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    A World In My Head!!

    I'll Never Give Up

    by , 10-03-2011 at 01:01 AM (603 Views)
    October 2, 2011

    Synopsis: We mutants just want to live in peace. But they wanted war. I lead the revolution, everything falls apart, but I'm too pissed to give up!

    Notes: Hi, its been a while!

    I'll Never Give Up
    We all lived in an all-generic-building, mutants and normal people. As the story goes, the mutants were hated and feared most especially by the government. We were treated as second rate citizens and confined to certain areas of the building - our home and prison.

    Some brave boys started the revolution. They inspired all of us. Behind closed doors we gathered and pledged united under our single mission - freedom for all!!

    I was no one special among the group, just a new recruit. My specialty was lightning. But we mutants were so united, that the power of one could be used by the other. At first our revolutions were harmless! Like college rebels, we mostly did sit-ins or used our gifts in public despite it pissing the government off.

    We were thrown out of the building, denied jobs or rights, and forced to live like thieves. So naturally, we were still living in the building except now we didnt pay rent!

    After months of trying to rid us like roaches, the government made a compromise. They delivered the letter to me. It said that we mutants would be recognized as citizens again, if only we pay our bills!

    I take the letter to our noble and young leader "That's it? They just want money? That's easy. We can do that!"

    The revolutionary mutant leaders and several of the top members of our rebel group met with officials to sign the deal. But the officials didn't come. After waiting a long while, I was getting nervous, something is wrong.

    Instead of officials walking through the door, we were greeted by, of all people, mutants!

    I thought maybe they wanted to join our group, but instead they said "You mutants are all the same. Monsters too dangerous to exist in this world. We are here on behalf of the government to do their dirty work. And the pay is nice."

    "Scum! We are fighting for all our freedom, don't you understand what you're doing?"

    "Didn't you hear us? We are monsters, so we don't give a damn. Were going to end your stupid revolution by ending you!"

    They attacked, and with their fierce powers they killed our young leader, who was too kind to seriously injure another fellow mutant. An all out mutant fight broke out, as mutant children cried for our leader.

    I gave it my all! One lighting strike, thats all it takes, one lightning strike! I fought side by side with my friend, who fights like a wild animal. The living room is torn apart. It feels more like domestic violence than something in an X-men movie.

    They corner me, but I shift into water and slip away. I share that gift with my friends, and they shift into water and slip away from the bad guys.

    I look around me and realize were losing! Our numbers are dwindling and I have no idea where half our team is! Everyone is so terrified as they fight for the lives. This is no good.


    We escape the mutant attackers and hide even deeper in the all generic building. Speaking only in whispers. Since our leader and all the top members were dead, that left me the next highest rank. I was now the leader of a broken mutant revolution.

    I kept us hidden and safe for months. We had more mutant children than mutant adults. So all of us pitched together to keep them safe and happy. We always stayed together. We were family.

    It was spring time so together we took the kids on a field trip. Still outcasts and wanted, it was really tricky taking 20 plus mutant kids on a field trip. We ended up hiding beneath a football stadium that had a good view of the zoo.

    That's when I noticed that we weren't alone! Cops, school buses, tourists, it seemed the whole city was gathering here and even though there was no game.

    "We need to get everyone out!"

    But before we could leave the stadium was filled. The mutant kids hiding under the bleachers were so used to this sort of thing, they just continued chatting away anyways. I got distracted by a spider web and moved too much! That's when a normal human saw me.

    The old man recognized me right away, seeing as how I was the new notorious mutant leader. But he just asked me which way did his wife go. And I just point that way! It guess not even the normal humans want this war to continue.

    After a close call we return to our home in the all-generic-building. We can't keep living like this! I talk with my group and suggest "We can all have an animal form, and take residence in a forest."

    "That's a good idea!"

    "What should I pack for a forest? What do you think of these pants?"

    My friends start to pack big bags for the forest. "I'm not bringing anything" I said "I'm just gonna go naked. Anyways, don't take too long, we need to leave soon!"

    My sister, who was normal, came to visit me. These types of visits were always dangerous for both parties. I was happy to see my sister again!

    That's when my second in command informs me that those scum-sold-out-mutants were on the hunt again, and they were just down the hallway. Shit! Everyone had to stay quiet. These mutants were powerful and dangerous!

    But sis, who was in the other room missed the warning. And she closes the door way too loud.

    "They'll hear that! They know where we are now!"

    "Quick, get into the back room!"

    I tell my sis she has to stay behind, or else they will search for us. She's normal so it'll be okay.

    But the bad mutants were already waiting for us in the back room. This raid was even worse than the first one. They swiftly divide our group and drag innocent mutants away to be arrested. Others were less lucky and were murdered on the spot. I fight with everything! But our numbers dwindle. Ten, Seven, Five

    Theres just three of us now!! Just three!! We had to run. We leave the building and enter a warehouse with the bad mutants attacking behind us. My team member stays behind to keep them bay. I don't think he lives.

    Now its just me and my best friend. "Hurry! We need to leave the city!"
    She transforms into a black dog and runs ahead, but she runs into a dead end. I quickly dodge and hide as the bad guys run past me. My friend was too slow and I hear gun shots.

    Now its only me.

    The bad guys find me.

    "Theres no use in resisting. And don't even think to use your powers. I've filled the room with poisonous gas. Your brain is already melting. Just come quietly with us." They smiled. I was their prize. The last leader of the mutant revolution.

    I was shaking "Let me see my friend again, I want to say good-bye."


    Now I'm pissed! I'm really pissed, I ain't giving up! I quickly place my hand on their foreheads and let my lighting rip. I think the poisonous gas only made it more explosive. I quickly run to my friend, still in dog form. She's still breathing!

    I tell her that I love her, dont die. She gains some strength and gets back on her feet. But I carry her anyways. They're right behind me. I run. Out the window. They chase me in and out of buildings. We run inside a house, my friend hides, but she hides again in a dead end.

    "Not in there!" too late

    He's right behind me. I screaming in my head "I'll never give up! I'll never give up!" I shift in and out of buildings. Through anything! "Ill never give up! I'll never give up!" I end up in a kitchen with nothing to shift through, my reflection stares back at me from a golden plate.

    He's searching for me in the bedroom. "I'll never give up, I'll never give up." I look for a way out. There! A window! I can see my green forest. I can carry out my plan of living life in there - I run towards it. And then I wake up, with the image of my green forest glowing from a kitchen window stuck in my head.

    I was upset that I didn't get to finish the dream and rescue the mutants that were imprisoned.

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    1. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      Yeah! Sounds exciting and good for you not giving up. The part about going into the woods and living as animals is interesting. Freedom fighter!
    2. juroara's Avatar
      thanks for reading =3