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    Non-Lucid Dreams

    1. NY Flood, Harpie TF and Dancing

      by , 02-17-2017 at 05:26 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      Feb 17, 2017

      Notes: Multiple dreams, non lucid. Nieces are over to visit. Massive Storm in New York. Harpie transformation. Dancing with new romantic interest

      1. My nieces are over to visit and they are driving me insane. And Alison just wants to go home. But there is a reason why my sis and nieces can't drive home tonight. There's a nasty storm outside and it's already flooding.

      2. Its night, it's storming and I'm driving. The streets are flooding and cars are driving cautiously, underneath a canopy of tall trees I haven't seen in years. I'm in Long Island NY. I give up driving through this downpour. Instead I transform into a harpie. I have some sort of adventure as a harpie, as this storm floods NY, but I don't remember it now.

      3. I'm at a social and I meet someone new. But he looks like a coworker I knew years ago, Q. He wants to dance with me and I'm totally ok with it. The dancing felt real, he spins me round and round several times. But I honestly don't remember any music. Later, I'm home, and I practice dancing in front of a mirror. Later still, I feel guilty for dancing with him. What would my friend R think? He would be so upset.

      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Paint Shop Falls Apart - Transformation Chase

      by , 01-16-2017 at 07:46 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      Notes: Fell asleep super late, dreamed the paint shop literally falls apart (not really working there anymore). Dream becomes about hiding from bad guys and transformation

      Paint Shop Literally Falls Apart
      I'm in the paint shop working. There's a spiral staircase connecting the first floor of the shop to the second floor. (In waking there is only one floor). I need to go upstairs for some reason. As soon as I do, the ground begins to shake. The entire second floor is collapsing! We all try to balance the weight of the collapsing floor by gathering on one side instead.

      But the floor is still falling. Ruby climbs a shelf and I follow after her. As the entire floor gives way the shelf falls towards the window. We climb on top of the window ledge as the second floor completely crashes. I wonder if anyone was down there.

      The whole building is still shaking. She jumps from the window ledge to the stone wall that's outside (dream wall). The gap between the building and the wall is pretty big. I wait for the building to sway a little closer before making the jump. We climb over the wall and onto the other side, a grassy field. My dream seems to morph from there.

      Transformation-Chase Dream
      I'm hiding in the grass. By the fence theres a strange gang of people, both women and men. Theyre looking for me and my friends and laughing as to how they're going to hurt us. Still crouching down, I aim a gun at them and fire tranquilizer darts. But my aim wasn't good enough.

      They chase me through the grassy fields and dilapidated buildings. I quickly hide underneath one of the buildings before they spot me. I don't know why I suddenly decide to transform into a winged cat woman under there. I thought maybe if they did spot me, they wouldn't recognize me because of my transformation.

      They crouch down and take a look under the building. I plan how I would attack and escape. But I woke up shortfly after
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. My Friend the Kamui (Kill la kill)

      by , 11-14-2014 at 05:04 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      November 13, 2014

      Multiple dreams, hard to remember them all. Kill la Kill inspired semi-lucid dream.

      My Friend the Kamui

      Me and my friends were running around a neighborhood. I don't remember what we were doing, this part of the dream feels long. But I got the feeling were being bad, pranking the neighbors.

      We bust into someone's house. We assumed no one was home but we were wrong. Two little old ladies were home and take defensive measures against our intrusion. My friend flips out and goes to far!

      I can't remember all the details now, but I'm pretty sure he killed them. We tried to stop him! After all, we were just pranking, we didn't mean any real trouble. It's too late now. He's murdered those innocent women and we were his accomplices.

      The cops are here! My friends scram! Except for the one who murdered. I promise to help him escape the cops. At that moment he transforms into a hoodie. I wear him, he talks to me and grants me powers, kinda like the kamui in Kill La Kill.

      "Hold on!" I fly off as fast as I can. The rest of the dream was a chase dream. Now and then I check on my friend, the hoodie, to make sure he's okay.

      But the dream walls kept closing me in and I grew tired of running. They've got me surrounded. I give up! I take off my hoodie and surrender it to the cops.

