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    A World In My Head!!

    Lucid and Singing to my Subconscious!

    by , 10-25-2010 at 05:49 AM (1078 Views)
    October 24, 2010

    Synopsis: A nightmare is trapped in the back of my house. Later, I become lucid and sing silly songs to praise my subconscious because dreaming is so awesome. After wards, a DC tells me I have to wake up, and acts as if he has authority over me!

    Note: The other night I was thinking about how I should recognize that there is ANOTHER part of me that's really creating the dream. And that I need to give up this idea that my conscious self controls or creates the dream.

    A Nightmare Trapped
    I had a nightmare. Actually, I don't remember the nightmare. I only had vague impressions of it when I woke up. I remembered that several family members were involved, including my cousin cheskie. There was a female demon. And something creepy and gross involving human body parts.

    I remember me and my cousin were trying to get away, but we didn't get far. This part of the dream actually felt long!

    Later on, everyone is just chilling in the living room. When suddenly one of men starts throwing up! Being vomit-phobic, I quickly run out of the living room (and so do some of the younger cousins). He's running for the bathroom, holding his mouth! akljaal! He's gonna throw up on me, so I need to get further away from him.

    I end up running to my bedroom. Then I regret doing that. Because the nightmare is trapped in the back of my apartment. The entire back half of the apartment is dark, with strange glowing lights. And a weird metal box, which I assumed the demon was in.

    I don't remember what happens next, but I think I run out of the room and keep running all the way out of the apartment

    Lucid and Singing to my Subconscious!
    The sun is shining and I'm lucid!!

    I run across brick red roof tops, with another DC following me as a friend. From the roof tops, I leap towards a tree, and fly through its branches and green leaves. It felt nice to simply be lucid. I wish I remembered my lucid goals, but I didn't.

    I ran around a ghetto looking suburbia. Me and my DC friend hid in someone's front yard, protected with a tall chain link fence. When the owner comes home we realize we've been spotted, and like little kids we run for it! I fly out a breech in the chain-link fence, and continue flying down the street.

    I see a big building, it looks interesting so I go inside. It turns out to be some lame supermarket, filled with cheese and bored employees.

    Usually I would think this is lame and look for a new dreamscape. But last night I was on a lucid high, and thought "wow! my subconscious made all of these details?". So I walked around in a lucid high just admiring all the random details of this boring supermarket.

    Hidden in one of the isles was the tiniest little succulent I've ever seen! Complete in an equally tiny terracotta pot.

    I held the tiny thing in my palm and thought..."Its perfect!". My subconscious didn't miss anything. It was green and plump the way any succulent should be.

    At that point I start to praise my subconscious for having such creative abilities exceeding my conscious self. I started to sing a silly rhyme, somehow I managed to rhyme processed milk and manufactured cheese in the same sentence.

    I can't sing worth anything and my rhyme was dumb! Even I knew it was dumb when I was dreaming

    But to my happy surprise, suddenly all the bored looking employees break out in dance, and all together they chorus and repeat my rhyme. That was fun! I stay rhyming and singing to my subconscious for a few minutes.

    Until I ran out of things to rhyme processed milk and cheese with

    Once I stopped singing, the DCs went back to their boring routine as if nothing happened.

    Before leaving, I wanna try it again! Ahem- I have to clear my throat and my voice cracks as I come up with some silly rhyme. All is quiet, and then, the entire store mirrored back my rhyme in perfect melody! Woah!

    Happy and still lucid, I go outside and climb the big tree. I think how fun it would be to have monkey feet while climbing this tree, and like magic, I had monkey feet (I think at some point I took off my shoes). Then I try doing back flips, but I just ending up floating backwards instead.

    Suddenly a strange DC comes up to me, behind him was a group of aggressive looking men. I think I recognize this DC as a repeating DC, a not so nice one. He's a tall skinny black man, usually wearing a business suite. And he's always a jerk to me!

    He tells something I don't remember. But I remember him telling me "So now that you've learned what you were supposed to learn from this dream, its time to wake up."

    What? Wake up? End my lucid adventure?

    "No! I don't want to wake up, I'm having too much fun."

    "Fine, I'll give you an extra minute and a half. And then, I'm ending the dream."

    Who is he to tell me that he's ending MY dream? He starts counting "1.....2.....3......"

    Oh man! I run down the street, determined to get far away from this jerk and prolong my dream instead. He sends his minions after me, but they can't keep up with my speed.

    I wasn't worried about his minions. I was worried about his counting. Actually, it started to completely freak me out o_O. I didn't matter how far or how fast I went, his voice was still there, right behind me. Right in the back of my head!

    As if there is no physical space dividing me and this DC, who positions himself to be able to end my dream.

    I duck behind a bush and crawl into the thicket, losing the two boys. I can hear the men looking for me. I panic! What should I do? All the other DCs had voices that come from a distance, even far away if they were far away. But not this DC.

    The men get closer to me, scared that they would try to bring me back to the strange DC, I decided this dream ain't worth it, and wake myself up

    It was 6:30 am, hours before I needed to wake up!

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    1. Emiko's Avatar
      But to my happy surprise, suddenly all the bored looking employees break out in dance, and all together they chorus and repeat my rhyme. That was fun! I stay rhyming and singing to my subconscious for a few minutes.

      That was EPICALLY AWESOME. I love it. :-D
    2. juroara's Avatar
      thanks for reading =3
    3. Emiko's Avatar
      You're welcome!
    4. buzzlightyear's Avatar
      This was fun to read!