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    A World In My Head!!

    Lava, Death! Scouting HEB and IOSDP

    by , 02-10-2017 at 06:10 PM (622 Views)
    Feb 10, 2017

    Notes: Multiple dreams, escaping lava, psychopath killing friends, semi-lucid battle. Dreamed I psychically projected myself to explore HEB, and then it discussed with the IOSDP members. Brody story references

    Lava and Death!
    I'm standing outside in the back of my apartment building (I dont actually live here) and I'm horrified because the front of the building is surrounded by lava. Dream friends are outside with me and they seem to feel that I am the one in imminent danger, which is weird because this lava should effect everyone.

    Near where I am standing a drainage ditch glows hot orange, its lava slowly coming my way. My friends tell me that I need to quickly get in the car and save myself. How? There is no where to go, the lava is surrounding us. We instead try to escape on foot, climbing over weird abstract dream constructions and through them. Strangely, theres no more lava in sight but we still feel our lives are in mortal danger.

    The number of my friends grows thin, people are dying but I don't know how. There's just few of us now. We can't move ahead because of some electrical problem. One of the boys splits off from our group and vows to personally fix the problem even if it costs him his life. For whatever reason it requires him to inside a faraday cage?

    We don't see him again. Finally we reach a new area of town and were safe. But what about my friend who went into the faraday cage? A psychotic manish looking woman finds us, she says that he's dead. How can you be so sure? He should have been safe inside his faraday cage. What she says next disturbs me.

    "I'm pretty sure he's dead. When he saw me he called me by some other name, Pete? Then I was angry that he thought I was a man. That's right. He is dead. Because I killed him"

    I knew by the look in her eyes that she was being serious, she murdered him! And all of my closest friends are dead!

    The dream scene transitions, now we are battling enemies at this apartment complex, which is in the middle of no where. (Brody story element?) My enemy was outside a window. With my chameleon skin I camaflouge to the wall and get between them and the building. I push them off and grab their weapons. I take their weapons far away into the open field.

    Psychically Scouting HEB (OBE dream?)
    I'm in bad thinking about grabbing a snack from HEB, but I don't wanna get out of bed or drive anywhere! I know, I decide to send a psychic projection to HEB and grab myself a snack that way. I lay down to sleep, within the dream, and off I fly out of my body!

    I soar through the night and over the houses. I'm flying fairly efficient and fast, and I feel like my body is like Mewtwo (another Brody reference). I embrace my Mewtwo body and fly even faster to the ugly HEB building just up ahead. Like in real life, the supermarket is along the highway.

    Inside HEB I continue to fly and zip around, as 100's of people just go about their business with grocery shopping. I tell myself that logically I must be invisible and they can't see me - (usually though DCs can always see me). I try to fly even higher, noting that the cieling is very high. Flying above the ailes, I then swoop down and grab random snacks.

    Job done, I simply poof back to my sleeping body. Except now the stolen snacks are in my head. I'm super excited this actually worked, completely oblivious that I'm still dreaming! I get up and post about my HEB OBE exploration to the IOSDP gang.

    Suddenly, the whole IOSDP group should manifested in front of me. They were standing in a circle and they were in the middle of a conversation. I missed the beginning of the conversation so I was a bit lost. Some people were upset. Others were discussing new ways to get to Ardem Glade and others were trying to set a specific date for a sincere SD attempt.

    I woke up after

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