      I had a dream after, but now I don't remember it.
    4. Psychotic Doctor and Sky War

      by , 02-11-2014 at 03:58 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 10, 2014

      a very long dream separated into three parts, a psychotic doctor is out for blood, two agents help me, a war breaks out in the sky

      Psychotic Doctor
      My neighbor is a doctor. The dream right now is abstract and our houses are little cardboard cartons. This whole time, I had no idea that my neighbor, the doctor, is a complete psychopath. He's murdered. And after word gets out about these murders the doctor flees and goes into hiding.

      I was riding my bicycle down the neighborhood when I nearly run over a crazed man. It's the doctor! Half of his face is missing its skin. But right before my eyes his face starts to heal. Is he not human? Like a monster, he attacks my bicycle and I run away.

      Later on, I take refuge at an elderly woman's house. But this house is where the doctor is hiding in. Threatened again, I run away.

      Agents for Hire
      Me and my friends are in a large office building desperately trying to get help! A murderer is on the lose and he's after us. No one believed our crazy story about our friendly neighborhood doctor who transformed into a monster, except for two young female agents. One was ginger and the other was black with curly hair. The duo were the youngest agents and they were looking for an interesting off beaten job.

      They quickly hurry me and my friends away from the main office, their bosses, and into a private backroom. They ask me if there's anything supernatural about this case. And I explain to them his face was disfigured and then before my eyes he healed.

      The agents were kind and listened to everything I had to say and seemed to be scheming where to go from here. As I told them my story I remembered more dream scenes *possible false memories*. As I recalled those scenes they happened again.

      The woman the doctor is staying with is actually a little person, not sure why that detail was important. When I left her house I wasn't alone, I was with my friends. Afraid the doctor was after us, we transformed into tanuki and hid in some bushes.

      The agents reassure us that they are committed to our case! But then, an explosion outside catches us all off guard.

      Sky War
      A real war has broken out. My friends and I and the agents were gathered in some sort of military headquarters. But after we left the headquarters I was separated my friends and never knew what happened to them.

      The battle taking place on the ground was beyond me. Guns vs guns, not my thing. What could I do? I look up to the sky. The real battle was taking place up there! Thousands of aerial battle ships! From down here they all looked like black dots darting across the sky. I can't help but shout "Look at that!". I swear I even saw dragons.

      I'm no use down here. What about up there? Im worried I won't be able to fight if I focus on flying. But I had a sense my friends were up there in that battle. I fly up high and higher. I flew so high I reached the first tier of heaven.

      In this first tier of heaven there were computer screens watching the business of earth. I suddenly think about a DC who I know to be deceased and ask an employee if I can see him. The deceased DC was shrunken in a box, too depressed to come out.

      "When will he be better?"
      "When he's ready."
      "He's an idiot but he's really a nice guy."
      "I know" replied the man "I created him."

      The comment goes over my head. From the computer screen I can see that thousands are ignoring the war and watching useless TV like the simpsons. I get angry and start popping in and out of the TV screens and inform them about the war!

      I flew through a screen and entered an empty living room. For a moment the news on the TV screen hypnotized. And then I remembered "the war! I have to find my friends!" I fly through the TV screen again, hoping it would take me back to where I started.

      Instead I found myself on a tropical island, maybe Hawaii. I'm 1000's of miles away from the Sky War. Life here is peaceful. I meet some locals who try to tell me there's nothing to worry about or fear here. They invite me, we have lunch, life is good.

      Suddenly there is a large explosion! The locals run outside and think the volcano must be acting up. But I look up to the sky. Giant enemy battalion ships, the Sky War is here. I woke up shortly after.
    5. Rude Guests and an Evil Salesman

      by , 02-04-2014 at 04:10 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      February 2, 2014

      dreamt rude guests prevent me from falling asleep. I finally 'fall asleep' and dream within a dream. About an evil salesman.

      Rude Guests

      Two random dudes are staying over, mom's treat. I'm trying to go to sleep, but its now past 3am and the two dudes are still being loud and annoying in the living room. I interupt their gaming several times but I was never able to tell them to just shut up and go to sleep.

