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    A World In My Head!!

    Military Tornado Attack

    by , 06-28-2012 at 05:22 AM (506 Views)
    July 27, 2012

    Synopsis: A tornado barrels towards the city. In the panic, the military attacks. I desperately try to escape the general with a new friend

    Military Tornado Attack
    I'm driving home thinking about calling mom to let her know everything is alright. Just then I notice a tornado off in the distance. It looks so far away, I just tell myself its no threat at all.

    But the tornado grows larger and larger as it races towards the city. Where is my apartment! I'm so lost. The building should be here, but now I don't recognize this street. I pull into a small parking lot and try to do a turn-around. But everyone is panicking now and theres a jumble of cars in the parking lot, all try to reverse in a different direction.

    Some how I squeeze by. But its too late to try to find home, the sky has darkened and the tornado is almost on top of me! I park some place random and run for the closest city building. Lucky me the door was wide open.

    Its a public restroom. With all this brick and tile, this place looks sturdy enough to withstand an F5. There was a mother with her baby who had the same idea. I feel so safe here! I should let everyone know to take cover in the bathroom.

    Standing at the door frame, I was just about to holler 'take cover here!' - when I saw something so horrifying it took my voice away. Blood everywhere!!

    The military paraded the streets like a nazi army and killed everyone on sight. They were marching only feet away from me! I dart back inside the public restroom praying they didn't see me.

    I wanted so much to tell the mother to hide but I was so scared to make any noise. Instincts kicked in and I quickly slid underneath the stall and crawled my way to the back, hiding. A moment later soldiers walked in and shot the young mother without hesitation. She falls to the floor before she can even scream.

    Did they see me? Did they see me?

    "You there!"

    Its the general himself, he's spotted me. With nothing left to do I jump out the stall and attack him with psychokinesis. He seems stunned. That's when I noticed the young women was still alive! She seems to have healing powers, her face changed as she healed. I was so happy, since I felt guilty for not warning her. I quickly place my hands over her wound and try to heal her too.

    As the general and his solidiers look for the gun, me and my new friend run out the public restroom.

    I thought of mom still waiting for my call. I thought of my sisters and wanted to know if they survived the attack.

    "Get them!"

    But considering the general has his eyes only us it seems were the only survivors of this city wide attack, which they were going to blame on the tornado. That made us, who knew the truth, the number one target.

    As we ran carefully, hiding, taking cover, ducking from soldiers, I heard them talking about how all of this is so a new mall district can be built. They murdered a whole city for that?

    Were cornered! "In here!" My new friend helps me sneak into a building. She talks about having the power to fly and that she can fly us away to safety, but that first requires for her to fall asleep. Which would leave her sleeping body defenseless.

    ".....Then I will cut it open!" The general over heard us

    We barely escape him. As we duck and hide from soldiers again I'm desparately looking for that magical window to jump out of, the one that leads to wilderness. Maybe my friend has to fall asleep, but I can fly us to safety as is!

    We sneak past the soldiers - theres the window! Holding my friends hand, I fly her through the window, over a beautiful jungle landscape. The sun was so warm and we felt so far away I swear we were on a different continent.

    Some friendly jungle locals gave me the heads up that men were after us. Damn, how did they find us?

    Me and my friend kept on flying away. She is maybe the first dream character to remain in form while flying next to her - other dream characters when I try to fly with them just turn into random objects.

    I remember we had conversations while flying away. But I dont remember what was said.

    We come to the ocean. Maybe we can hide underwater, or on that island, or I dont know. We've finally come to San Antonio, where mom lives. As expected, no one in this city has any idea that my home city was just massacred by the military.

    We were weary of everyone and anyone here, though they were just civilians. I had to find mom to let her know what happened.

    Before waking up I told my new friend that one day I was going to have courage to face that general and defeat him. No more chase dreams!

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