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    A World In My Head!!

    Glen From WD and Lava

    by , 12-04-2013 at 04:40 AM (310 Views)
    December 3, 2013

    review: Glen from the walking dead is trying to lead us away from the lava

    Glen and lava
    For whatever reason Glen is my boyfriend, maybe a zombie ate maggie. Its dark and were trapped in this area. Im not sure whats keeping us trapped here, if its zombies surrounding us or something else. All I know is this area used to be a safe zone. Now its just a cage with nothing for us but to wait for death.

    Glen leads the group "we have to go back". We get to the boundary of this area, its completely surrounded by a deep fissure in the ground. Down below the fissure you can see lava freely flowing. I take the lead instead, carefully guide the group past the lava-fissure. Its something like from a zelda game. Glen gleefully asks me "how did you do that? I wasn't even sure how to get out" I said "Im a gamer, its what Im good at"

    Just ahead of us in this dark landscape is an abandoned building. Its hard to say what this building was. But inside were different rooms. We run inside of one filled with precious items. I find a tea kettle set made of china that I think is adorable. Its the end of the world so we can take whatever we want, the problem is carrying everything by hand.

    I don't want to be burdened by more items so I tell them "I'll come back once we reach the next safe zone"

    Glen checks out the walls. By placing his hands on them he can tell whats on the otherside - lava. Lava starts to spew out from one end of the building. We can't go that way. After running around this maze we realize this building is surrounded by lava, and it will soon breach all of its walls. We can't go forward.

    We can only go back the way we came, which isnt really an option.

    We were in the library when we realized this devastating news that were stuck. Frustrated, Glen knocks down the library shelf. It creates a domino effect and all the other shelves fall down. The last one fell with a loud thud and lots of dust. When the dust cleared I could see a bright tiny light. "Look at that!" It literally looked like the end of a tunnel.

    "Is that a way out?"

    We race towards it but its only a light bulb attached to something electronic. But the falling library shelves did open up a new room. In the back of this room was a robot behind a glass wall. It seemed like it was built to do manufacturing labor. But considering all the workers are dead, I couldn't help but be suspicious of this robot.

    But my friends thought maybe this robot could be our way out. Before I could protest they boot him up. The robot seems friendly enough. I ask him if he's aware of the current situation of the world, about the zombies and the lava.

    I woke up before he could answer

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