      It seems like a couple of more hours pass, meanadering through the house, waiting for some peace and quiet. Finally, its past 5am, the sun is rising and the two go to sleep. And when I went to the kitchen to grab some water they acted like I was now the rude one preventing their sleep.

      I use the restroom and my little cousin harrasses me. And then finally, I crawl into bed and fall asleep.

      Evil Salesman
      A naive salesman is being shown the ropes. He's shown that he's really serious about this new gig, which looks like a pyramid scheme to me. His managers show him, or rather, pitch to him, how awesome this reward is if he makes all of his sales.

      A brand new car! His managers must have repeated this lame ass pitch a hundred times before. I'm checking out this car reward. It's a total fake. Viewed from another angle you can see the car is a wreck. But whatever, the idiot is sold on his new sales gig.

      The boss shows up and shows the new guy the other rewards and merchandise, just right behind the car. Some of this merchandise were perscription drugs being sold for a quarter of the price. But they were left outside to the elements and have spoiled rotten.

      Finally I get pissed off and say "You can't sell these meds! They've gone bad! You'll kill someone!"

      The boss didn't like me questioning him. But since I wasn't one of his lackies he just asks me to leave this private affair. Fine, whatever.

      I walking away when my friend, Kitd, pulls me aside. She got into this business and but needs help getting out, it's a total mafia she explains. For talking to me in private like this, the big boss threatens her.

      He curses and curses and threatens to kill her!

      "Hey, you can't talk to my friend like that!"

      But before I could fight the boss my friend insists we should make a run for it. Is she fast! I couldn't keep up. I try flying instead. We run/fly to an elevator. The boss was right behind us and catches the next elevator. The two elevators had a window so we can see each other. His eyes were murderous.

      I slam on the window and threaten him back "If you lay a finger on her, I will kill you!"

      From the elevator we make way to an airport. This was a futuristic airport, only the size of a room. The security here is fierce. My friend had an instant pass and I just flew over the security guards heads. But the boss couldn't get through so easily and the guards stopped him at the gates to see some proper ID. It bought us a few minutes.

      We sit down at a strange terminal. My friend types in an address. Rather than a plane, this machine teleports you. In an instant, we are teleported to safety.
    6. Construction Truck Rampage

      by , 02-01-2014 at 06:18 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 31, 2014

      review: friend Q rampages the streets with a construction truck, nightmare

      Construction Truck Rampage

      I'm waiting on top of the hill for the light to turn green. The street dead-ends here so I have to turn either left or right and I definitely need to turn left.

      This light is taking forever! As I wait, I watch a construction truck harass a man outside of his own home. The con. truck destroys his yard and nearly kills the man. What the hell is going on?

      The con. truck leaves, going in the direction I need to go. Finally, the light turns green. I drive and make my turn. A gust of wind pushes my car, and just about everyone else on the street, backwards. It came from that same con. truck ahead. Crap! I should turn back!

      He smashes up the cars that got too close! This guy is insane! Suddenly he jumps out of his con. truck and races towards me. I recognize his face as my friend Q. But here, he was no friend! Just some mad man!

      The crowd is terrified of him, and runs!

      My car disappears and I run down an alley, hoping I can hide from him. But he waits for me, pacing back and forth for me to come out. What do I do? As I run out the other end I dial up 911 on my cell phone. They take FOREVER to answer! The responder explains that she's the ONLY employee there. What? Are they cancelling 911?

      I explain to her there's a mad man chasing me in a const. truck on evers and some other street I can't remember. "HURRY!" I hang up and run! Q continues to chase me in his con. truck, mauling everything along the way.

      I run into a crowded mall, there's no way he can find me here! And there's no way he can maul down this mall!

      I look behind me and there he is, psychotic eyes! Help me! I run from room to room to room to room. Eventually I crash a party being held at some fancy restaurant. I tell the server, "help! get the cops!" I call 911 again!

      I hang out in the restaurant for awhile until it felt safe again. I didn't see him and hoped it meant officers were doing their job. Later I go to the supermarket and see him there. I quickly hide between isles 70 and 80 to get away from him. I woke up shortly after.

