'm flying faster and higher until all is a white haze.

      I wake up back in my bed but I'm rudely interrupted by astronauts. Our probe has landed on the alien planet and it has something to show us! I quickly jump out of my bed, assuming I'm an astronaut too, and join the others in the console, still in my pjs. I wake up for real shortly after.

      lucid , false awakening
    4. Two Punks - Chase Dream

      by , 07-27-2012 at 04:37 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      July 26, 2012

      Synopsis: two men break into the house and then chase me

      Two Punks
      Im in a mansion again, living with friends and family. Our happy little world was ruined when two guys decide to break in. It was broad daylight and they had no shame. They busted into my bedroom, attacked my friends and started to tear the place apart.

      I wanted to get their attention away from my friends, so I attacked them using magic "over here!"

      They focus on me now and I jump out the window. They followed me as I planned, now I just have to lose them. I fly over the stone wall (dream wall) and on top was an abstract landscape. It looked like a maze arranged with potted plants in giant concrete planters.

      The plants are too short, they can see me. I couldn't lose them in the maze. I was hoping to find a forest to hide into, but the maze led to a wide clearing instead. Damn.

      They're still following me. I take a sharp turn to the left and find some city folk to mingle with. Theres some sort of festival or concert going on in the park. I thought for sure Ive lost them in the crowd.

      Just past the crowd was a forest - yay! I race towards the forest when - the two guys step out of the crowd and block my way.

      "Going some where?"

      I didn't like their feeling. They didn't feel like the rest of the dream characters. I wake up, but its actually a FA.

      I felt uncomfortable, as if two entities were in my bedroom - just hiding in the corner. It was daylight in my FA. I write on the wall in big fat letters - MICHEAL. As in Archangel Micheal. The wall was already doodled with stars, ready for me to write his name.

      I felt more comfortable and went back to sleep - which made me wake up for real.
    5. Let the Flowers Grow

      by , 10-08-2010 at 04:56 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      October 5, 2010

      Synopsis: In the first dream I get a huge headache over money! Later, I'm at a movie theatre and become lucid. I try to fill my dream world with flowers, but a DC has other plans

      I Can't Buy It!
      My sister has conned me into buying school supplies for a friend. I don't mind at first when I think I'm just going to help her buy one item. But then my sister starts adding more items to the list, PROMISING my friend that I'll deliver! I get pissed and tell sis "I never made these promises, and I don't have the money to buy even half the stuff!". But sis doesn't listen, and adds perks to the list, including that I buy her lunch, and a cd for dad.

      My head is reeling with math! The debit card and the merchandise don't add up! I woke up frustrated and upset that I felt too poor to buy anything.

      Let the Flowers Grow
      Me and my sisters are watching a movie. As if I'm still annoyed from the last dream, I sit farther away from the sister trying to empty my bank account. We got bored of the movie and leave before its even over.

      Some how, just standing up and walking out of the theatre room made me lucid. I follow my sisters to the concession stand with a big smile on my face. I'm just having way too much fun admiring the carpet and the walls. I ask them

      "What do you wanna do next?"

      "Eh, nothing, lets go home"

      Booo.....that sounds boring . I ditch my sisters by flying straight out of the wall! My dream had changed into a magical landscape, with curvy rolling hills and a castle. I proclaimed myself the queen of this world.

      I looked at a pretty landscape in front of me, but it wasn't colorful enough. I know! I'll add flowers! I command the dream to add flowers. But nothing happens. I guess I have to do this the harder way.

      I go up to a weird pipe like structure near me. It has little holes punched in. Perfect! I imagine little seedlings rising out from the holes, blossoming into beautiful flowers. It takes some concentration, but deep vermillion leefy plants rise up. They weren't flowers, but they were beautiful.

      The moment I stopped giving them my attention, they would wither.

      Oh well. I continued to try to make my landscape blossom. Most of the DCs were nice to me. Some of them even started attending to my flowers to keep them alive. Now my flowers are bright blues, rich purples, growing in odd places, even from vertical walls.

      But one DC was a real jerk! He would follow me where ever I went and chop my flowers into little pieces

      I try to fly away from him, so he can't find my newest flowers. But he was found me and my new seedlings. Finally I got fed up, I grabbed his axe and try to slice him to bits, like he did to my flowers! The axe cuts through him in three directions!

      DC passerbys looked shocked and horrified!

      But the axe goes right through him, as if he's air. He looks at me sad, as if he's insulted, actually insulted that I would try to hurt him! I try yelling at him instead "Stop following me around! Leave my flowers alone!"

      "Okay, I'll stop following you" but then he seems to explain that that's what he does, that that's what he is. He is that which will chop down my blooms.

      He stopped following me around, but remained and indestructible presence in my dream world. I lost interest in growing my flowers, I didn't want to see anymore chopped up.

      As my dream starts to fade away, I notice mole-people working hard round and about the castle. I felt bad for them, so I call out to them at the last few stable moments of the dream that they could stop working! They hear my voice, but can't see me, and the dream becomes black.

