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    A World In My Head!!

    I Need To Save Them!

    by , 01-01-2017 at 07:25 PM (253 Views)
    First Dream of the Year!

    Notes: was watching Black Mirror last night with friends

    Synopsis: A nightmare with dream skills and low lucid awareness. After my soul mate was murdered by the agency, I am determined to save everyone else.

    I Need To Save Them!
    Even though I barely knew him, he was already inviting me to a casual party at his place. His apartment was nice, you can tell he has wealth. But he was sweet and smart, and there's something more about him. There's a sadness in his eyes, he's hiding something. Regardless, I think I've fallen in love with him even though I've only know him for three days. He looked Indian and reminded me of that slum dog millionare actor.

    He makes a toast and than in a quiet voice, he says goodbye. His casual friends don't think anything of it, but his closest friends know too well exactly what he means. He going to the agency, and he's going alone. I don't understand what this means yet.

    I walk with him as he makes his way to the agency, all I want is to be with him. He explains to me in a whisper that he's former CIA and so are his closest friends. But he still doesn't explain to me who this agency is. He tells me not to follow him any further, that he must do this by himself. He walks into a busy business building. The agency's day time cover.

    I don't listen to him! I follow behind him, just close enough to keep an eye of where he's going. I flying through the building, along the cieling and trying to be invisible. Some women take him into an office. They're going to kill him! I can't let that happen! I realized then that he wasn't just a friend to me, he's a soul mate and I love him. I think of all the different mutant powers I could use to save him.

    I fly into the office and try to hide under the desk while I come up with a plan to get closer. But the clerk spots me, he eyes burn! They surround me and pin me to the desk. I demand to see him! They explain coldly that I'm too late, he's dead. I don't believe them. I demand to see his body!

    She tells me I can see his body, only if I hand over my phone. My phone? I hand it over. She opens it, removes two micro processors and then hands the phone back to me. They lay his corpse on the table....I was heart broken. She mocks him, laughing at him for thinking this was the heroic option.

    That asshole...! I was so mad at him. The agency marked him, and he thought the answer was to turn himself in to save his friends? Why didn't he ask us for help? I could have saved him! I know I could have! I have telekinesis! Pyschic explosions! I could have saved him! I was angry at myself for even trying to listen to him when he told me to stay behind. Now he's gone. They show me out the door.

    Im back at my apt, its night and bleak feeling. Theres a woman and her kids here, close friends of his. She tells me we should bring food and visit my downstairs neighbor, his best friend. He's shattered and hasn't eaten. I heat up pizza for him in the microwave, inside an HEB plastic baggy (WHICH ID NEVER DO BECAUSE THATS CANCER).

    As I walk downstairs I notice something, I'm holding my phone. And I finally start to think logically. I always have my phone. I bring it everywhere. The camera on my phone was activated. This disturbs me, I didn't turn it on.

    Were inside the best friends apt, he was simply sitting on the couch staring at the wall. He looks like Jon Stewert. We bring him food including the sloppy pizza. He thanks us but doesn't eat anything. I start talking to him and ask him about my phone, why did they take micro processesors? Sometime during this conversation I "remember" that the police are aware the agency is after us. They promised their men were on it and would keep us safe.

    My sleepy dream brain finally puts two and two together. My phone's gps and camera will give the agency all they need to target everyone close to my dead lover. Jons phone alarms. The agency is here for him! He tells us to hide in the spare room. The lights! We need to turn off the lights. So many damn switches.

    Me and the woman with her kids hide in the spare room. I just barely turned off the light when the heavy steps of men walk through the front door. Jon was hiding alone in his room. He'll die if he just hides! I think about fighting! Ill turn into a beast, I'll rip them to shreds. I'll psi and explode them. Then I look behind me and see the frightened woman and her kids. I could also see out the window and see half a dozen armed men storming the apt. I could fight. And I'll be fine, but I can't gaurantee they'll be ok.

    I wanted revenge, but I knew, what he would have wanted was for me to keep them safe. I tell the toddler to hold onto her baby sister. I scoop all three into my arms and jump out the window! I start to fly us far away. I'm worried about Jon, but there's nothing I could do now. A man cries out to use from the apt as I fly past it. "Come back! The police are here! Its ok!"

    Im not listening. I can't risk it. I fly even faster. Past constructions. Past the highway. Past the city. My dream just flashes forward. I left them far far away, where no cell phone can track them. They're safe now. I fly back to Jon's apt.

    Im in his room, the old man is sleeping. I think I'm in the past and Im going to see what happened when I flew away. Suddenly a pscyhopath with a chainsaw explodes out from his wall! He jumps out of his bed and screams as the crazy assasin slashes through the opposite wall. I'm surprised Jon is still alive! The assasin cuts out a door in the wall instead of killing him. Why? Part of his plan?

    Jon goes mad, thrashing against the opposite wall, screaming. He also makes a door, technically a hole, for himself to hide in. Thats when I realized the room is actually pitch black and neither can see each other. Im witnessing everything with a greenish hue as if I have night vision. The assasin reaches out for a flashlight.

    That's when the girl, who's suddenly next to me, questions if this is really the past. She plays with the light switch, its turns off and on. If this is the past, how could she affect the light? This is happening right NOW! This whole time I was waiting for the police to rush in and save Jon. Instead, the assasin is standing over him with his chainsaw, right now! NO!

    I rush the assasin sending us both flying out the window and landing on the darkened street. He transforms into a giant anaconda. I tell the girl to stay back. I take out a dagger and drive it through the beasts skull. And several more times just to be safe.

    I find "Jon" hiding in the hole he had made for himself. He was wimpering. I realized I didnt fly into the past, but the future. Theres been so many attempts on his life that he's gone mad. He's older. His face is filthy because he's forgotten to bathe. His white beard and hair is over grown. And he's frail and skinny. I try to comfort. I swear on my departed love that I'll stay by Jon's side and look after him till the end of his days.

    I wake up, disturbed.

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