    7. Creating a Pool

      by , 02-01-2014 at 05:41 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January, 2014

      me and sis create an intense pool

      Creating a Pool
      Me and sis were digging up a giant ditch and gossiping about how awesome this pool is going to be. Creating a pool by scratch in a dream is easy, things just happen as you talk about it.

      In moments the muddy ditch was filled with stone and mortar. I start working on the floor, it has a giant crack! The water is just going to seep through and under it. But moments later the pool is filled with water anyways.

      I swim in my pool, enjoying the fruit of my hard work. I double check the the filters, are they running okay? Sis on the other hand was double checking the whirlpool mechanism.

      At first the waves were subtle. But then the waves became so intense I was hanging onto the ledge for my life! "TURN OFF THE WHIRLPOOL!". Sis turns it off and the pool slowly calms down. Men interrupt us and I woke up shortly after.
      Tags: intense, pool
    8. Weird Link Adventure

      by , 02-01-2014 at 05:27 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January, 2014

      review: short, abstract adventure dream

      Weird Link Adventure
      As Link, I was drawn to adventure outside and disregard the castle. It wasn't long before I encountered the bad guy. The bad guy was formless, a shadow, a voice that would mock me.

      It was night and I decided to follow the voice of the bad guy, why? I don't know. But the bad guy promised it had something important to show me. Am I trusting the voice of the bad guy now?

      The voice led me to perils, cliffs and ledges I had to jump. To help me, the voice transforms into a wolf. And then a wolf with wings. The voice explains "This is your true power Link!"

      It was awesome being a flying wolf! There was one last thing I needed to do, I needed to meet this voice. Which introduced herself as "Impa".

      Impa is living in a forbidden tree, floating above the clouds, insight of the castle. I fly to that tree and meet Impa. I woke up shortly after.

    9. Polar Bears and Two Moms

      by , 02-01-2014 at 05:19 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January, 2014

      review: two dreams merged into one, non lucid, symbolic nightmare

      First Dream
      I don't remember this dream anymore. I only remembered the last scene, which was me and mom standing on a rooftop waiting to be saved from an evil woman. That theme will play a part in the next dream.

      Polar Bears
      I was in the backyard when suddenly a polar bear walks by one of the bushes. He didn't notice me. I don't know what came over me but I instantly tried to scare him away. I shouted real loud and flailed my arms "GO AWAY! GO AWAY!"

      At first the bear was startled and jumps back. But then his fear vanishes and he looks at me with cold, hungry eyes.

      I race back inside and slam the glass porch door. The bear paces back and forth in the backyard. I thought I was safe! I call out to my sister who was on the couch "A real polar bear! A real polar bear is outside! You have to see this!"

      But to my horror I realize there are more polar bears, and they're inside. A whole family was nesting underneath the couch. I shout "They're inside! Underneath you!"

      Sis is terrified and too scared to make a move. She quickly reminds me not to yell. If I wake them up, were dead. "One bite" she reminds me.

      There's more! Now there's a large one sleeping in the hallway between me and mom. I seriously considered we would die today. I tip-toed into the kitchen and grabbed the largest knife.

      The polar bears are slowly waking up. They gaze at me and my family with those icy cold eyes.We grab each others hands and quickly run out the front door.

      It seems the whole neighborhood was outside running away from polar bears! Everyone was outside of their homes. But I realize it can't be polar bears, they must be scared of something else. A disease outbreak?

      I see a woman approaching me, she greets me as though she's my mom. But that makes no sense, because my real mother is right here. Suddenly someone shouts "GET BACK! DON'T TOUCH HER!"

      She's not my mom! She's the evil one, a plague, from the previous dream! She lounges towards me, and I wake up.
    10. Volcanic Eruption by the Beach

      by , 01-17-2014 at 07:39 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January, 2014

      review: beach, friends, volcanic eruptions, dinosaurs, monsters, forest

      Volcanic Irruption by the Beach
      Me and my friends were swimming in the ocean, while talking about swimming in the ocean. As if talking about it made it happen in my dream.

      My friends were experimenting with different dream skills and seemed concerned "Do you think there is a way we could harm the ocean?"

