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    A World In My Head!!


    by , 10-31-2011 at 05:45 AM (399 Views)
    October 29, 2011

    This dream reminds me a lot of "I'll never give up". Except now that I've joined OccupyDallas, it has a different context. I'm with a group of rebels that fractures and attacks its own members. And I never found out why.

    We were a happy group of rebels and we were all united under a single cause. We lived together in the AllGenericBuilding. Something happened, and I never understood why it happened. One day, half of the group decided that the other half needs to be exterminated.

    Former comrades attacked me and friends without warning. We fled, as none of us could honestly fight former comrades. At this point we discover our talents. I transform into a gargoyle.

    My poor forsaken family lived in fear. I tried my best to find us a safer place to live. Before we feared the government. Now we were fearing our former allies. We flew through room and room and room desperately searching for sanctity.

    But in the AllGenericBuilding, everything is like a mall - out in the public.

    We tried to blend in in the mall. But our attackers were close by. "Quick we need to leave!". The group races ahead. We reach a fork in the mall. The left leads to large glass doors that lead to the outside. I really wanted us to go that way! But the group felt it was way to visible, they could see us for miles.

    Instead they went to the right, down a small hallway and into a room with no windows or doors. This was what I was afraid of. Still I went with them, not wanting to leave my only family now.

    We could hear them nearby! Where do we go now? Someone in our group finds a trap door that leads to a basement. Awesome, we can hide in here until they leave. The basement looked like a theatre.

    We thought we were safe, but they were waiting for us inside the theatre. It was a trap, and they were leading us like a school of fish the entire time. The battle that ensued was horrible. I remember stabbing some guys eye out with a pen.

    Only half of us made it out. I still never knew why they were attacking us, or why half of my friends had to die. This left me so angry and confused. Why? Why was this happening? I looked at my poor group. So torn. So broken. On its last leg of hope. We looked like war refugees - in a fancy mall where no one even knows what we've just been through.

    "Come on. We can't stay here. Let's keep moving" So we do

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