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    A World In My Head!!

    Flood, Freaky HI and Demonic Tornado

    by , 02-23-2012 at 06:43 AM (575 Views)
    February 22, 2012

    Synopsis: First I have a nightmare I work at hobby lobby, then I have a second nightmare that the lights don't work, its flooding outside and my sister is screaming. Then I have a third nightmare of a demonic tornado, but it has a happy ending and I wake up energized!

    Hobby Lobby
    I'm working at hobby lobby with Al from asel art. A customer was driving me crazy. He wants to purchase this massive utility knife set and he wants it for 50% off. I keep pestering Al to help me out here because I don't know what to do, finally Al gets overwhelmed busy helping his own customers and he's like "just do whatever!"

    So I went back and told the guy I could sell it to him for 30% off! But he acts like I just insulted his mom. He makes a snide remark about our slow customer service among other things. My head is screaming "asshole! asshole!" and I half hope I just shout it out loud.

    My cats meowing wakes me up from customer service hell. The interesting thing about the dream was, although while the setting was abstract, my emotions and how I reacted to the situation wasn't it. I was myself, and I acted as I do when I actually help customers.

    Broken Lights and a Flood
    I'm on the phone with my friend Rby and were just trying to coordinate visiting each other, its hard when you live so far apart. This abstract part of the dream felt long.

    Finally Rby is able to come over. I let her in the apartment, but the lights aren't working. I can't stand this dark, its so errie and creepy. I can hear other people in the apartment too, my uncle and my mom? Rby walks down the hallway to have a sneak peak of my room and say hi to my mom. But after disappearing into the dark she runs out the apartment in a panic.

    I don't want to stay here either! So I run out the door and tell her to wait! "Let me stay at your place I'm scared here!"

    I catch up to her and it starts to pour. We try to take cover from the rain but then a flash flood engulfs us. Its ocean like waves swept me away into the dark night.

    I wake up but I can still hear the voices from my dream. I'm just glad I'm tucked under my blanket. Someone is screaming!! Its really startling! Its my cousins voice and its coming from the back of the apartment.

    My sister gets annoyed and whines "Who the hell is screaming! Shut up!" I hear her stomp towards my cousin and a moment later, my sis is screaming along with my cousin. All the while I'm awake in my bed.

    They start screaming for me! "J save us! Save us!" I can only imagine one scenario that would terrify them so much and also turn to me for help. I can feel its presence in my room. Oval head. Large black oval eyes. No. Go away. Its walking towards me.

    I open my eyes wide and focus on the fuzzy blanket over me. Finally the scary HI stops.

    Demonic Tornado
    I'm in a futuristic city and I'm roleplaying with Tetsuo's powers. After exploring the city and its parks (which seemed like a long time) I meet a young girl who has powers just like me. She's like a female Akira and I'm so happy to meet her. We fly around together.

    We draw a lot of attention and the on-lookers aren't sure whether to be afraid or amazed. That's when we notice a tornado. The tornado was brown orange, almost a rust color. It didn't look right.

    I wanted to save everyone using my powers. I take command and order them to take refuge in this building by the park. We run inside, the tornado is nearly on us. I try to generate a force field to protect us from the tornados wrath. But its not working. Its coming closer. This building can't hold up!

    "You can't stop me!"

    The deep threatening voice emanated from the tornado, wtf it talks!
    We need to get out of here, now! I close my eyes and teleport everyone to safety. When I open my eyes we are all safe on the other side of the city, near my apartment. I hope the tornado continues in the other direction.

    Instead, it bellows, its roar echoes throughout the whole city. It twists on its axis and changes its course towards us! Shit!

    "Hurry this way!"

    I lead everyone to my apartment. "Theres a basement over here!" A few men enthusiastic to live help me to quickly de-clutter the basement entrance so we can all go inside. Its extremely tiny, more like a bathroom sized cellar and were at least 20 people.

    Finally we get it clear and people start to jam themselves in there. I can see the tornado outside my window, it has theatre like faces swirling around it.

    "What are you waiting for? Get your ass inside!" A few people were to busy looking at my things, I practically had to push them into the cellar.

    Finally were all in and I close the cellar as though it had a plastic lid. The howling brown-orange tornado begins to shake the apartment.

    I focus on my shield and start to chant "The shield is working, the shield is working" But I don't feel anything, I'm too scared. A DC looks at me and realizes I could use some moral support, so he joins in on my chanting.

    Suddenly everyone is chanting with me! "The shield is working the shield is working!" I can feel it! Somehow I just know its working. The tornado can't shake us!

    The tornado veers away. Everyone cheers and piles out of the cellar. "What are you doing? The tornado is still here!" I was scared it would attack again.

    "You've avoided my attack twice. Well done. But our business isn't over.........
    Debbie's Diner"

    What? Debbie's Diner? Suddenly I remember I random scene from the beginning of my dream, about this diner that got into bad business. Across from my apartment was the diner, the female owner terrified of the demon runs back inside.

    Wow, so its not after me?

    The tornado shrinks and manifests itself as an odd looking demon. He walks into the diner to collect his due.

    Phew, its over!

    I really need to pee. Everyone just chills in my apartment. I go to the restroom and see my reflection. Its normal, except the hair is bigger. But my eyes. My own eyes were freaking me out. Whats wrong with my eyes?

    I take a closer look. They were nearly completed dilated.

    I wake up soon after.

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