      I look at the giant waves and say "No way! The ocean is constant energy flowing in and out, it breathes. Nothing can hurt it"

      The giant wave carries us to shore. And then I joke "Nothing could hurt it but say - A Giant Volcanic Explosion! So big, it boils up the sea and the sea rains back on us!" Why did I say that?

      Suddenly a volcano is birthed right on the beach. It hurls giant volcanic rocks that explode into a horrible greenish lava, burning with acidic gas. The whole beach and city panics. Herds of people try to flee the growing volcano and its acidic lava. The ground is shaking and the sky turns dark from all the ash!

      In the madness I was separated from most of my friends but one. We ran into a warehouse, even though we know we can't stay here because the lava is coming. Still, were so scared we take cover and duck.

      Things only got worse. Now there are dinosaurs attacking people. Suddenly a necromancer pops out of nowhere, summoning demons and goblins. He enters our warehouse and attacks us with his legion of demons. What the hell is going on!

      I grab my friends hand and we run, we just run. We ran until we reached the forest and the sky was blue again. Inside the forest we continued to run, afraid we were being followed. We hide behind a boulder and hope we've lost our assailants. I woke up shortly after.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    11. Glen From WD and Lava

      by , 12-04-2013 at 04:40 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      December 3, 2013

      review: Glen from the walking dead is trying to lead us away from the lava

      Glen and lava
      For whatever reason Glen is my boyfriend, maybe a zombie ate maggie. Its dark and were trapped in this area. Im not sure whats keeping us trapped here, if its zombies surrounding us or something else. All I know is this area used to be a safe zone. Now its just a cage with nothing for us but to wait for death.

      Glen leads the group "we have to go back". We get to the boundary of this area, its completely surrounded by a deep fissure in the ground. Down below the fissure you can see lava freely flowing. I take the lead instead, carefully guide the group past the lava-fissure. Its something like from a zelda game. Glen gleefully asks me "how did you do that? I wasn't even sure how to get out" I said "Im a gamer, its what Im good at"

      Just ahead of us in this dark landscape is an abandoned building. Its hard to say what this building was. But inside were different rooms. We run inside of one filled with precious items. I find a tea kettle set made of china that I think is adorable. Its the end of the world so we can take whatever we want, the problem is carrying everything by hand.

      I don't want to be burdened by more items so I tell them "I'll come back once we reach the next safe zone"

      Glen checks out the walls. By placing his hands on them he can tell whats on the otherside - lava. Lava starts to spew out from one end of the building. We can't go that way. After running around this maze we realize this building is surrounded by lava, and it will soon breach all of its walls. We can't go forward.

      We can only go back the way we came, which isnt really an option.

      We were in the library when we realized this devastating news that were stuck. Frustrated, Glen knocks down the library shelf. It creates a domino effect and all the other shelves fall down. The last one fell with a loud thud and lots of dust. When the dust cleared I could see a bright tiny light. "Look at that!" It literally looked like the end of a tunnel.

      "Is that a way out?"

      We race towards it but its only a light bulb attached to something electronic. But the falling library shelves did open up a new room. In the back of this room was a robot behind a glass wall. It seemed like it was built to do manufacturing labor. But considering all the workers are dead, I couldn't help but be suspicious of this robot.

      But my friends thought maybe this robot could be our way out. Before I could protest they boot him up. The robot seems friendly enough. I ask him if he's aware of the current situation of the world, about the zombies and the lava.

      I woke up before he could answer
    12. Ranma 1/2 and other dreams

      by , 08-01-2013 at 05:32 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      August 1, 2013

      to remember every dream of the night, multiple dreamlets

      Ranma 1/2

      Ranma was about to face a tough opponent. He chickened out and didn't want to get hurt. Then Ukyo comes up with a great idea - go out as a girl. Ukyo splashes cold water on Ranma and pretties 'her' up. Ranma giggles and practices being seductive. Akane scolds him the whole time for being a pervert.

      It's time for the fight. Ranma wears a seductive outfit and flirts with the opponent. The opponent collapses on the floor with a nose bleed. I thought the episode was fun but mostly I was dissapointed at how kiddy grade Ranma 1/2 is. So I put on a more adult version of Ranma 1/2. Two guys, best friends, one can turn into a girl, out in the woods. Its broke back mountain with a twist.

