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    1. I Need To Save Them!

      by , 01-01-2017 at 07:25 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      First Dream of the Year!

      Notes: was watching Black Mirror last night with friends

      Synopsis: A nightmare with dream skills and low lucid awareness. After my soul mate was murdered by the agency, I am determined to save everyone else.

      I Need To Save Them!
      Even though I barely knew him, he was already inviting me to a casual party at his place. His apartment was nice, you can tell he has wealth. But he was sweet and smart, and there's something more about him. There's a sadness in his eyes, he's hiding something. Regardless, I think I've fallen in love with him even though I've only know him for three days. He looked Indian and reminded me of that slum dog millionare actor.

      He makes a toast and than in a quiet voice, he says goodbye. His casual friends don't think anything of it, but his closest friends know too well exactly what he means. He going to the agency, and he's going alone. I don't understand what this means yet.

      I walk with him as he makes his way to the agency, all I want is to be with him. He explains to me in a whisper that he's former CIA and so are his closest friends. But he still doesn't explain to me who this agency is. He tells me not to follow him any further, that he must do this by himself. He walks into a busy business building. The agency's day time cover.

      I don't listen to him! I follow behind him, just close enough to keep an eye of where he's going. I flying through the building, along the cieling and trying to be invisible. Some women take him into an office. They're going to kill him! I can't let that happen! I realized then that he wasn't just a friend to me, he's a soul mate and I love him. I think of all the different mutant powers I could use to save him.

      I fly into the office and try to hide under the desk while I come up with a plan to get closer. But the clerk spots me, he eyes burn! They surround me and pin me to the desk. I demand to see him! They explain coldly that I'm too late, he's dead. I don't believe them. I demand to see his body!

      She tells me I can see his body, only if I hand over my phone. My phone? I hand it over. She opens it, removes two micro processors and then hands the phone back to me. They lay his corpse on the table....I was heart broken. She mocks him, laughing at him for thinking this was the heroic option.

      That asshole...! I was so mad at him. The agency marked him, and he thought the answer was to turn himself in to save his friends? Why didn't he ask us for help? I could have saved him! I know I could have! I have telekinesis! Pyschic explosions! I could have saved him! I was angry at myself for even trying to listen to him when he told me to stay behind. Now he's gone. They show me out the door.

      Im back at my apt, its night and bleak feeling. Theres a woman and her kids here, close friends of his. She tells me we should bring food and visit my downstairs neighbor, his best friend. He's shattered and hasn't eaten. I heat up pizza for him in the microwave, inside an HEB plastic baggy (WHICH ID NEVER DO BECAUSE THATS CANCER).

      As I walk downstairs I notice something, I'm holding my phone. And I finally start to think logically. I always have my phone. I bring it everywhere. The camera on my phone was activated. This disturbs me, I didn't turn it on.

      Were inside the best friends apt, he was simply sitting on the couch staring at the wall. He looks like Jon Stewert. We bring him food including the sloppy pizza. He thanks us but doesn't eat anything. I start talking to him and ask him about my phone, why did they take micro processesors? Sometime during this conversation I "remember" that the police are aware the agency is after us. They promised their men were on it and would keep us safe.

      My sleepy dream brain finally puts two and two together. My phone's gps and camera will give the agency all they need to target everyone close to my dead lover. Jons phone alarms. The agency is here for him! He tells us to hide in the spare room. The lights! We need to turn off the lights. So many damn switches.

      Me and the woman with her kids hide in the spare room. I just barely turned off the light when the heavy steps of men walk through the front door. Jon was hiding alone in his room. He'll die if he just hides! I think about fighting! Ill turn into a beast, I'll rip them to shreds. I'll psi and explode them. Then I look behind me and see the frightened woman and her kids. I could also see out the window and see half a dozen armed men storming the apt. I could fight. And I'll be fine, but I can't gaurantee they'll be ok.

      I wanted revenge, but I knew, what he would have wanted was for me to keep them safe. I tell the toddler to hold onto her baby sister. I scoop all three into my arms and jump out the window! I start to fly us far away. I'm worried about Jon, but there's nothing I could do now. A man cries out to use from the apt as I fly past it. "Come back! The police are here! Its ok!"

      Im not listening. I can't risk it. I fly even faster. Past constructions. Past the highway. Past the city. My dream just flashes forward. I left them far far away, where no cell phone can track them. They're safe now. I fly back to Jon's apt.

      Im in his room, the old man is sleeping. I think I'm in the past and Im going to see what happened when I flew away. Suddenly a pscyhopath with a chainsaw explodes out from his wall! He jumps out of his bed and screams as the crazy assasin slashes through the opposite wall. I'm surprised Jon is still alive! The assasin cuts out a door in the wall instead of killing him. Why? Part of his plan?

