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    A World In My Head!!

    Robot Time War

    by , 04-14-2013 at 05:07 PM (352 Views)
    April 14, 2013

    Review: In present day, a rich woman sends her robots 1000 years into the future to manipulate it for her own selfish agendas. A 1000 years into the future and robots and aliens alike are treated as second-class citizens. The uprising starts from the streets of the bazaar

    Robot Time War

    My family runs a stand in this futuristic bazaar. The entire bazaar was inside this massive complex which held everything in it. You live and work in the same concrete hall. It seemed everyone here was a "bazaar" family with their own family-run stand.

    Its business as usual until a robot assassin attempts to murder an old alien man. They were able to thwart the assassination attempt and I got into the middle of it more than I wanted to.

    I help the alien family with their stand and I learn a little bit more about the history of this place. The poverty, the slavery, the injustice. Apparently this old man was important to a growing uprising here in the bazaar.

    The assassination attempts didn't end. Dangerous robots were being sent one after the other. It only causes confusion and mistrust, because several of the alien families had helper robots with them.

    But these dangerous robots were actually coming from the past.

    (1000 years ago) "My-lady?" A tiny dog like robot waits in the bedroom for instructions. A female voice answers the dog robot using the robots built in walkie talkie "They are almost through the door!"

    BANG-BANG. Watching the scene, I can't tell where the banging is coming from. I don't see the woman in sight either. BANG-BANG.

    "Once they break through, I'm done for and so are you!! They'll use an EMF bomb with a radius of 7 miles! Bzzzz! No more doggie robot! Are you listening to me??? FINISH THE MISSION!"

    "Yes-mam. Where-will-you-be?"

    "I'll be here my pet, drawing my bath"

    The doggie robot thinks to himself how he must send his robot friends to their death while his master draws a bath. But the fear of the EMF bomb drives him on. He summons the next robot assassin, a female robot of his same make and model.

    The portal into the future is a small hole hidden in the back of a bedroom closet. "I-love-you". Having said his goodbyes the female robot dog leaps into the future. Leaping through the veil between times, she instantly evolves by a 1000 years worth of technology!

    She's no longer this toy looking robot, but a fully integrated biological machine. Like a wolf, she hunts down her target. But with the entire bazaar on alarm, she is quickly put down like the other robot assassins.

    Time is out for the woman of the past manipulating the future. Time is out for her in the past and time is out for her in the future. BANG-BANG!

    "My-lady-what-do-we-do-now?" The doggie robot intrudes on her royal luxurious bath. The hot-tub was the size of the room. Next to her royal tub was the door. The door was at least 10 inches thick. BANG-BANG. But the door was deformed from the governments efforts. They've almost broken through! Watching the scene, I was terrified to stand by the door.

    "Initiate the final program."

    "Yes-mam" The doggie robot sends his last robot to the future. Some sort of messenger robot with glowing lights. "Our-last-hope-do-not-fail". The messenger robot crosses the veil and evolves by a 1000 years.

    1000 years into the future and the bazaar is finally ready to rebel and take up arms! I stopped watching the dream and actively helped the bazaar. "They're coming!" An army dressed in black approached the bazaar.

    A bomb goes off and the interior windows collapse. Water surges through and the entire bazaar begins to completely flood within seconds. Helpless aliens and robots are swept away by the currant.

    "ALL ALIENS WHO CAN SWIM HELP THOSE WHO CAN'T!" There were plenty of water-breathing aliens. Together they were able to rescue those who were drowning. We gave them underwater oxygen masks, they looked like bubbles around their faces.

    The bombs and the gunfire continued. The remaining group quickly raced to the other end of bazaar. The army in black was still attacking us from outside. I used my shield powers to stop their attacks and I made their weapons collapse and fall apart.

    The aliens of the bazaar had finally find a strategic location to counter attack!! The battle is quickly over-turned.

    Back in the past. BANG. BANG. BANG. The door is so weak now you can hear the voices of the government officials on the other side. The doggie robot panics. BANG BANG. "I-must-hide! I-must-hide!" He quickly hides in the closet. But then he realizes no amount of hiding can protect him from an EMF bomb.

    BANG. He can hear the door collapse. All is quiet now. The robot can't hear his master or the government officials. Maybe they took his master and left. Maybe he's safe. Or maybe, they're setting up the bomb and seconds from now he'll cease to exist!

    Then finally he realizes
    "Why-wait-for-death-here-when-I-can-live-in-the-future" He leaps into the future!

    -then I wake up, the end

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