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    A World In My Head!!

    Ranma 1/2 and other dreams

    by , 08-01-2013 at 05:32 PM (434 Views)
    August 1, 2013

    to remember every dream of the night, multiple dreamlets

    Ranma 1/2

    Ranma was about to face a tough opponent. He chickened out and didn't want to get hurt. Then Ukyo comes up with a great idea - go out as a girl. Ukyo splashes cold water on Ranma and pretties 'her' up. Ranma giggles and practices being seductive. Akane scolds him the whole time for being a pervert.

    It's time for the fight. Ranma wears a seductive outfit and flirts with the opponent. The opponent collapses on the floor with a nose bleed. I thought the episode was fun but mostly I was dissapointed at how kiddy grade Ranma 1/2 is. So I put on a more adult version of Ranma 1/2. Two guys, best friends, one can turn into a girl, out in the woods. Its broke back mountain with a twist.

    When my Boss stayed Over?
    I had a false dream memory. The memory was a time when my old boss W stayed over at our apartment. This memory didn't make any sense to me and I questioned it the whole time. Why would someone like her stay at a craptacular apartment like ours? She seemed too high class to do that.

    Then I started having more false memories trying to make sense of it. Like remembering that I cleaned up the place first - yeah right. Or remembering that she brought her own bed, naturally she wouldn't sleep on our couch.

    Or maybe I got the memory completely wrong and it was only her son that stayed over. But that wasn't making any sense either. The only false memory that made any sense was that she came late at night - around 2am. This way none of the neighbors would see her shamefully stay at our place.

    Either way, I was preparing the apartment because I had a feeling tonight would be the same.

    A Pack of Kids
    Later, I'm resting in my bedroom but there's a pack of kids harassing me. I guess mom is babysitting them and I want nothing to do with them! They keep running in and out of my room. (in real life my niece is staying over). I imagined them as a pack of annoying dogs, like labrador puppies.

    Again, here they come running to my room. So I get on all fours and growl at them. Finally they got the message and stayed away.

    Akira-Colonel-Meshed City
    I had a short Akira dream, mostly it was about the Colonel being a fool who couldnt understand a teenager. The memory is too fuzzy now.

    At some point I woke up and was going to jot down the dream, but I fell back asleep. As I was recalling the dream new dream scenes would appear in front of me. I vaguely remember Tetsuo running away in teenage angst, the city was already in ruins.

    I retraced Tetsuo's steps "he must have run down this way!". I was pressed up against a chain link fence with the 'ruins' near inches away from my back. The 'ruins' was a jumbled up metallic mess, with sharp jabbing edges. The 'ruins' looked like the entire city went through a junk yard facility, compressed into an incomprehensible box. Either way I was trapped. I couldn't move an inch without the 'ruins' stabbing me.

    Walking with a Stranger
    I'm in the grocery store trying to recall my dreams. Some how I end up having a conversation with an older black man. I leave the grocery store and start walking with him down the street, just listening to his story. Something about his sister and mom. At that point I remember that I left my family blocks back in the grocery store. Maybe I should turn back? It seemed kinda awkward now, maybe I should just finish walking with him.

    Note: Its around 7:30 now and the morning noise of my niece wakes me up. I remembered at some point in the night I tried to jot down my dreams but just fell asleep. This time I muster the effort to scribble, I fall back asleep after.

    Team Evil-Naruto Mix

    So, there was this evil bad guy, a guy like orochimaru mixed with sasuke. At one point in his life he was the most feared of all the bad guys, a master of all dark ninjutsu. Except now he's had some change of heart and totally sucks at anything dark.

    And, the newly formed evil team has no idea that their sensei is a farse! What would they do if they found out he's a compelte softie? Kill him-worse? Fortunately his sister was also on the team and determined to save his reputation as the master of all dark ninjutsu.

    The evil team members kept showing off their dark skills, powerful blasts that would incinerate or decapitate or disfigure or mutate. At one point the leader collapses from the dark attacks. The mutated team members stare curiously at their fallen leader, surely the leader of dark ninjutsu wouldn't be hurt from such a simple attack?

    'of course not!' the sister quickly butts in and uses her own ninjutsu to make it appear as though her brother, the leader, is completely fine 'he didn't collapse, see he countered your skill by transforming!'

    The group was satisfied and the leader's reputation was saved. The whole time I kept watching comical moments like this, with the sister coming up with all sorts of kooky excuses to save her brother, the orochimaru-sasuke mix.

    Office Behind the Garden Gate

    I decided to visit my former co-workers. Except the building I'm in doesn't resemble any previous job and I don't even recognize the employees. But I still tell myself I used to work here.

    The retail area of the store looked like a supermarket. There was a large gate separating the retail side from the actual workspace, office side. It was a fancy iron gate, about 40ft long.

    One of the guys flirts and chats with me, i tell him about my ranma dream, and he tours me around the retail side. Then one of the customer service ladies gripes that she's working all by herself! I go back to the office side, I can see why she's frustrated. Suddenly there's a horde of customers in front of her gate, but none of the employees are anywhere to be seen. And the phones won't stop ringing.

    I remembered thinking that the factory crew out in the back used to make fun of the office side as being nothing but a bunch of whiners. But here I could understand her frustration. She tries to send me out there instead! No way! I don't work here anymore and I have no idea what to do anyways.

    Mom Strips for the Science Lab
    (she was belly dancing last night)
    Mom is half naked, actually I don't remember why. I think she was getting ready but was running late and ran outside half dressed. I follow her trying to help finish getting ready. In a rush, she runs into some science laboratory, a huge museum like place. 'excuse me! coming through!'. She tried to conceal herself as she run past crowds.

    We just need to find a door! Finally we run into a closet. Mom continues getting ready. I decide to get ready too. That's when I notice the closet has a camera. Someone is watching us and they're totally getting the wrong idea!

    The security bust in and accuse us of doing all sorts of obscene things, perverts! My dream is fading out now - so I start to imagine how I would like it to end. I imagine that me and my mom sneak out using a food cart as a disguise. As I imagine that I walk around the museum trying to figure out which way our food cart would go.

    'We'd go down this hallway, right out there to the front door!' When I looked out the window I easily floated towards it and right through it.

    The museum was perched high on a cliff with an ocean waving below, it was a deep serene color. I was still drifting away without any control, simply gazing at those gentle deep waves below. I imagined that if my dream had more time I'd plunge in. I try to dive in but my dream is so floaty now I can't do much. I wondered if I would breathe under the water of I would experience my lungs taking in all that water, effectively drowning- then I wake up.

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