      When my Boss stayed Over?
      I had a false dream memory. The memory was a time when my old boss W stayed over at our apartment. This memory didn't make any sense to me and I questioned it the whole time. Why would someone like her stay at a craptacular apartment like ours? She seemed too high class to do that.

      Then I started having more false memories trying to make sense of it. Like remembering that I cleaned up the place first - yeah right. Or remembering that she brought her own bed, naturally she wouldn't sleep on our couch.

      Or maybe I got the memory completely wrong and it was only her son that stayed over. But that wasn't making any sense either. The only false memory that made any sense was that she came late at night - around 2am. This way none of the neighbors would see her shamefully stay at our place.

      Either way, I was preparing the apartment because I had a feeling tonight would be the same.

      A Pack of Kids
      Later, I'm resting in my bedroom but there's a pack of kids harassing me. I guess mom is babysitting them and I want nothing to do with them! They keep running in and out of my room. (in real life my niece is staying over). I imagined them as a pack of annoying dogs, like labrador puppies.

      Again, here they come running to my room. So I get on all fours and growl at them. Finally they got the message and stayed away.

      Akira-Colonel-Meshed City
      I had a short Akira dream, mostly it was about the Colonel being a fool who couldnt understand a teenager. The memory is too fuzzy now.

      At some point I woke up and was going to jot down the dream, but I fell back asleep. As I was recalling the dream new dream scenes would appear in front of me. I vaguely remember Tetsuo running away in teenage angst, the city was already in ruins.

      I retraced Tetsuo's steps "he must have run down this way!". I was pressed up against a chain link fence with the 'ruins' near inches away from my back. The 'ruins' was a jumbled up metallic mess, with sharp jabbing edges. The 'ruins' looked like the entire city went through a junk yard facility, compressed into an incomprehensible box. Either way I was trapped. I couldn't move an inch without the 'ruins' stabbing me.

      Walking with a Stranger
      I'm in the grocery store trying to recall my dreams. Some how I end up having a conversation with an older black man. I leave the grocery store and start walking with him down the street, just listening to his story. Something about his sister and mom. At that point I remember that I left my family blocks back in the grocery store. Maybe I should turn back? It seemed kinda awkward now, maybe I should just finish walking with him.

      Note: Its around 7:30 now and the morning noise of my niece wakes me up. I remembered at some point in the night I tried to jot down my dreams but just fell asleep. This time I muster the effort to scribble, I fall back asleep after.

      Team Evil-Naruto Mix

      So, there was this evil bad guy, a guy like orochimaru mixed with sasuke. At one point in his life he was the most feared of all the bad guys, a master of all dark ninjutsu. Except now he's had some change of heart and totally sucks at anything dark.

      And, the newly formed evil team has no idea that their sensei is a farse! What would they do if they found out he's a compelte softie? Kill him-worse? Fortunately his sister was also on the team and determined to save his reputation as the master of all dark ninjutsu.

      The evil team members kept showing off their dark skills, powerful blasts that would incinerate or decapitate or disfigure or mutate. At one point the leader collapses from the dark attacks. The mutated team members stare curiously at their fallen leader, surely the leader of dark ninjutsu wouldn't be hurt from such a simple attack?

      'of course not!' the sister quickly butts in and uses her own ninjutsu to make it appear as though her brother, the leader, is completely fine 'he didn't collapse, see he countered your skill by transforming!'

      The group was satisfied and the leader's reputation was saved. The whole time I kept watching comical moments like this, with the sister coming up with all sorts of kooky excuses to save her brother, the orochimaru-sasuke mix.

      Office Behind the Garden Gate

      I decided to visit my former co-workers. Except the building I'm in doesn't resemble any previous job and I don't even recognize the employees. But I still tell myself I used to work here.

      The retail area of the store looked like a supermarket. There was a large gate separating the retail side from the actual workspace, office side. It was a fancy iron gate, about 40ft long.

