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    A World In My Head!!

    Random September

    by , 09-21-2013 at 06:00 AM (279 Views)

    Leaving in the Pick-Up

    Me and Al finish packing the back of the pick-up. Its going to be a long trip, but I figured if we also pack some cushions or even an entire mattress, then the ride will be easier. I almost forgot my toothbrush! I'm finally ready and go wait by the pick-up with others. Al has been waiting the longest and eats his lunch in the meantime.

    Were only waiting on mom. I thought she was almost ready. It seems to take her hours to wash her face. Finally were ready to go. We pile up in the back of the pick-up. I gripe at some girls to take off their sneakers while they are sitting on my mattress. After that, I woke, disappointed that I didn't know where we were going or why

    Thanksgiving and Roaches
    Mom has cooked a huge meal for everyone. She serves me turkey wing, even though I told her I didnt want any. Sis asks "how much is it going to cost?" and mom looks offended "Im not charging, I cooked this for you". At the time in my dream that seemed illogical. 'who keeps for family for free?'

    After enjoying the meal R's boyfriend shows up. His hair is orange. That's when someone mentions "what the hell dude! what were you doing!" That's when I notice that the orange hair isn't orange hair, but roaches! His head is covered in roaches!

    "Its on you now!"

    I flip out and wake up

    Free Willy
    from the airplane view I can see an orca in the ocean heading towards the beach. I wasn't expecting to see them so close to the city, along the pacific ocean.

    On the ground, I run inside seaworld, only briefly questioning how the hell did I get in for free? I run into the penguin room. The penguins are running around free, unrestrained, around people. And they're smiling like people too. But, there was a sign not to interact with them or feed them. Ignoring the penguins I run up a flight of stairs and stop on a deck over looking the ocean.


    From up here you can clearly see an orca. First two, then three, then four. The crowd was stunned as we counted them. The wild orcas were gathering just below the enclosure of the seaworld orcas. The captive orcas were in a pool on the 4rth floor deck. One by one, the captive orcas heaved over the ledge of the pool and gravity plummeted them into the ocean. The crowd cheers for the newly freed orcas.

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