      Jon goes mad, thrashing against the opposite wall, screaming. He also makes a door, technically a hole, for himself to hide in. Thats when I realized the room is actually pitch black and neither can see each other. Im witnessing everything with a greenish hue as if I have night vision. The assasin reaches out for a flashlight.

      That's when the girl, who's suddenly next to me, questions if this is really the past. She plays with the light switch, its turns off and on. If this is the past, how could she affect the light? This is happening right NOW! This whole time I was waiting for the police to rush in and save Jon. Instead, the assasin is standing over him with his chainsaw, right now! NO!

      I rush the assasin sending us both flying out the window and landing on the darkened street. He transforms into a giant anaconda. I tell the girl to stay back. I take out a dagger and drive it through the beasts skull. And several more times just to be safe.

      I find "Jon" hiding in the hole he had made for himself. He was wimpering. I realized I didnt fly into the past, but the future. Theres been so many attempts on his life that he's gone mad. He's older. His face is filthy because he's forgotten to bathe. His white beard and hair is over grown. And he's frail and skinny. I try to comfort. I swear on my departed love that I'll stay by Jon's side and look after him till the end of his days.

      I wake up, disturbed.

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    2. Construction Truck Rampage

      by , 02-01-2014 at 06:18 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 31, 2014

      review: friend Q rampages the streets with a construction truck, nightmare

      Construction Truck Rampage

      I'm waiting on top of the hill for the light to turn green. The street dead-ends here so I have to turn either left or right and I definitely need to turn left.

      This light is taking forever! As I wait, I watch a construction truck harass a man outside of his own home. The con. truck destroys his yard and nearly kills the man. What the hell is going on?

      The con. truck leaves, going in the direction I need to go. Finally, the light turns green. I drive and make my turn. A gust of wind pushes my car, and just about everyone else on the street, backwards. It came from that same con. truck ahead. Crap! I should turn back!

      He smashes up the cars that got too close! This guy is insane! Suddenly he jumps out of his con. truck and races towards me. I recognize his face as my friend Q. But here, he was no friend! Just some mad man!

      The crowd is terrified of him, and runs!

      My car disappears and I run down an alley, hoping I can hide from him. But he waits for me, pacing back and forth for me to come out. What do I do? As I run out the other end I dial up 911 on my cell phone. They take FOREVER to answer! The responder explains that she's the ONLY employee there. What? Are they cancelling 911?

      I explain to her there's a mad man chasing me in a const. truck on evers and some other street I can't remember. "HURRY!" I hang up and run! Q continues to chase me in his con. truck, mauling everything along the way.

      I run into a crowded mall, there's no way he can find me here! And there's no way he can maul down this mall!

      I look behind me and there he is, psychotic eyes! Help me! I run from room to room to room to room. Eventually I crash a party being held at some fancy restaurant. I tell the server, "help! get the cops!" I call 911 again!

      I hang out in the restaurant for awhile until it felt safe again. I didn't see him and hoped it meant officers were doing their job. Later I go to the supermarket and see him there. I quickly hide between isles 70 and 80 to get away from him. I woke up shortly after.

    3. Polar Bears and Two Moms

      by , 02-01-2014 at 05:19 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January, 2014

      review: two dreams merged into one, non lucid, symbolic nightmare

      First Dream
      I don't remember this dream anymore. I only remembered the last scene, which was me and mom standing on a rooftop waiting to be saved from an evil woman. That theme will play a part in the next dream.

      Polar Bears
      I was in the backyard when suddenly a polar bear walks by one of the bushes. He didn't notice me. I don't know what came over me but I instantly tried to scare him away. I shouted real loud and flailed my arms "GO AWAY! GO AWAY!"

      At first the bear was startled and jumps back. But then his fear vanishes and he looks at me with cold, hungry eyes.

      I race back inside and slam the glass porch door. The bear paces back and forth in the backyard. I thought I was safe! I call out to my sister who was on the couch "A real polar bear! A real polar bear is outside! You have to see this!"

      But to my horror I realize there are more polar bears, and they're inside. A whole family was nesting underneath the couch. I shout "They're inside! Underneath you!"

      Sis is terrified and too scared to make a move. She quickly reminds me not to yell. If I wake them up, were dead. "One bite" she reminds me.

      There's more! Now there's a large one sleeping in the hallway between me and mom. I seriously considered we would die today. I tip-toed into the kitchen and grabbed the largest knife.

