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    A World In My Head!!

    Ghost Runs from Zombie Witch

    by , 11-01-2013 at 12:15 AM (411 Views)
    October 31, 2013

    review: its halloween

    Ghost Runs from Zombie Witch
    The zombies have nearly decimated the human population. A hero, who looked like Bruce Willis, was at his breaking point. He was trapped with other random survivors. Like Walking Dead except the prison was much darker, dank, run-down and just all around creepier.

    Random innocent people were being eaten by the zombie masses. Bruce gave up. Before, he would have run over there to save them. But now he's lost hope, and scarcely cares for his own survival. Until I came onto the scene. I was roleplaying as a character in this zombie story.

    When Bruce saw me, he recognized me. With his energy back, he quickly comes to my side and rescues me from that terrible zombie prison. We tried to run away, but we were captured, by all things, other humans.

    The hostile humans were being led by a witch. Not only did she have us captured, but she also had my mother captured (not in rl). The witch queen gathered us with her minions and like any bad guy, told us her evil plan.

    Apparently, the girl I'm roleplaying as, is as powerful as that witch. The witch explains she plans to use my powers to transform everyone into a zombie, the whole process only takes minutes. My red headed dream mother cries out "Bruce, she's our daughter!" Apparently, Bruce never knew!

    I'm not gonna let the Witch destroy the world! While she was blabbing on I quickly brake away from the group! I run for the front door, damn its locked. Unlocking it took forever. I run out into the dark night, filled with zombies.

    My dream has a cut scene. I've died. Or rather I choose to die. I'd rather let the zombies have me then have the whole world destroyed. As I effortlessly fly and bounce around the dark night, I psychically communicate to my mother. "I'm fine, I choose this!"

    She tells me that Bruce came running after me. I communicate to Bruce and he tells me, he can fly too. "I'm here Bruce, you can fly? Does this mean?" Bruce was also killed by the zombies.

    But it wasn't so bad being a ghost, not when I had Bruce to keep me company. He joins up with me and we continue to run away. I don't know why ghosts have to continue running away, but I was convinced, I had to get as far away from the queen as possible.

    As we were flying through a supermarket (with no lights on ofcourse) Bruce suddenly falls down. He's weighted. He's heavy! What's wrong? I realize the reason why Bruce can't fly anymore is because he isnt completely dead yet. His body, wherever it is out there, is waking up. I say goodbye to Bruce, and his spirit returns to his body.

    I guess I'll have to suffer being a lonely ghost a little longer. I fly inside a house. But the witch enters the building. She had a white fluffy dog in her hands. "I know you're in here! I'll sniff you out!"

    My flying was weakening. She would hold up the dog high into the air. I got the impression if I was too close, game over. That witch had instincts, she kept predicting where I was.

    "So you thought death would be an escape? But did you know, postmortem is hard to determine, especially for one like you? Did you really think you were - dead? We've retrieved and revived your body. We just need your SOUL! WHERE ARE YOU!"

    She was so close now, my powers were weakening. At this point I stop roleplaying the girl, and watch as her spirit grows mad. She haunted the fields, wailing in suffering, can never die, can never live. I felt bad for her, but her sacrifice saved the world.

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