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    A World In My Head!!

    Short Dream: Visiting

    by , 12-29-2011 at 09:44 PM (309 Views)
    December 29, 2011

    Synopsis: two mini dreams, occupy dallas and visiting family

    Notes: fell asleep before finishing the 61 point relaxation technique. Had trouble writing down my dream as soon as I woke up because I needed to get ready for work

    I returned to downtown dallas to see my friends from occupy. I guy who had been flirting with me, happy to see I still exist asks to go out with me. I don't give him an answer but we continue hanging out with the rest of the occupy crew

    In another dream I visit my parents back in SA. But the apartment is all wrong. Its an apartment no ones lived in for like 15 years. But it goes over my head in the dream. My mom is cooking me food, my sisters are playing games, its like the holidays all over again

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