      One of the guys flirts and chats with me, i tell him about my ranma dream, and he tours me around the retail side. Then one of the customer service ladies gripes that she's working all by herself! I go back to the office side, I can see why she's frustrated. Suddenly there's a horde of customers in front of her gate, but none of the employees are anywhere to be seen. And the phones won't stop ringing.

      I remembered thinking that the factory crew out in the back used to make fun of the office side as being nothing but a bunch of whiners. But here I could understand her frustration. She tries to send me out there instead! No way! I don't work here anymore and I have no idea what to do anyways.

      Mom Strips for the Science Lab
      (she was belly dancing last night)
      Mom is half naked, actually I don't remember why. I think she was getting ready but was running late and ran outside half dressed. I follow her trying to help finish getting ready. In a rush, she runs into some science laboratory, a huge museum like place. 'excuse me! coming through!'. She tried to conceal herself as she run past crowds.

      We just need to find a door! Finally we run into a closet. Mom continues getting ready. I decide to get ready too. That's when I notice the closet has a camera. Someone is watching us and they're totally getting the wrong idea!

      The security bust in and accuse us of doing all sorts of obscene things, perverts! My dream is fading out now - so I start to imagine how I would like it to end. I imagine that me and my mom sneak out using a food cart as a disguise. As I imagine that I walk around the museum trying to figure out which way our food cart would go.

      'We'd go down this hallway, right out there to the front door!' When I looked out the window I easily floated towards it and right through it.

      The museum was perched high on a cliff with an ocean waving below, it was a deep serene color. I was still drifting away without any control, simply gazing at those gentle deep waves below. I imagined that if my dream had more time I'd plunge in. I try to dive in but my dream is so floaty now I can't do much. I wondered if I would breathe under the water of I would experience my lungs taking in all that water, effectively drowning- then I wake up.

      non-lucid , dream fragment
    13. Two Punks - Chase Dream

      by , 07-27-2012 at 04:37 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      July 26, 2012

      Synopsis: two men break into the house and then chase me

      Two Punks
      Im in a mansion again, living with friends and family. Our happy little world was ruined when two guys decide to break in. It was broad daylight and they had no shame. They busted into my bedroom, attacked my friends and started to tear the place apart.

      I wanted to get their attention away from my friends, so I attacked them using magic "over here!"

      They focus on me now and I jump out the window. They followed me as I planned, now I just have to lose them. I fly over the stone wall (dream wall) and on top was an abstract landscape. It looked like a maze arranged with potted plants in giant concrete planters.

      The plants are too short, they can see me. I couldn't lose them in the maze. I was hoping to find a forest to hide into, but the maze led to a wide clearing instead. Damn.

      They're still following me. I take a sharp turn to the left and find some city folk to mingle with. Theres some sort of festival or concert going on in the park. I thought for sure Ive lost them in the crowd.

      Just past the crowd was a forest - yay! I race towards the forest when - the two guys step out of the crowd and block my way.

      "Going some where?"

      I didn't like their feeling. They didn't feel like the rest of the dream characters. I wake up, but its actually a FA.

      I felt uncomfortable, as if two entities were in my bedroom - just hiding in the corner. It was daylight in my FA. I write on the wall in big fat letters - MICHEAL. As in Archangel Micheal. The wall was already doodled with stars, ready for me to write his name.

      I felt more comfortable and went back to sleep - which made me wake up for real.
    14. Rotting Flooded Waters

      by , 12-14-2010 at 06:47 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      December 2010

      Synopsis: I should be unlazy and actually use my dream journal! A surreal dream involving a flood with rotten water. Later, I find hippies.

      Rotting Flooded Waters
      I'm in my backyard. In real life I don't have one anymore, so this is the backyard of my childhood. There is a little pond next to a small tree, filled with healthy fish.

      It rains and the pond swells and covers the entire backyard, like a swamp. But all the fish are dead, and now the water is filled with rotting things. I stand on top of something to get away from the diseased water.

      Usually the rain water is absorbed by the soil. Thinking back to my horticulture class I say "Theres something wrong with the soil! Its got no drainage." At first I thought it was only my backyard that was flooded. But I took a quick peek over the fence and I could see the entire suburban neighborhood was under water!

