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    A World In My Head!!

    Power Party

    by , 10-04-2012 at 06:11 AM (271 Views)
    October 3, 2012

    Synopsis: me and sis visit uncle alex, the whole family joins us. Later, I try doing dishes. After, I join a group students learning to control monsters with chi, then we party hard.

    Uncle Alex's Place
    Sis gets the idea to visit uncle Alex unannounced at 11pm. His house is huge, tucked away on a large forested plot. Our uncle has a guest over, a lady is interviewing him for a job. Sis worries were not properly dressed and that we'll embarres him. Still, we open the front door and go in. I stay by the front door while sis goes looking for uncle.

    But he's back outside saying goodbye to the lady. He turns around and he's suprised to see us. Suddenly the whole extended family shows up and were just having a big old spontanious party. We decide we should let our poor uncle so we go home.

    That's when I try to do the dishes. But I have dream-foggy-brain-syndrome and I try to wash the dishes by turning on a spicket near the floor. Now the whole kitchen is flooding, the water rolls down away. Holding the dirty dish in my hand at 12am "I dont think this is how you wash dishes". After that I woke up.

    Power Party
    Standing in a field with other students, our teacher instructs us on how to attract and manipulate the monsters. They looked like pokemon or digimon. I waited for a monster to notice me. It wasn't hard, they love attacking people.

    An adorable pokemon thing comes charging at me. I charge up my chii and attack it as my instructor showed me. The monster was subdued. So long as I kept pouring my own energy into it, it was like my pet.

    I watched the other students. One of the students starts to freak out and mutats into a monster. "Thats what he gets for using too much chii"

    "Wait, so if you do it wrong you turn into the monster?"

    "Didn't you listen to anything teacher said?"

    Suddenly I had a new goal. I must be the worst student and turn into a monster!!

    It gets dark so they shoo us back inside. I dont know what dorm room to stay in, its kinda finders keepers. I end up in a room with five other people. But in moments we realized we were looking for each other, our whole lives.

    It was the best dorm party ever and it all felt so real. This tiny little crammed room of best friends forever. They joke about exams tomorrow. The hallways are filled, the kitchen, every where you step is a student.

    I start to realize I'm dreaming and I could careless about being a good student. I drag my new friends outside. "But its against the rules" "I dont care, were dreaming". I grab my friends hand and drag him as I walk right through the glass plane. The rest follow us.

    Outside we run along the campus. The monsters in the night were freaky instead of cute pokemon. Again my friends warn me how dangerous it is to try to control them at night, they tell me its impossible. I give it a try anyways. The monsters are a lot more powerful and I needed my friends to help me subdue just one.

    An instructor spots us and questions us. My friends whine again I got them in trouble, but instead I start flying to show them that it doesnt matter to me because its just a dream.

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