      I wake up. I turn over, and that's when I notice shadows. There were shadows on the ground, silhouettes. The shadows made it look like there were people on my bed. I get really creeped out and quickly end the FA.

      BTW, not sure if this relates or not. But today (10-7-10) I visited my garden in horticulture class. I just recently planted new seedlings. Every single one of them died, I have no idea why. Its really weird. They were planted in three different spots. Three different species. All dead

    6. Sweet Flowers

      by , 06-29-2010 at 06:06 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      June 28, 2010

      Synopsis: After becoming lucid, I transform, fly around and sniff some flowers.

      Sweet Flowers
      For the past few days most of my dreams have been mundane. Except nothing is exactly normal - everything is a little off. But I forget to RC every time.

      I don't remember the beginning of this dream. At some point I'm in the air, a girl has a book, and I want to make copies of it. Realizing I'm flying down to reach for her book, I become lucid. I try to transform into a half gargoyle like creature and I fly off into the country side, trying to focus on my wings. But I don't know if I really had any.

      I'm lucid! And I want to remember this, live in the moment! I try to take in all the details. The dirt road below me. The trees, the mountains, the sky, the little creek nearby. I see some bright beautiful flowers, bright bright pink. We have a lot growing right now in my home town. At first I just keep flying, but then I think, this is a good opportunity to play with how real my dream is.

      So I fly back to the flowers, they were growing on a tree. I grab them and sniff them. Their perfume was so strong I could taste it! "Wow that smells so real!" When I spoke it felt like I was speaking from my real physical mouth.

      Ooops, I imagined it sounded like sleep talking. (when I wake up, no one remembers me making any noise). I whisper for the rest of the dream. But not being able to speak out loud actually made my dream lose some of its vividness

      I wake up. I'm thinking about my dream, and my transformation, and how I could have played with it some more. I look at my human hands and feet. It goes over my head that I'm having a FA. Then I wake up for real.
    7. Dreams That Fool Me

      by , 06-19-2010 at 06:13 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      April 5, 2010

      Synopsis: In two different dreams I question if I am dreaming, but the dream keeps fooling me!

      Night Time Note: I wake up! I remember my first dream of the night. But by the time I grab my pen, roll over to jot down on my pad - I don't understand it. My logical mind didn't understand the dream and I could see the memory of it just fading. I close my eyes and struggle to retain the memory in some way I can understand it. I quickly write with my eyes closed "Know landscape is weird?".

      I vaguely remember talking to someone about a landscape. This person pointed out to me that this landscape is weird. This person seemed to understand that this was a dream!

      Dreams That Fool Me
      In the next dream....I was at school again. This time I had worked hours on a lengthy project. My teacher sneers at it, muttered something disrespectful and walked away. I felt deflated! I could never please this teacher
      . As the class starts to critique I'm lost thinking in my head "What if this was all a dream?". I put my hand on the wall, and I pressed up against it just to feel how solid it was. And I kept sighing, "If only it was a dream! That would be so sweet. I hate this class!" I shake my head instead and tell myself, I'm only wishing that it is a dream. I woke up shortly after deciding it was all real.

      You bet I woke up annoyed!

      I had another dream that also fooled me. As I walked home I magically had two Kitties! Kitty number one runs indoors, but Kitty number two is running around outside. I try to chase her down to bring her inside where it's nice and safe, but I lose her. Oh well, I least I still have Kitty number one. It goes completely over my head that there should only be..ONE Kitty.

      Something is very strange. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I know something is very strange. I question if I am dreaming. I turn on the light switch. At first it did nothing. Then after a long time, the light finally turned on. I knew that switches worked strange in dreams, but I told myself this is normal because we've got some bad electrical wiring that really does cause a delay. This is a difficult reality check for me. (In the
      waking I have to try several times to turn on the bathroom light.)

      I go to my room, but I feel even weirder in here. Claustrophobic! I also have trouble seeing, it's so foggy in my room. I feel really uncomfortable and go back to the living room. I tell myself I'm just being paranoid since I'm home alone.

      I'm writing in my journal, and again I question if this is a dream, because something feels wrong. I recheck what I wrote, but it's perfectly normal. I can read it just fine and I can reread it again! I tell myself, if this really was a dream it wouldn't be possible. Writing is weird in dreams right? But I kept holding the pen in my hand and examining it, something was odd but I couldn't figure out why.

      Mom comes home and tells me she saw Kitty outside. But it goes over my head. Instead I start complaining that I can't see in my room. She checks out my room and confirms she can't get the lights to work at all. She described my room as being 'foggy'. To hear someone else call my room foggy, something in my silly head starts to click!
      I must be dreaming!

      Just as I become lucid I wake up. I'm disorientated, I don't recognize this room at all.
      Where am I? I try to recall if I'm spending the night some where, but I don't remember visiting anyone last night. My gay uncle comes in the room and I become fixated on his bright green fingernails! It's the color I've been trying to become in my dreams.

      I wake up shortly after, annoyed the FA fooled me. But remembering something is better than remembering nothing.