      The polar bears are slowly waking up. They gaze at me and my family with those icy cold eyes.We grab each others hands and quickly run out the front door.

      It seems the whole neighborhood was outside running away from polar bears! Everyone was outside of their homes. But I realize it can't be polar bears, they must be scared of something else. A disease outbreak?

      I see a woman approaching me, she greets me as though she's my mom. But that makes no sense, because my real mother is right here. Suddenly someone shouts "GET BACK! DON'T TOUCH HER!"

      She's not my mom! She's the evil one, a plague, from the previous dream! She lounges towards me, and I wake up.
    4. Volcanic Eruption by the Beach

      by , 01-17-2014 at 07:39 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January, 2014

      review: beach, friends, volcanic eruptions, dinosaurs, monsters, forest

      Volcanic Irruption by the Beach
      Me and my friends were swimming in the ocean, while talking about swimming in the ocean. As if talking about it made it happen in my dream.

      My friends were experimenting with different dream skills and seemed concerned "Do you think there is a way we could harm the ocean?"

      I look at the giant waves and say "No way! The ocean is constant energy flowing in and out, it breathes. Nothing can hurt it"

      The giant wave carries us to shore. And then I joke "Nothing could hurt it but say - A Giant Volcanic Explosion! So big, it boils up the sea and the sea rains back on us!" Why did I say that?

      Suddenly a volcano is birthed right on the beach. It hurls giant volcanic rocks that explode into a horrible greenish lava, burning with acidic gas. The whole beach and city panics. Herds of people try to flee the growing volcano and its acidic lava. The ground is shaking and the sky turns dark from all the ash!

      In the madness I was separated from most of my friends but one. We ran into a warehouse, even though we know we can't stay here because the lava is coming. Still, were so scared we take cover and duck.

      Things only got worse. Now there are dinosaurs attacking people. Suddenly a necromancer pops out of nowhere, summoning demons and goblins. He enters our warehouse and attacks us with his legion of demons. What the hell is going on!

      I grab my friends hand and we run, we just run. We ran until we reached the forest and the sky was blue again. Inside the forest we continued to run, afraid we were being followed. We hide behind a boulder and hope we've lost our assailants. I woke up shortly after.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    5. Flood, Freaky HI and Demonic Tornado

      by , 02-23-2012 at 06:43 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 22, 2012

      Synopsis: First I have a nightmare I work at hobby lobby, then I have a second nightmare that the lights don't work, its flooding outside and my sister is screaming. Then I have a third nightmare of a demonic tornado, but it has a happy ending and I wake up energized!

      Hobby Lobby
      I'm working at hobby lobby with Al from asel art. A customer was driving me crazy. He wants to purchase this massive utility knife set and he wants it for 50% off. I keep pestering Al to help me out here because I don't know what to do, finally Al gets overwhelmed busy helping his own customers and he's like "just do whatever!"

      So I went back and told the guy I could sell it to him for 30% off! But he acts like I just insulted his mom. He makes a snide remark about our slow customer service among other things. My head is screaming "asshole! asshole!" and I half hope I just shout it out loud.

      My cats meowing wakes me up from customer service hell. The interesting thing about the dream was, although while the setting was abstract, my emotions and how I reacted to the situation wasn't it. I was myself, and I acted as I do when I actually help customers.

      Broken Lights and a Flood
      I'm on the phone with my friend Rby and were just trying to coordinate visiting each other, its hard when you live so far apart. This abstract part of the dream felt long.

      Finally Rby is able to come over. I let her in the apartment, but the lights aren't working. I can't stand this dark, its so errie and creepy. I can hear other people in the apartment too, my uncle and my mom? Rby walks down the hallway to have a sneak peak of my room and say hi to my mom. But after disappearing into the dark she runs out the apartment in a panic.

      I don't want to stay here either! So I run out the door and tell her to wait! "Let me stay at your place I'm scared here!"

      I catch up to her and it starts to pour. We try to take cover from the rain but then a flash flood engulfs us. Its ocean like waves swept me away into the dark night.

      I wake up but I can still hear the voices from my dream. I'm just glad I'm tucked under my blanket. Someone is screaming!! Its really startling! Its my cousins voice and its coming from the back of the apartment.

      My sister gets annoyed and whines "Who the hell is screaming! Shut up!" I hear her stomp towards my cousin and a moment later, my sis is screaming along with my cousin. All the while I'm awake in my bed.

      They start screaming for me! "J save us! Save us!" I can only imagine one scenario that would terrify them so much and also turn to me for help. I can feel its presence in my room. Oval head. Large black oval eyes. No. Go away. Its walking towards me.

