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    A World In My Head!!

    May Dreams: Tornado, Ufo, Porch and Work

    by , 05-23-2013 at 07:37 PM (286 Views)
    May 19 to May 22 Recap

    Saturday: F7 Tornado

    My co-workers stand on the curbside and shout out at me "don't leave us!" Oh well, too bad! I wave goodbye and leave them all behind as I hop into a hippie bus.

    The bus took me to a new city I didn't recognize, but it was still a texas city. The city was divided into different "rings". As soon as I got there the most inner ring was under attack by an F3 Tornado.

    More tornados developed in and around the city, causing confusion because no one knew where it was safe to go. I followed the herd assuming that was best.

    An emergency warning over speaker announced that an F7 tornado was developing. An F7? My mind is racing "there is no such thing". The broadcast warned us that a tornado of this magnitude is so destructive that your only chance of survival - is to know where the tornado is forming and where its heading.

    We took this F7 threat seriously! A group of us rush outside the city wall to find the forming tornado. It was literally right outside. The vortex was over my head. Black swirling clouds already sucking up furniture!

    We ran back to the inner most ring- the same one that was ravaged by the F3 tornado earlier. The broadcast warned us that there was no point hiding. And to stay away from the walls because the electrical wiring will burst and youll die before the tornado is even over.

    The broadcast told us that all we could do now in the force of an F7 was lay on the ground and prepare for the end. Hundreds of us laid down face first. It felt like we were just told an atomic bomb was being dropped on us.

    I knew it was over. A rush of wind. I close my eyes. When I open them up again I'm back home. But no one is here. I'm all alone. I thought of my parents and how I'd never see them again. As I walk outside the images the bloody bodies fill my mind.

    I open the door and outside there's a sunny beach waiting for me - and spirits of deceased relatives. I'm overcome with absolute grief. They try to console me and I wake up.

    Note: Only days prior - a dangerous tornado that made a neighborhood disappear was only minutes away from my apartment, so tornados were on my mind. However, the feeling that there was no escaping a Tornado of this magnitude made me think of the events that would happen days later. Monday, Moore Oklahoma.

    Sunday: UFO In the Sky

    Everyone has left me home alone. I decide to go for a walk despite it being dark outside. I see a bright light in the sky and it beams a light back down on the ground. Scared of the UFO I hide behind a car and watch it as it drifts through the sky.

    Monday: I should've have known-Porch

    After a long day with the family I go home and take a nap. When I wake up its evening. There's something strange about the apartment but I can't figure out what. I go out to my porch and look at the beautiful nightscape.

    Wind is blowing between the leaves and the air feels cool. I wanted to do nothing more but jump! I jump up and down because I'm excited at the idea of dreaming and flying! But alas, I'm awake. So I go back inside and get ready for work. Then I really wake up.

    Work was ridiculously frustrating. I had to fill this order for chocolate mints except we didn't have any. So boss tells me just fell the order with blue items because blue is minty.

    I swear I spent half an hour looking for blue items that looked minty. Boss kept griping at me 'whats taking so long!' but I couldn't help it if these items keep morphing on me - losing their blue minty color.

    Finally I get fed up and said 'screw this!'. I didn't want to have to deal with my boss bossing me around so I woke myself up. A few seconds later I fell back asleep - lucid.

    The first thing I did was take off my shoes and socks so I can run around wild. A few minutes later the alarm rang.

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