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    A World In My Head!!

    May Dreams

    by , 05-11-2012 at 12:08 AM (430 Views)
    May 10, 2012

    Domestic Nightmare:
    I was back in the old apartment in SA, home alone. After a long day all I wanted to do was wind down. So I was watching an anime and using headphones. I thought about going out for a bit, but since it was so late the idea of walking alone in the parking lot scared me. I decided it would be better to wait for sis to get home.

    Then I notice a strange shadow. It looks like its coming from me, created by a really soft light judging how huge the shadow was. But the profile was all wrong, the shadow's profile was of a man. Then the shadow starts to move contrary to my own movements. And there were noises coming from the bedroom.

    My heart is pounding, what's happening? I scream at the dream "stop it! stop it!" but I don't become lucid. But the shadow keeps moving. A man in all black steps out of the bedroom.

    I don't think. I don't hesitate. I just do exactly as I would have done were this a real life moment. I grabbed my cell phone that was next to me and ran out the front door as fast as I could. I regretted not having my keys but its too late for that.

    This is my worst nightmare! Literally speaking, a man breaking entry when I'm home alone.

    This fear, this feeling of running barefoot in the dead of the night, it was too real for comfort. It didn't help that my apartment was next to no-where. I run back around the apartment hoping that by running back it would be the opposite of his expectation.

    I dodge into a bristly bush, and for a moment I think how strange it is that jumping into this bush didn't hurt. But I didn't become lucid.

    He sees me. Like a horror movie he walks towards me cool and calm while I struggle to get to my feet. I try to dial 911 but my fingers fumble and dial 912. I try again, except I trip and fall to my feet.

    He's standing right over me now. I scream but my voice is so weak no one hears me. He swings his arm towards me, I close my eyes and wake up.

    I was so shaken I couldn't fall back asleep. It scares me because, its real. Things like this really happen, every day, every hour.

    When I do finally fall asleep, I had a FA. He was there again, he steps out of my closet and stands over me. Thank God the dream was fuzzy as hell. I try to imagine its just my dad come to visit me. The figure disappears but now I hear heaving breathing on the other side of the room.

    I scream! "WHO'S THERE!? WHO'S THERE!?" It stops and I wake up.

    My next dream was much nicer, it helps when the sun has already risen. Towards the end of the dream I was lucid and take my time tasting dream fruit.

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