      This is bad. One house with rotten water is one thing, but an entire neighborhood? I thought of katrina, and deadly diseases. Well, I guess we gotta leave!

      My family gather outside on the street and discuss where we should go. Lucky us, we live next to a hill that was spared the flood. We can see little houses up there. We pack our things, which was neatly waiting for us outside our home. A random monkey character helps us carry our things.

      When we get to the top of the hill all the houses are super small. And they were all connected to each other. We walk through the common hallway between them. Each little house was more like a tent filled with random items. I guessed that hippies must live here!

      My family starts to go shopping. Even though these weren't shops, it seems the tent people like a good bargain. Later on, old friends invite me to a turkey dinner, and I wonder if the turkey has synthetic hormones.

      Then I wake up!
    15. Dolphin Dream Mantra Again!

      by , 10-23-2010 at 03:29 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      October 22, 2010

      Synopsis: Lots of weird dreams. A haunted bathroom. A conspiracy, a strange world just for zoo creatures. The ocean, and mutants for hire.

      Note: I'm back on my dolphin dream mantra and more determined than ever! Although I didn't accomplish my goal, my dream last night included a strong dream sign. The lights didn't work. Later, an ocean appears in my dream.

      Haunted Bathroom
      I'm standing in front of the bathroom door, scared because of how dark it is. The set up of my home is completely wonky, like it's a mirror image of my home, were everything feels like on the opposite side.

      I notice something stirring. A plastic bottle from the darkness of the bathroom starts walking towards me! There are other people in the hallway, just chatting, and they don't seem to notice. The haunted plastic bottle then slides right under me. Startled I jump.

      "Did you see that! Did you see that!"

      The man next to me scratches his head. "Well I saw it slide on its own. Weird."

      "It did more than that. It was walking!"

      I needed to go in the restroom, but now I'm too scared. The young man, being a gentleman, checks out the bathroom for me. He tries to turn on the light - but it doesn't work!

      I think for a moment 'how strange? I wonder if this is a dream.'. But I don't follow through with the reality check and the dream sign goes over my head. When he can't get the lights to work, I quickly grab my contacts and toothbrush before something else freakish happens.

      I go to the bathroom in my bedroom instead, which was full of random girls doing girly things. But now the lights here are flickering!

      "Oh no, not again!"

      I can hear something moving and stirring about in my room. It would have been more creepy, if I were alone. We simply waited out the haunted night, with lights flickering, and random objects moving. I woke up, and only dreamed I wrote in my dream journal

      Small Town Small Zoo
      I'm in a small town, where the college is the center of everything. It's got that small town - you - know - everybody kind of feel. And the teachers are sorta the leaders here. After walking to the boondocks to reach my classroom, I discover a conspiracy taking place behind the portable!

      I don't remember what it was anymore. But it had something to do with an old man wearing a disguise. The old man wearing the disguise was under cover. He told me about the conspiracy, and led me to the back door of the small town. Tucked away in a shopping district.

      It was very important that me and my friends escaped behind this door, because this conspiracy involved us!

      When we ran through the other side we entered a ripe green world. Lush valleys and tall mountains. But it didn't turn out to be what I thought it would be. Everything was fake here, like man made. Man made mountains. Man made valleys. Man made rivers, even a man made ocean and beach! The native inhabitants, which we become, were otter people.

      It was like the entire world was a zoo, and the humans were servants that waited on us! Despite the fake zoo like feeling, we were happy that at least in this world, we otter people rule, and we were free to do as we pleased. Even the picnic benches were extra small to fit our unique size.

      Everything was peachy until the bad people from the small town found us! Then we tried to run away, swimming through pools on the way. I woke up after, and fell asleep before I even lifted my pencil.

      Mutants for Hire
      I don't think I really fell asleep. More like, I was half awake for this dream. It had something to do with mutants, teenagers and misfits who didn't fit in. They banded together, especially since society deemed them monsters. A mafia man hired them. Having no other way to obtain an income, they worked for him.

      But really, I thought of the mutants too special to lower themselves to the likes of the mafia!

      I woke up after and stayed lightly day-dreaming of the winged mutants and their flights

      non-lucid , dream fragment
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