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    A World In My Head!!

    Hero God vs Kali

    by , 01-08-2017 at 02:39 AM (208 Views)
    Archive: January 20, 2016

    Key: Symbolic, Hindu, Morning Dream, Semi-Abstract

    I’m in India. I venture with random dream characters and together we summon the Hero God. Krishna? I don’t know. But everything goes wrong after he’s summoned.

    As soon as the Hero God was summoned a purple poisonous ooze pours into the Indian Ocean. I watch this from atop a cliff along with everyone else. The purple poison boils the sea and all the oceans life dies by the millions! People cry out in horror as we witness a horrific extinction event.

    I feel sicker and sicker as more purple ooze sinks into the ocean and more innocent dead creatures rise to the surface. “Hero God! Why have you done this!” Its at this time the Hero God explains that he didn’t poison the sea. Rather, the Hero God had partially summoned his immortal enemy. He desired to defeat this enemy once and for all!

    But the Hero God explains “However, last time I had helped from 12(? i think) others”. Why Hero God why!

    A wise person stands on the highest cliff and calls to us all as if we were their children “Come now everyone. Follow my lead and we’ll save the ocean”. This wise person (I don't remember their gender) begins taking in a deep breath and exhaling over the ocean as though blowing over a hot bowl of soup.
    We all follow the wise person’s breathing. I watch carefully to match their rhythm. They’re breathing faster and faster! But the collective breathing humanity is working! The purple ooze becomes gray as we cool it off and make it inert. The ocean is saved! Life is saved! Humanity is saved!

    The wise person then prays, asking for the Great God to return the Hero God to the realm of spirit. The Hero God obliges and transforms into a large stone monolith over the Indian Ocean. I guess this was where we originally summoned him but I don’t remember that detail.

    Now it was time for the Great God to return the immortal enemy back into the world of spirit as well. But as the purple ooze was being returned, a voice echoes from the depths of the ocean “I am NOT finished!”. The fear was real and felt! The Great God yields to the immortal enemy, a Goddess of Death and Destruction. Her name, much like the Hero God, escapes me throughout the dream, but maybe its Kali.

    She emerges from the depths. Supernaturally tall. Every time you looked her features were different, sometimes african, sometimes indian. But always female and always wild and terrifying. She reaches into her own body and pulls out more of that purple poison. The oceans boil!!!

    I scream in horror! The Goddess of Destruction approaches me, clearly insulted. She stares me right in the eyes. I get the impression to be coy or die. I look at her blankly and smile like a dumb ape too stupid to know the horror taking place. She seems amused that I shut the hell up. Behind me, others scream and shout. The Goddess is insulted. She places her hand on their chest and forehead and their hearts stop beating.

    Including a young boy we called timothy “No! Timothy!” The more they shouted the more dropped dead. I couldn't stand anymore, my legs feel weak so I sat. Others sat down too. The wise person commented “Thats right, sit down. Be yourself. Be calm” But the Goddess of Destruction still forced us to watch the death of the Indian Ocean, and by extension the world.

    She walked back towards my end of the beach. Her voice seems to be everywhere “Do you know what the last Great Suffering was known for?”. People averted her eyes unable to answer. “Do you know?” I admit I didn’t understand the question but I was too afraid to ask her to repeat it. But some other guy did. “What was the question again?”

    Wrong answer. With a single touch to his forehead and he drops to the floor. “Answer me!” The Goddess of Destruction was growing impatient and ready to place her palm on another innocent forehead. But then my friend standing next to me cries out “Smell! It was Smell!”

    “Very good.” She pets my friend under the chin as though she was an animal. “The smell of…..?”

    And I blurt out “RAPE!” The Goddess looks at me perplexed. I’m not sure why I said that and im not sure my answer makes any sense. I correct myself “I mean...the smell of rape and human flesh burning on the cross?.....” Is that right??

    She seems pleased with my answer. She turns to a man of faith “Father, give me your cross. You can be the first.” The Father weeps as the Goddess of Destruction drags him away. “I’ll need MORE crosses.”

    What have I done? I’ve just damned us all to rape and burning alive on a cross!! I felt completely hopeless. I started a silent prayer to God. That’s when I notice little Timothy. He’s breathing! He’s alive!

    When the Goddess of Destruction is far away he opens his eyes and winks at me “I know something you don’t know!”. I have to know! “Yes! What! What don’t I know!” I had a feeling he was going to me that it’s all dream.

    Instead, I just wake up.

    It was after waking up that I thought the Goddess of Destruction could be Kali. And that the Hero God could be Krishna. But them being immortal enemies doesn’t make any Hindu sense. Or the rest of the dream….!

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