      I open my eyes wide and focus on the fuzzy blanket over me. Finally the scary HI stops.

      Demonic Tornado
      I'm in a futuristic city and I'm roleplaying with Tetsuo's powers. After exploring the city and its parks (which seemed like a long time) I meet a young girl who has powers just like me. She's like a female Akira and I'm so happy to meet her. We fly around together.

      We draw a lot of attention and the on-lookers aren't sure whether to be afraid or amazed. That's when we notice a tornado. The tornado was brown orange, almost a rust color. It didn't look right.

      I wanted to save everyone using my powers. I take command and order them to take refuge in this building by the park. We run inside, the tornado is nearly on us. I try to generate a force field to protect us from the tornados wrath. But its not working. Its coming closer. This building can't hold up!

      "You can't stop me!"

      The deep threatening voice emanated from the tornado, wtf it talks!
      We need to get out of here, now! I close my eyes and teleport everyone to safety. When I open my eyes we are all safe on the other side of the city, near my apartment. I hope the tornado continues in the other direction.

      Instead, it bellows, its roar echoes throughout the whole city. It twists on its axis and changes its course towards us! Shit!

      "Hurry this way!"

      I lead everyone to my apartment. "Theres a basement over here!" A few men enthusiastic to live help me to quickly de-clutter the basement entrance so we can all go inside. Its extremely tiny, more like a bathroom sized cellar and were at least 20 people.

      Finally we get it clear and people start to jam themselves in there. I can see the tornado outside my window, it has theatre like faces swirling around it.

      "What are you waiting for? Get your ass inside!" A few people were to busy looking at my things, I practically had to push them into the cellar.

      Finally were all in and I close the cellar as though it had a plastic lid. The howling brown-orange tornado begins to shake the apartment.

      I focus on my shield and start to chant "The shield is working, the shield is working" But I don't feel anything, I'm too scared. A DC looks at me and realizes I could use some moral support, so he joins in on my chanting.

      Suddenly everyone is chanting with me! "The shield is working the shield is working!" I can feel it! Somehow I just know its working. The tornado can't shake us!

      The tornado veers away. Everyone cheers and piles out of the cellar. "What are you doing? The tornado is still here!" I was scared it would attack again.

      "You've avoided my attack twice. Well done. But our business isn't over.........
      Debbie's Diner"

      What? Debbie's Diner? Suddenly I remember I random scene from the beginning of my dream, about this diner that got into bad business. Across from my apartment was the diner, the female owner terrified of the demon runs back inside.

      Wow, so its not after me?

      The tornado shrinks and manifests itself as an odd looking demon. He walks into the diner to collect his due.

      Phew, its over!

      I really need to pee. Everyone just chills in my apartment. I go to the restroom and see my reflection. Its normal, except the hair is bigger. But my eyes. My own eyes were freaking me out. Whats wrong with my eyes?

      I take a closer look. They were nearly completed dilated.

      I wake up soon after.

      nightmare , memorable
    6. Cult's Hideout

      by , 02-17-2012 at 06:37 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 16, 2012

      Synopsis: dream of work, everyone left for the day - I should just go home. Second dream, me and sis go to an old abandoned apartment building, but its cult inhabitants are still there

      Leave Work!
      I walk into the office and realize no ones here! The CEO, my manager, everyone is gone and only half the lights were on. Well, I'm still scheduled to work so I sit at my desk. This is weird.

      I head over to the back, production side, and scope it out. It's a ghost town to. One shipping guy, one painter, and the production manager. I guess that makes the production manager the highest ranking employee, so we all gather around him.

      And I pop the question "No ones here, can we go home?"

      He seems to be thinking about this, all work and no play.

      "We can leave at 3 or 3:30?"

      He seemed okay with that compromise, and then I woke up.

      Cult's Hideout
      A few friends gave me and my sister the idea that we should hang out at this abandoned apartment building. Some how this building felt ancient, it had history. Kids would hang out here for its eerie feeling, tell stories, and get inspiration for movies.

      So I brought my sketchbook and other art stuff with me. Me and sis squat down in the fancy hallway in front of a door. I wonder whats inside, maybe antiques? I try to open the door but its locked. That's strange, no one lives here so why is the door locked?

      I peek through the door's crack into the room. A chair, a table. Suddenly a flash of blue brushes past my peeping gaze. There is someone in there! They push against the door as if trying to listen to me.

      I scream-whisper "holy crap there is someone in there! Weve got to gooooooo!" I shoo sis and we try to sneak away as quietly as possible. But then they stepped out of their rooms and walked towards us aggressively.

