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    A World In My Head!!

    I Miss You

    by , 03-16-2011 at 05:48 AM (460 Views)
    March 15, 2011

    (Real Life)
    The past two months have been maybe the strangest two months in my life. I left a dead end job, my friends who were working there, my parents, and moved out with my sister. We moved during an ice storm, and were stuck on a iced road for so many hours my stomach was sore for days from the hunger cramps (no seriously I was in physical pain for a week from being hungry for four hours). I had no job, still job hunting, but I was happy because I felt there was nothing left for me in that old city, it was time to leave. And I still stand by my decision.

    For the month of February, I didn't remember many dreams. But what dreams I did remember are hard to forget.

    First there was that dream, on the eve of moving out, where my friends house - which also happened to be my childhood home - was swallowed by burning black oil, pouring out of the earth like lava. All it was all over the news, the house that sank in black oil.

    And no, in real life my friend doesn't literally live in my childhood home.

    For the next two weeks I kept dreaming I was still working at that old job. In one of those dreams, me and old crew decided to skip work and have a party in the back room instead!! I follow them happily to the back room. It becomes a long hallway twisting and turning. I follow behind them happily laughing because were gonna party instead of work.

    The hallway becomes my bedroom. And suddenly I realize I'm dreaming. I'm even happier now, I can really party with my old friends. I grab my friend's shoulder to tell her something, and suddenly she falls to the floor and becomes a lifeless doll. I look around me, and I'm alone in my bedroom. All my friends are gone and in their place were lifeless inanimate objects.

    I know this. It's happened before.

    They're the part of me that will never forget them, and it re-emerges with me when I become lucid.


    About a month later I have a really memorable dream. But I didn't understand what it really meant. Not yet.

    I saw dream friends inside of a tall building. They were standing by the window and I was looking up from the courtyard. They found it! I don't know what it is, but they found it and its important! Suddenly the bad guy snatches them and it away.

    I have to retrieve it! I quickly go into rescue mode, but I decide to be sneaky rather than obvious. I was like a spy with the powers of invisibility. Only now I'm not just looking for it, I'm looking for my friends that the bad guy locked away. I searched through the entire building, I can't find anything! The bad guy is onto me and now he's realized I'm using invisibility.

    I try to trick him into thinking I've found my friends, only so I can follow him as he runs to their cell. But it didn't work. He was one step ahead of me and instead led me to a trap. The whole building goes into lock down, and now they've got missiles outside if I try to escape. But I did escape, and slid my way over icy roads back home - a hole in the floor literally. I left defeated and crawled back into my bed where I woke up.

    I was confused by the dream because I never found out what it was.

    Only about two days later, does the dream theme repeat. Only this time there is no it. Just me trying to find my friends who had been locked away.

    To have two similar dreams like that in the same week, that doesn't happen often to me.

    I think I finally understand why I've been so bummed out this past month. Today when I close my eyes, I can see their faces. In the dream when they disappeared they weren't just in my bedroom, they were in my closet. I guess I did lock them away.

    I miss you

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