      We dash into the elevator and desperately try to close the door, but were so scared were smashing the wrong buttons. "Press this one!" Finally the elevator door closes and we head down one level.

      Im too scared to see who's waiting for us in the next floor. I don't know who those people are, but their demeanor was enough to make me want to scream.

      The door opens but we don't want to step off. The elevator had a giant window facing outdoors. A man climbs down a fire-escape right next to the elevator. At first he startled me and I thought he was one of them.

      But using the fire-escape seemed like a good idea, so me and sis follow him. There was a beautiful roof garden on this level with round plushy bushes and a hot spring. Lots of people were here, all speaking in whispers.

      Like me, they had come for the buildings history. But unlike me, they actually knew what that history was. I overhear to older men talk about the cult and its tragic demise. And they continue to explain how this dangerous cult carried on in secret.

      I don't remember what happened, but me and sis go back inside. I think because it was a roof garden we had no choice. Sis leads the way, but she is totally flipping out, running around in a panic.

      "Slow down! Where are we! Were gonna get lost!"

      Somehow magically sis leads us right back to where we started. And theres my backpack right where I left it. But our friends are no where to be seen.

      We hear voices further down the hall, our friends, and trailing behind them, the cult members who like insane enough to eat your flesh. This is ridiculous. I lead sis to a large pane glass window. I shift through the window and look back at sis who doesn't know how to do that. So I grab her hand and shift her through the window. And we fly away.

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    7. Storm Chase Me

      by , 01-18-2012 at 06:08 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 2012

      Synopsis: Two tornado dreams, and a vampire I kill

      Note: watched too many episodes of storm chasers

      Storm Chase Me
      Im on a country winding road. At first Im on a bus with a group of friends, until the twister shows up behind us and now were in a pick up on the run. The twister follows us, surrounds us. The two in the back were supposed to be keeping track of its movement, but when I looked behind me they had fallen asleep.

      Who falls asleep while running away from a twister?

      The driver is screaming at me, he can't see where the tornado is. I'm looking at the gps on the phone, but instead of showing me the tornado, theres a spider symbol on the screen. Whats up with this spider? Its, its saying its right in front of me. I look up at the drivers head, theres on a spider on it.

      "stay still theres a spider on your head!"

      I try to flick it off and as I do I feel something bite my left shoulder, waking me up. I fall back asleep and continue to dream of tornados.

      This time I'm outside my apartment, but the neighborhood is completely wrong. Im talking to mom on the cell about my tornado dream, but then I see something on the main road. Its whispy and transparent, but its a tornado.

      I get off the phone and run to sis. I don't feel safe staying in this wimpy apartment, we've gotta move. Sis agrees so we get in the car and try to outrun the tornado growing every moment. But the tornado seems to follow us and leaves us on a mad chase all over the city. At one point we tried to hide in a closet - but it was the janitors closet in the mall and they shoo'd us away.

      We made a giant circle around the city and finally decided to stay in our apartment. We dont actually make it to the apartment, we simply parked and took refuge in the car.

      I waited for the tornado to come, instead it simply fades away.

      Like the spider, a new enemy appeared, a female vampire. The city was dark, and she threatened to kill my sister. After some time I confront her, and told her to stop threatening my sister or I will kill her. But she continues to say shes going to kill my sister.

      Upset, I grab a pair of scizzors, and I warn her again that the only whos going to die is her. She threatens my sister again. So I slash her eye hoping that if I blinded her she can't kill my sister.

      She doesn't even feel any pain. She threatens to kill my sister still. So I chop off her head and her brain oozes out. She's an undead vampire, I've only weakened her. I put her head and oozy brain in a jar. What do I do with it?

      Ive got to bury it far far away from her body so it cant unite. Not my closet, I dont want to think about her head being in there. Finally I find a pool of water and bury it under the mud. I woke up soon after. That was pretty gross.

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    8. November Transformation: 20 Riddles To Solve

      by , 11-23-2010 at 06:49 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      November 14, 2010

      Synopsis: Two very interesting dreams. In the first I am told I have 20 riddles to solve. In the next, I transform, play around, and find a nightmare deep in the lowest levels of the staircase.

      20 Riddles To Solve
      I am in a dark misty place. It kind of reminds me of a movie scene from England. A DC tells me that I have 20 riddles and puzzles to solve, all regarding names. He tells me uncovering these riddles will span over several dreams. So I should take notes and repeat as often as possible what I discover so I remember my progress.

      I take out a flip book "Good idea!" and I start taking notes. This dream felt very long. I seemed to travel a lot in this misty place. And I talked a lot to, to so many DCs but I barely remember any of our conversations.

      All I remember was I solved the first riddle in that dream. And the name, a dream views member. But I don't remember who the name was! But I had a sense that this was a dream views member that I haven't really spoken with, but I should.

      Later on we are all watching TV. Wasting our time, I suddenly realize....was my time wasted? Here I am reviewing and going over these notes again and again. And for what? Lucid, I finally realize I can't take any of these notes with me! I'm gonna forget everything!

      I yell at the DC "Why did you make me spend an entire dream writing so many notes. Are you intentionally trying to waste my time?"

      He doesn't answer me. And I don't like his aura now, its obscured. Not dark as in evil. But dark as in, he isn't who I thought he was. The whole dream becomes obscured and fades away.

      The Dark Drumming
      I'm having a light adventure dream in a strange abstract city. But my friend disappears when I become lucid, represented by an inanimate toy in my hand. Oh well. Lucid, I transform into a lizard. And then even tinier, and tinier and tinier.

      I wasn't easy at first. I had to find a small bush, and imagine the twig was as wide as a tree. It worked! And my point of view flies up the twig, now the size of a tree. And I crawl over the fence.

      This simple stupid thing is something I've wanted to do for a year now. It's been a long time since I've been able to alter my size perception.

      I crawl away and under a door. It leads to an industrial staircase. I become my human self again and wonder what's down below. I vaguely remember my friend from earlier fearing this place. It's all dusty and gritty looking. And I can hear what sounds like construction down below, a constant banging. Bang. Bang. Bang.

      I thought that maybe watching the construction men do their thing would be fun. So I climb two flights down.

      But as I get closer, I realize the sound I'm hearing resembles nothing like construction. No. Bang. Bang. BANG. BANG. The sound gets closer. Larger! Overwhelming! They're footsteps!

      As the footsteps climb up the stairs, the staircase gets darker and darker. Fear takes over me. The sound is like drumming.

      I race back up. But its so dark I can't see the door I came in from. So I have to run several more floors, with that noise approaching me, coming closer. Finally there's enough light coming from the door that I can see it. I rush out the door into the building.

      I don't understand. The sound. That sound is still coming closer to me. I can hear it down the hall now. Bang. Bang. Bang.

      I find a group of emos who were probably up to no good. But I'll take vandalizing emos over this demon. They take a corner and almost leave my field of vision. Bang. Bang. Bang.

      Wait! Don't leave me!

      I beg them "Something is after me. I'm scared. Can I go with you?"

      They look at me making a funny expression . Probably because I'm way to colorful for their taste. "Ok, you can join us." Disdainfully.

      I'm so happy to be in their company. They head to the basement. Which does worry me that were going down instead of UP. We relax in a room with a lot of chairs.

      Suddenly the leader of the emo gang levitates a chair with telekinesis, and flings it at the wall. No one looks surprised, except me.

      "You have powers like the character Tetsuo!" I say

      "I hate Tetsuo! He's such a. . fucking. . emo!" Lol. Okay. I'm not even going to bother starting an argument with the poor confused man.

      I stand up and feel inspired to show off my dream skills. Suddenly were wall showing off our powers to each other, trying to prove were more awesome than the next person!

      Bang. Bang. Bang.

      We were so busy being silly I didn't even notice this whole time that we were next to a staircase. "It's him! The demon! We have to go!"

      "No" Says the leader "We'll beat the shit out of him together."

      We stand in front of the staircase. Bang. Bang. Bang. The staircase progressively gets darker. Darker. As if all the light is being swallowed. I'm scared! I'm terrified!


      The leader uses his telekinesis to hurl random objects at it. I gave it my best!

      I couldn't tell you if we defeated the monster. I always wake up during the battle. It felt like it was working though. If anything, just because I was in their company.

      But the sound still gives me shivers

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      lucid , nightmare
    9. Lucid and Singing to my Subconscious!

      by , 10-25-2010 at 05:49 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      October 24, 2010

      Synopsis: A nightmare is trapped in the back of my house. Later, I become lucid and sing silly songs to praise my subconscious because dreaming is so awesome. After wards, a DC tells me I have to wake up, and acts as if he has authority over me!

      Note: The other night I was thinking about how I should recognize that there is ANOTHER part of me that's really creating the dream. And that I need to give up this idea that my conscious self controls or creates the dream.

      A Nightmare Trapped
      I had a nightmare. Actually, I don't remember the nightmare. I only had vague impressions of it when I woke up. I remembered that several family members were involved, including my cousin cheskie. There was a female demon. And something creepy and gross involving human body parts.

      I remember me and my cousin were trying to get away, but we didn't get far. This part of the dream actually felt long!

      Later on, everyone is just chilling in the living room. When suddenly one of men starts throwing up! Being vomit-phobic, I quickly run out of the living room (and so do some of the younger cousins). He's running for the bathroom, holding his mouth! akljaal! He's gonna throw up on me, so I need to get further away from him.

      I end up running to my bedroom. Then I regret doing that. Because the nightmare is trapped in the back of my apartment. The entire back half of the apartment is dark, with strange glowing lights. And a weird metal box, which I assumed the demon was in.

      I don't remember what happens next, but I think I run out of the room and keep running all the way out of the apartment

      Lucid and Singing to my Subconscious!
      The sun is shining and I'm lucid!!

      I run across brick red roof tops, with another DC following me as a friend. From the roof tops, I leap towards a tree, and fly through its branches and green leaves. It felt nice to simply be lucid. I wish I remembered my lucid goals, but I didn't.

      I ran around a ghetto looking suburbia. Me and my DC friend hid in someone's front yard, protected with a tall chain link fence. When the owner comes home we realize we've been spotted, and like little kids we run for it! I fly out a breech in the chain-link fence, and continue flying down the street.

      I see a big building, it looks interesting so I go inside. It turns out to be some lame supermarket, filled with cheese and bored employees.

      Usually I would think this is lame and look for a new dreamscape. But last night I was on a lucid high, and thought "wow! my subconscious made all of these details?". So I walked around in a lucid high just admiring all the random details of this boring supermarket.

      Hidden in one of the isles was the tiniest little succulent I've ever seen! Complete in an equally tiny terracotta pot.

      I held the tiny thing in my palm and thought..."Its perfect!". My subconscious didn't miss anything. It was green and plump the way any succulent should be.

      At that point I start to praise my subconscious for having such creative abilities exceeding my conscious self. I started to sing a silly rhyme, somehow I managed to rhyme processed milk and manufactured cheese in the same sentence.

      I can't sing worth anything and my rhyme was dumb! Even I knew it was dumb when I was dreaming

      But to my happy surprise, suddenly all the bored looking employees break out in dance, and all together they chorus and repeat my rhyme. That was fun! I stay rhyming and singing to my subconscious for a few minutes.

      Until I ran out of things to rhyme processed milk and cheese with

      Once I stopped singing, the DCs went back to their boring routine as if nothing happened.

      Before leaving, I wanna try it again! Ahem- I have to clear my throat and my voice cracks as I come up with some silly rhyme. All is quiet, and then, the entire store mirrored back my rhyme in perfect melody! Woah!

      Happy and still lucid, I go outside and climb the big tree. I think how fun it would be to have monkey feet while climbing this tree, and like magic, I had monkey feet (I think at some point I took off my shoes). Then I try doing back flips, but I just ending up floating backwards instead.

      Suddenly a strange DC comes up to me, behind him was a group of aggressive looking men. I think I recognize this DC as a repeating DC, a not so nice one. He's a tall skinny black man, usually wearing a business suite. And he's always a jerk to me!

      He tells something I don't remember. But I remember him telling me "So now that you've learned what you were supposed to learn from this dream, its time to wake up."

      What? Wake up? End my lucid adventure?

      "No! I don't want to wake up, I'm having too much fun."

      "Fine, I'll give you an extra minute and a half. And then, I'm ending the dream."

      Who is he to tell me that he's ending MY dream? He starts counting "1.....2.....3......"

      Oh man! I run down the street, determined to get far away from this jerk and prolong my dream instead. He sends his minions after me, but they can't keep up with my speed.

      I wasn't worried about his minions. I was worried about his counting. Actually, it started to completely freak me out o_O. I didn't matter how far or how fast I went, his voice was still there, right behind me. Right in the back of my head!

      As if there is no physical space dividing me and this DC, who positions himself to be able to end my dream.

      I duck behind a bush and crawl into the thicket, losing the two boys. I can hear the men looking for me. I panic! What should I do? All the other DCs had voices that come from a distance, even far away if they were far away. But not this DC.

      The men get closer to me, scared that they would try to bring me back to the strange DC, I decided this dream ain't worth it, and wake myself up

      It was 6:30 am, hours before I needed to wake up!

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    10. Dream Wheel Day 9 - Hostile Interference

      by , 06-18-2010 at 11:35 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      March 9, 2010

      Synopsis: Outside my window is a galaxy, which I feel is a portal! A dark entity stops me from flying out my window by shooting me! Elements of dream sharing with Captain Sleepalot.

      Night Time Note: As day nine of Larther's Dream Wheel, I focused my thoughts on entering Captain Sleepalot's dream

      Hostile Interference
      I wasn't lucid and I was out some 'place' staring at the night sky. There was an amazing phenomenon happening in the night sky, just gorgeous. Like, I could see all the other galaxies!! Brilliant colorful glowing things!

      I "wake up", but really I'm still dreaming. I look outside my window to see if I can see any of the brilliant galaxies. Just one. It's tiny, but it's there pulsating and glowing a rich orangy red. I wanted so much to fly there - almost becoming lucid as I'm about to jump out the window to do so. But that's when I notice a man has been standing below my window the entire time. Before I have time to recoil he shoots me. The bullet enters my chin. I stumble to the living room to find the phone to dial 911, but I can't find it, and I logically conclude I should be passing out by now from blood loss *though technically I felt fine*. So my dream fades out.

      My dream starts over again, and I'm happy the bullet wasn't real. I'm at that place, not sure where this place is, its just a random place. I meet two girls there who I find out are also lucid dreamers (not people visiting my dream, just other people interested in lucid dreaming) and they were both interested in astral projection or dream sharing. I also found out that we all had a similar dream in the past, but I couldn't remember what. So I invite the two girls home so we could have a dreaming slumber party!

      The first girl freaks out! Something about my apartment caused her to have horrifying nightmares involving aliens. I just remember her locking herself in the bathroom because she was so scared. She apologizes for breaking down, and insists she can't stay at my apartment any longer, so she leaves. I felt bad that my apartment effected her so much.

      The other girl was fine. We looked outside my window, and again, theres the brilliant galaxy and the scary man outside my window. I tell her it's not safe to go out there, for obvious reasons. And that the only way we can reach the galaxy is through the dreamstate. The girl told me that the evil man was already in the dreamstate, and that she had the power to get rid of him for me so that I can go to the galaxy.

      It was a deal then! She had to do a ritual to prepare herself. I tried to find the best and safest bedroom for her to do this in. My apartment becomes like a nightmare. Theres bedrooms and bedrooms and bedrooms and they all had this bad creepy energy to them. The safest place in the apartment was the kitchen cabinetry! So I took her there. She disappears as she enters the dreamstate, and gives me a sign shortly after that she is lucid.

      Sitting there alone in a little closet of food, I become lucid. As I became lucid, this dream character trying to get rid of the evil man for me ceases to exist. It's hard to explain, but it's happened to me lots of times that when I become lucid dream characters just vanish. After that, my dream melted away and I woke up for real.

      * * * * *

      After sharing this dream entry and my thoughts over what the dark entity means, Captain shares his dream. Where he SHOOTS a dark entity outside his home.
    11. Adventure I can't Reach

      by , 06-18-2010 at 07:08 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 28, 2010

      I dreamed of a magical landscape I couldn't reach. Then I had a realistic dream of work that fooled me.

      Night Time Note: I went to sleep at least an hour earlier than usual. I made the intention to enter Captain Sleepalots dream. I focused on the image of the dream wheel. But for what? My neighbors and sis wouldn't let me sleep. And even though I implanted in my head dream wheel before sleeping, it was miserable hours later before I actually could fall asleep. Maybe some where after 4am.

      Adventure I Can't Reach
      My first dream of the night was pleasant and weird. I was in a sun lit house, a beautiful old mansion. The kind of dream house where just right outside my door was an adventurous land. But I was struggling to be a part of this adventurous land. I remember flying around for a bit. But I always had to return home. Not to mention I really needed to use the restroom. Which was true in real life. I had a false awakening where I double check that I didn't use the bed, and then I wake up for real - nice and dry.

      I had a dream again with some guys, but I can't remember who or what is taking place. It doesn't feel like much happened. Maybe we just spoke.

      Realistic Work Dream
      My morning dream was yet again another work dream. This time it was all too real. Real enough to fool me. Sure it got to the point where I wondered if this could be a dream. But I never did a reality check to prove it to myself, instead I took it for reality. Which really sucked to think that this could all be real!

      It was sunday, it was almost 5pm. We were crowded with costumers, some didn't even know what they wanted, others had lists. When the time got close, I locked the door, thought technically it was only about 4:58 pm. What ever. I probably turned the lights on and off at least two times to grab everyone's attention that, yes, we are closing. It felt so real though. Maybe some of the imagery was mixed with this last sunday, which was in real life very busy around this time?

      We finally kick everyone out after what feels like a stressful ordeal. And I wake up shortly after. It takes me a while to recall the dream that I almost took for reality.

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